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Mfvideobrazil: Ponygirl – Ellen Pacheco – Thais Monteiro

A girl humiliate herself and plays ponygirl. The other girl slaps and rides the pony. Ellen is acting like pony meanwhile the other girl tormenting her.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Training By Nataly Di Fiori And Slave Aninha

Quality: HD Nataliy loves riding, and she is just really happy, when her slave comes around, and her favorite hobby just starts. Natalie is a big and tall girl, and that body must the slave carry around on her back. Aninha kneeling with Nataly on her back, she hardy bear this heavy weight, but she has no chance to stop. Her knees are hurts and burning, and when she really can’t take it anymore with the domina on her back, she must to lift Nataly, and walks around with her in the arms. After all of this torture, Aninhas arms and knees will be totally destroyed, but at list Nataly had a lots of fun with her pony.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Police Extreme By Aline Cruel And Vivi

Slave Vivi smoking in the house, but police woman Aline Cruel doesn’t really like it, so she punish her by slaps, then sit on her back and beat her head to carry her around the room, then they change position and Vivi carry her around in a much harder way and they fall off. Then Vivi have to go to all four legs like a real pony, Aline sit on her, smoke on her and humiliate her in many ways, and they finish the movie with a carry around in the pool where Vivi drowns her head under the water a lot. Little Vivi shouldn’t be smoking in the house if it’s she doesn’t want to be a pony girl. Luckily for us, police woman Aline Cruel notices it, and punishes her accordingly. Aline slaps Vivi around, makes her sit on her back, lands a few punches on her head to let her know who’s in charge and makes her carry her bigger body around the room, occasionally revealing the nice big ass of both Aline and her petite slave as well. Aline casually lights up a cigarette and smokes it on top of Vivi while she carries her around on all fours. She keeps pulling on her hair as if she was a real pony. Then they enter the pool, where the pony play continues.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Play Giant Mel Costa And Rasta

This ponyplay video is special, because the girls act like animals! The rasta woman is eating plants when Mel Costa appears as a wild leopard. She immediately jumps on the Rasta girl and attacks her. She sits on her back so the slave must carry her around the pool. The heavy sitting is not pleasant at all, but the slave has to endure the pain she feels. She is having a hard time when Mel Costa sits on her as if she was a ponygirl. The Rasta slave wears no bra so you can take a look at her breasts. Mel Costa’s dress is also very sexy since you are able to see her beautiful, big tits. The heavy sitting lasts for 25 minutes, so the domina has enough time to enjoy the ponyplay.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Three Trick Pony

It’s a beautiful summer’s day and Miss Jasmine takes her ponyboy out for a ride on the mountain trails. As he carries her on his shoulders, she makes him stop to do squats, crop in hand to ensure he does things exactly as she requires. She instructs him to high step and then makes him gallop. “Good pony” she says, cropping him only lightly to reinforce the fact that she’s in charge and he’s just a dumb . Jasmine looks very royal on her mount and says she could ride all day.

The pony carries her quite a distance down a nice long trail, and when Jasmine wants speed, she simply crops his backside. She decides she wants to ride on his back now. She makes him squat, flogs him while she counts to ten, then looks directly at you and asks “Don’t you wish you were my big strong pony?” Of course you do! Finally we see a third trick from the pony to go along with his shoulder riding and ponyback techniques. The camera only shows a view of the road until suddenly the pony appears on the horizon, carrying Miss Jasmine with his front legs (arms). He carries her all the way down the trail, back to her vehicle. “What a smart pony” she says. He’s a three trick pony indeed!
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Girls By Pile Collapse And Rapha Vegas

Welcome to this girl-with-girl party! You can meet five beautiful women who are going to play with each other. The ponygirls ride on each others’ back. They step and sit on each other. They wear only tiny shorts and tops, so you can take a look at their body. One of them wears only a bra and a thong. The young girls dominate each other which can be very sexy. They don’t mind if one of them is in pain, they just continue the wild riding. The Brazilian ponygirls play on the bed and on the floor for more than 34 minutes. They really like it, because they can touch each others’ sexy bodyparts. The pile collapses many times during the hot ponyplay.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Girl One Ridiculous Pony In My Bed By Pamela Neves And Vivi Me

Heavy sitting with hot girls! Pamela Neves, the sexy, blonde domina rides Vivi me, the tiny Brazilian girl. The slave must move on the bed, otherwise Pamela Neves is very angry at her. The domination is about heavy sitting and smothering. The ponyplay is really tempting, because you can see the beautiful body of the domina. She wears a sexy bikini with thong, so you will be able to look at her big butt. The domina wants to make Vivi Me cry: she pulls her hair, she puts make-up on her, and sits on her small shoulders. The pretty ponygirl must endure the punishment because she can’t escape the malicious domination.
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Mfvideobrazil: Pony Girls Horse Race By Karina Reis And Mika Patyzinha

