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Brat Princess 2: BP – Mother May I Milk my Brother

Fluffy, Nika’s pet beta male, is kept in a cage in the hallway. Kat and Nika finally let him out of the cage, but not out of his chastity device. Fluffy begs the girls for his seasonal release. Kat asks her mother, Brianna, if she can use her brother, Ellis, as a cum dumpster for Fluffy’s seasonal milking. The women all giggle excitedly at the thought. Kat calls her brother into the room and Nika unlocks Fluffy’s chastity device. Kat tells Ellis that he is going to be used as a cum dumpster for Nika’s pet beta. It will be Ellis’ first cum dumpster training. Fluffy must worship Nika’s feet while he masturbates himself over Ellis’ face. Ellis must stay locked during Fluffy’s release. Ellis does not want to have to swallow for Fluffy. Fluffy works himself to near orgasm, but at the last second, he is denied his release. Ellis is very relieved that, at least for now, he has been spared. The scene then cuts to later. Kat and Nika have had a party and there are condoms left all over the floor of the living room. Brianna tells the girls that she doesn’t mind the party or the sex, but she needs them to clean up the house by dumping all the cum into the beta’s mouths. The girls force Ellis and Fluffy to swallow all the old loads from the condoms. It’s a cum swallowing extravaganza. Condom after condom is dumped into the betas’ mouths.

Format: MP4
Duration: 19 Min
Size: 154 Mb
Resolution: 720×406

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