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Clubstiletto – Goddess Jewels Divine – Tongue Fuck My Hole

Sexy BBW Goddess Jewels has one of her devoted pets at her feet. “I need you to show your devotion to me” she tells him, before ordering him to start on her feet. He lovingly kisses them and sucks her toes. “I like my slaves to be very passionate about worshiping my body” she says, adding “You should be more passionate to my feet than you were to any girl you ever dated.” She smiles because she knows her slave has never had a girlfriend. She asks if he’s looking forward to worshiping her beautiful ass and naturally he says he is.

She rolls over to tease him with her ass before ordering him to kiss her cheeks. She makes him pull her panties down with his teeth and tells him to stick his nose between her crack. She looks back at you and asks if you want to see her asshole. She orders the slave to spread her cheeks just for you, so you can admire her ass and hole before she tells the slave to get his tongue inside her. “Fucking me with your tongue is as close as you’ll ever get to fucking me. Only real men fuck; not you. I purposely left it dirty for you.” The slave thanks her for the honor and she reminds him that she’s just too nice to him. As she lies on her tummy, the slave is ordered back so you get a perfect view of her amazing ass and sparkly clean asshole.
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Amadahy and Christina – Bikini Smother and Chastity Tease 2 (720 HD)

Amadahy and Christina – Bikini Smother and Chastity Tease 2 (720 HD)

Format: WMV
Duration: 00:10:58
Size: 501 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

720 HD:Oh my god. The cuck is teased without mercy in this clip. The girls use a vibrator on his balls while the girls smother and grind on his face. His groans and moans give them sexual pleasure. The cuck gets nothing. The chastity tube keeps him from having an erection painfully. Amadahy makes him say her fiancé’s name while she grinds on his face. Amadahy is wearing his chastity key on a belly chain and it sits right in his face. This clip is a must own. Both Christina and Amadahy LOOK AMAZING! They sit and grind on his face and he gets nothing but teased. Amadahy grinds herself to an orgasm while Christina works his balls over with a vibrator. A Brat Princess Classic Video!
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