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Stocking Slaves

Mistress Cheyenne is in the mood for some stockings domination today and summons her slave boy over to amuse her
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Brat Princess 2: Kali – 18 Year Old Emotionally Abuses a Friend while he Worships Her Feet (720 HD)

This poor guy thinks that his cute friend is being really nice letting him spend time with her, but she is actually really mean. After a long shopping session at the mall, where Kali hits Danni’s credit card real hard, Danni finds himself back in Kali’s bedroom. Kali is a totally emotionally manipulative brat. She fucks this poor ‘s inferior mind as he adoringly worships her 18 year old feet. Any remaining resistance to Her will, she turns back on Danni in a series of manipulative questions. Although Danni is hurt that he can never be Kali’s boyfriend, he gradually accepts that he is powerless to her every material wish and abusive desire.
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Brat Princess 2: Mia – Look How Pathetic you are for My Feet (1080 HD)

Mia’s sandals are very dirty, and her feet are very stinky inside them. She makes her slave kiss her stinky feet inside the sandals. Then, it has to lick the dirt off of the beige colored bottoms. The dirt belongs off Mia’s shoes and inside the slave. She loves it when its tongue turns black with the filth from her shoes. Then, it’s time for the slave to get to work on her dirty, stinky, sandal feet. Its job is to clean out everything from in-between Princess Mia’s toes. She fucks its face with her whole foot and runs her soles across its tongue. The slave is very pathetic and kneels obediently while Mia cleans her shoes and feet with its mouth.
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Subbyhubby: Gaping Gabriella Worships Lexi Luna’s Feet

Lexi is getting ready for dinner with her boyfriend, but prior to that, she would like to have some fun. She has her slut kneeling at her and her boyfriend’s feet. After reviewing her list of demands, and of course agreeing to every single thing Lexi wants, Gabriella is allowed to worship her feet. Lexi twists his fetish against him again, and he is willing to do anything in order to worship her feet, including worshipping her boyfriend’s feet as well…of course. Gabriella is left alone while Lexi goes to dinner with her boyfriend, and he is left with multiple things to do. Gabriella agrees to wash her boyfriend’s car, to do everything that Lexi asks, and to put it in writing. There will be no going back at this point, Gabriella has signed his life over!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Stephanie West 2 – Foot Worship

Stephanie’s mom went out of town so she turned her stepdaddy into her Foot Slave!! HOT FOOT WORSHIP and POV Foot Worship countdown at the end!
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Brat Princess 2: Noe – Eager Foot Bitch Gets Deep Throat Toes (1080 HD)

Noe reclines on a chase and sips a drink while getting her feet worshipped. Her foot worship bitch is eager. It loves Noe’s toes. Noe just relaxes, but the more eager the foot worship bitch seems, the more she wants to make it suffer for her. Noe thrusts her foot deeper and deeper down the bitch’s throat, making it gag. She makes it beg for her perfect feet. The foot worship bitch begs and gets throat fucked deeply by Noe’s feet. She makes the bitch look at her butt in tight pants while it worships. The slave belongs totally to her.
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Feet Slave

Mistress Val uses her slave as her footstool before ordering him to give her a foot massage and worship on her bare feet
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Subbyhubby: The Pathetic Husband Worships Lexi’s feet

Lexi has her bitch husband, on the floor, in chastity, at her feet. Where he absolutely belongs. Lexi knows that as a husband, he is absolutely worthless when it comes to sex. His pathetic 2” dick will please nobody. His tongue is also useless, unless it’s used to clean dirty feet, and she has no problem telling her bitch husband this. Every day she is breaking him down further and further. Lexi is extremely pleased that she found something useful in her marriage…he can clean her princess feet with his pathetic slave tongue. Lexi puts her slave husband to work, allowing him the privilege of cleaning her feet from every angle. She was so pleased with his tongue cleaning, she walks out saying I am going to change, and when I get back we will fuck…is she going to free him from chastity???
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Boot Slaves

Mistress Shay is having her boots kissed by her slave in the public before he removes her boots to worship on her dirty bare feet
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Brat Princess 2: Athena and Chloe – Nerd Kisses Classmates Shoes and Worships Feet as Punishment (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe’s mad at danni because she told him to carry Athena’s books to class and he didn’t do it. He says it’s embarrassing to be seen always doing stuff for the girls but to be never treated as an equal. Chloe reminds danni that his place is below hot girls. To remind him of this, she makes him kneel before her and kiss her shoes. Danni does not want to kiss Chloe’s shoes in front of Athena. He has a crush on Athena. Chloe gets very stern and danni is made to kiss her shoes, even though he doesn’t like it.
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Brat Princess 2: Edyn and Mia – Bikini Brats Tease a Servant in Chastity (Part 2) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In Part 2 the forced foot gagging gets more intense. The slave must oil the girl’s asses. Then, the girls tease the chastity slave with their freshly oiled asses. See complete version for full clip description.

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Brat Princess 2: Edyn and Mia – Bikini Brats Tease a Servant in Chastity (Part 1) (1080 HD)

1080 HD Part 1 contains oiling of the girls’ legs and barefoot worship in both sitting and standing positions. The slave is in chastity and the girls wear bikinis throughout the entire clip. See complete version for full-clip description.
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Kiss Her Foot: Nadia shoves

Tired with her slave’s petty lies, Nadia shoves her foot in his mouth until he gags. That’s her favorite way of shutting him up.
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Kiss Her Foot: May 30 – Miss Jenevieve Hexxx

Miss Jenevieve Hexxx gets ready for a date by having her slave clean her shoes and feet first.
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Subbyhubby: Reagan’s Cuck Part 3: Foot Worship

Reagan Lush knows exactly how she wants her feet worshipped by her bitch boy. Her cuckold needs to lick and suck on her toes and feet the way he is instructed by is Queen. She always gets what she wants and he is to make sure of that forever as he licks her perfect feet.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Workers Worshiping Skills Assessed during Performance Review (Part 2) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In part 2 of this clip the shoes come off! Taylor must sniff the young intern’s socks and worship his boss’ feet. Office domination, chastity and financial domination throughout this clip. See complete version for full clip description.
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