Karina Reis And Mika Patyzinha will show you what real ponygirls look like! They are going to ride 3 other women who wear horse masks. The dominas will use their hair as reins and they will pull it if they want to stop the horses. They will slap the girls’ asses if they want them to go faster during the ponyplay. They humiliate the ponygirls with it. The dominas wear sexy clothes like shorts, high-heeled shoes and bras. You can see 2 black hotties and a blonde goddess in this movie.They do the domination next to a pool so there is a danger that they may fall into the water. The slaves feel pain because of the ponyplay, but the sexy dominas don’t pay attention to them.
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Clubstiletto – Mia’s First Pony Ride

As Lily welcomes Mia to her home, she mentions that she has just gotten a new pony. “Do you want to try him out?” she asks. Mia has never ridden a human pony so is a bit apprehensive but says she does want to try. Lily looks forward to breaking him in and stands back as the pony lifts Mia. The pony is strong and soon Lily directs him to climb the stairs. Mia takes to riding right away and tells the pony to go faster. Lily follows them up and down the stairs and has the pony carry Mia through the house. Lily remarks how amazing Mia’s ass looks on the pony… and it does!

Lily decides she needs a ride now, too, and the ladies switch places. Lily instructs the pony to go up and down the stairs again. The camera catches Mia’s ass as she watches the pony climb the stairs with Lily. Lily has an amazing ass as well, and it looks unbelievably sexy as she sits on the pony. Two amazing asses make this a clip, so even if pony play isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy it nevertheless. And pony fans will consider this a classic clip! Lily instructs the pony to do squats, which he manages quite easily, given that he’s well conditioned. Finally, the ladies recline on the couch and raise their feet to the pony’s face. In this household there’s no such thing as a ‘one trick pony.’
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Hunterotic: Pony Play Extreme – Without Camera Stop – By Top Domina Claudia Strong And Brigitta

Claudia plays a game with Brigitta, in that Brigitta is a little pony, who has to carry Claudia around in the room, as just the domina wish. Claudia gives no time for poor Brigitta to stop this play, the pony gets really used up at the and of this video. Claudias big boobs shaking during all the movie. Must to see this painful play in Full HD!
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Houseofgord: Pony Training the Kinky Pony Girl

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The Kinky Pony Girl, Anna Rose, needs to be exercised. Gord and Lydia decide that the walker trainer is the perfect way to get her legs in shape. This trainer zaps Pony Anna every 3/4 turn. While wearing authentic Ledermeister Pony Gear She has to keep up the pace or risk being zapped even harder! Gord helps her keep the pace by whipping her around to walker.
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Fetish-live: Bridled

Such a beautiful!Perfect day for a ride!
Lets dress up the pony and have a lovely day in the sun.
Mistress Sandra is training pony Anna Rose.
Will you join us for a ride…

Mistress Sandra is wearing legging, top, skirt, jacket, hood, gloves and hat.
Anna Rose is wearing a catsuit and hood.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – Double The Fun For A Strong Pony

Kandy has mounted her young strong pony and has him climb about 40 steps to the back alley of the property where she is taking him out for a ride, along with Miss Jasmine, both ladies in sexy bikini’s. After a time Kandy has the pony go down to his knees so Jasmine can take him for a ride. As it turns out the trip back is uphill and the asphalt is hot. What to do? They decide they will both ride him at the same time. What a show of endurance by this pony who just wants to please his Mistresses.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Pony Works His Head Off

From a distance we see Miss Jasmine in full riding gear mounting a human pony for some shoulder riding. The pony is forced to climb a steep hill right from the start. As she approaches you can see a riding crop in her hand. “There’s nothing like a comfortable afternoon pony ride” she says, as she flogs him a few times and tells him to keep moving. You get a nice view of Jasmine’s gorgeous ass as the camera comes in underneath her. “I have thousands of acres of forest right in my backyard” she says. As it’s a nice day she removes her jacket while the pony continues to walk. “When I was a little girl I always wanted a pony, now I have a full stable full” she says. She directs the pony to a post and makes him do squats with her on his back. She tells him he has to work hard if he wants to be the strongest pony in the herd. “If you do a good job I’ll even let you eat a carrot from my ass” she laughs. “You do need your nutrition after all”. Then she sends the pony along for more riding until she finally allows him to let her down although she has to tell him a few times before he understands. “Some ponies are so dumb” she says.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – Dream It Be It

The scene opens with two unicorns riding a pony. One unicorn uses a hoof to slap the horse’s balls, then hops onto the pony so it can carry both girls around. The pony is told to bounce and the unicorns haven’t had this much fun since they played silly games and missed the Ark. Things get hazy as we hear Mistress Kandy saying that the pony seems to be getting tired, and the next thing you know, Miss Jasmine is trying to wake her up, as Miss Kandy is fast asleep on the couch. Turns out it was all one strange fucked up dream! However, all three characters from the dream really are in the room, and Jasmine has the pony kneeling by the couch and ready to ride. It’s just like the dream minus the heads! Jasmine mounts the pony and Kandy grabs the crop to get him going. “Can he handle both of us?” Kandy asks, adding that in her dream, he was carrying both of them. She mounts him next and the pony boy does in fact manage both of them quite comfortably, giving them a nice, easy ride. They discuss further training plans for him, including some outdoor instruction. Jasmine hops on next, piggy back style, and he gives her a nice ride, including some squats. It’s Kandy’s turn now, so she climbs onto his shoulders and makes him do even more squats. The pony begins to sweat heavily so Jasmine provides some gentle encouragement with the crop. The pony is ordered back down on all fours and both girls hop onto his back once more. He’s ready to ride outdoors!!
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby, Princess Skylar – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Slaves

Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar have been working their slaves over all day and have decided it’s time to play a game. The gorgeous Ladies instruct their bitches to remove their stilettos and to suck their sexy toes. There’s going to be a race! The slaves must crawl across the floor to their Mistress to see who can get a toe into his Goddess’s mouth first. Back and forth the slaves crawl, like two dawgs in heat, as the Ladies bark out commands and laugh at their pathetic slaves. The poor boys struggle to determine which side they should pass each other on, until eventually they figure it out. The Ladies are easily bored so they decide to make the slaves fight to get past each other. Ruby says “For a second there, I thought it was going to turn into a love-making session” to which Skylar replies “Yeah, they are both pretty gay” which makes them laugh out loud again. “Maybe we’ll make them suck each others’ cocks later” Ruby adds.

Meanwhile, the slaves are clearly lost in the foot worship, probably with no idea of the wicked plans being hatched right in front of them. It’s clear that these slaves love feet. To keep the poor wretches off balance, the Girls decide on a whim to ride them as ponies to really tire them out… in anticipation of the final showdown. They decide there will be no winners’ prize but the loser has to lick the other slave’s ass. Who will win?? Note: no assholes are actually licked in this video
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Clubstiletto – Miss Judy – Muscle Judy Goes For A Ride

Judy spends hours a day pumping iron, and after a workout enjoys sitting her rock-solid body on the shoulders of her pet pony and going for a ride. She is the pony’s gym; she’s all he needs in order to stay fit and strong. The scene opens with Judy standing on the table and flexing her muscles until she calls her ponyboy over with a whistle. She mounts him and has him walk around the house before sending him over to the steps. He has to carry her all the way up, walk the hallways, and then head back down. When he reaches the bottom step she instructs him to turn around and go back up. The pony grunts but does as he’s told. Judy does not speak a lot but is firm with her commands and the pony obeys each one. On the next trip down, she directs him into the Grand Room of the mansion and says she can’t wait for a summer concert so she can be on his back during the entire show. She directs him to the fireplace and he’s required to do some squats for her before he’s told to carry her around the house again before heading back up the steps. As he climbs them once more, she asks if he likes having her sexy, muscular legs wrapped around his neck. She orders him to move faster and he runs up and down the steps. When he reaches the bottom, she orders him back up again and he attempts full speed, stumbling slightly. As he reaches the bottom again it appears he’s done. Judy is not satisfied, however, and sends him up again at full speed. She is literally risking her own safety but knows he needs to be worked hard if she’s going to have a strong pony. At the foot of the steps she says, “This is so much fun I think we might just have to do it all day long.”

Mistress: Miss Judy
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Hunterotic: Ponyboys -2 Dominas And Slave Gary Corona

In this series dominations means pony girls! The slave boys get the mistresses on their back, and walk in the garden carrying them. .
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Hunterotic: Ponygirls -Domina Sabina Taylor And Slave Baba

In this series dominations means pony girls! The slave girl get the mistresses on their back, and walk in the room carrying them.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Little Pony Earns A Carrot

Princess Lily towers over her little pony but that’s no excuse for him to not perform as well as a stallion might. She dresses him down first, saying how disappointed she is that he’s so tiny and when he talks to her she slaps his face hard, “Pony’s don’t talk”, she tells him, “They neigh.” She leads the dumb pony to a wall where he gets down so she can mount him. “Every little girl should have a pony”, she giggles, as he starts to trot around the room. She makes him carry her up the stairs and she looks amazing from the lower camera angle that shows off her world class ass, lean body and perky breasts. What pony would not to be mounted by Lily. The little pony stumbles a bit carrying down the stairs and she tells him he’d better not fall or it’s off to the glue factory for him. Lily is just getting warmed up and she sends the pony up the stairs again. Once there she makes him sprint up and down the hallway. Then it’s back downstairs, the pony is clearly getting winded. Again she warms him not to fall but then does call him a good pony as follows every command. “Good boy, good boy”, she tells him as she makes him do squats for her… but she’s not done yet, yes, it’s back upstairs they go. As he struggles, she tells him he is no good to her if he can’t give her the ride she deserves and with that he sprints up the stairs but his effort to please her leaves him winded and he stumbles into the wall. She admonishes him again but then speaks lovingly as he recovers and carry’s her back down the stairs. So cruel, so kind, this pony wants to please her so badly and she knows exactly how to keep him on his game. As he sets her down she breaks the good news to him, he is to crawl on all fours to the kitchen where she has a carrot waiting for him. So generous!

Mistress: Princess Lily
Category: Ponyplay, Ponyboys, Amazons
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