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Humiliation POV Goddess Jocelyn: Your Hot Step Sis Puts You In Chastity To Cure Your Chronic Masturbation

Goddess Jocelyn

Ewwww gross! Ewwww what are you doing? I can’t believe I just walked in on my step brother jerking off. Oh my god! You are the biggest loser! Is this what you do in here all day long? You do, I hear it all day long next door in my room. You have no friends and no life, you just sit in here all day and play with your cock. It’s so pathetic. You are the worst step brother ever! You really need some help. I should tell your mom about this.
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Mfvideobrazil: Under Water Fetish – Ai rControl And Practice In The Swimming Pool By Jessica And Slave Bianca

Amazing underwater smother movie with two top brazilian babes. The slave gets real hard pressed underwater and canot breath for a long time. The dominatrix give her underwater scissor, smother and much more extreme and strange games to lost air of her slave. the camera is special and we have also underwater filmed to see clear the face of the fucking slave is trying to snap some air. If you like underwater smother domination movies with two top brazilian girls then jump into this movie with the perfect story and also perfect girls doing a good job.
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Princess Diana: Smelling ass on his face MP4 (1280*720) HD

I know how you like to smell my butt. And even more, when my butt is on your face. I will tease you, giving only a little. But the smell will grow as your passion. My ass will be getting closer and closer …
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cfnmtv: The Mixed Hostel (Part 1-7)

Strange things are happening at the Hostel. Walking past the drab exterior, no-one would guess that two handsome young men are being kept totally naked in one of the dormitories. They’d never suspect that two cunning female backpackers and two older women, all fully clothed, would have them completely under their control. But for these two men it’s excruciatingly real and the women are showing no signs of having finished with them yet.
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If this slutty sub wants to serve the General as a personal fucktoy he has to run the gauntlet and earn his place on her dick. Ms. Elena De Luca enlists Mistress Bettie Bondage, Mistress An Li, Ms. Eden Winter and Mistress Olivia to help her run a train on this bitch. Get a good look at each of the sexy Dominas and their big cocks before they stretch and pound his ass to their satisfaction.

This slave doesn’t get lube. The mistresses put a funnel in his ass, making him a spittoon, one after another filling him up. Once he is full of mistress spit the ladies use their hands to penetrate and open him up. 5 hands at once prepare him properly to have 2 cocks in his ass and and 2 cocks in his mouth.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Make Us Money Cash Cow (Complete) (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Mariah have just joined the staff at the Brat Princess milking warehouse. Today, Natalya will show them how to tease a male for pre-cum extraction only. The males kept at the warehouse are the teasers cash cows. The more pre-cum they harvest from them, the more money they earn. All girls love money, so the teasers are very motivated to edge the cows for hours. Any time a cow comes close to climax, an automated software program detects the impeding release and denies the orgasm with an electric shock. This way, the cash cows can be edged for the girls’ profits until they collapse from exhaustion. Natalya shows the new girls how the cash cow’s fetishes can be used against it. For example, this one loves asses, so Natalya shakes her beautiful ass in front of it to motivate it to produce pre-cum for her. The other girls follow suit, and pretty soon the cow is surrounded by asses, coaxing it towards an orgasm that it won’t be allowed to have. The cow likes the Princesses’ bodies, and they like cash. But it’s not really a symbiotic relationship. The girls’ greed is insatiable. The cow’s body cannot keep up with the financial demands of all the pretty teasers. When a cow expires form exhaustion, then just replace it with another horny pervert. Natalya explains a bit more to the new girls. She displays the effects of the manual shock button for punishment. Sometimes punishment is a good motivation. The most important thing to the girls is money, and they don’t caare how much the cow has to suffer so that they can get it. Mariah and Nataly leave to take a break. The cow is left alone with Chloe. Chloe really enjoys the cow’s suffering. She shocks it just because she likes to hear it whimper in pain. Chloe sits full weight on the cow’s face and laughs at his struggle. Then, Chloe leaves for her break and Mariah and Natalya re-enter in different outfits. Mariah and Natalya double-team the cow. They want him to double his quota in half the time. Mariah smothers the cow with her ass while Natalya supervises the milking tube. Then, Natalya grinds on his face to really get him to the edge. The girls giggle and cheer every time it is denied an orgasm. Chloe returns in her new outfit. The cow is surrounded by a trio of teasers yet again. It will go on like this with new teasers rotating in and out throughout the day until the cow collapses. Once it reaches exhaustion, the cow is driven back into its cage and replaced with another.
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Gequälte Sklavin

The BSDM movie “Gequälte Sklavin” (Cat.No.EP 20) was originally released in 1996.
DVD reissue by First Class Movie Ent in March 2003. Contains lots of dirty talk in German.
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SENSUAL PAIN: Dec 10, 2017: Pain Baby | Abigail Annalee

Master James has caught himself a live one this time and the fear in her eyes is intoxicating. Something tells me she knew exactly what she was doing all on her lonesome, lookin so cute and poking her nose around in places she wasn’t supposed to be.
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Fix Your Attitude, Or Master Will do it for You

Outdoor Spanking and Belt Licking

His naughty girl had pushed his buttons, bratting and sulking until he was forced to pull the car over and take care of business. Panties down over his knee as he sat on a boulder at the side of the road. She was embarrassed, knowing she was in full view of any passing cars, wailing as he spanked her bare bottom hot and red. She was pulled to her feet and bent over the rock, his belt sliding off his waist and doubled over in his fist. Her ripe ass felt the heavy crack of the belt, hard and steady until she promised to be a good girl. The searing heat of the belt and Master’s strong hands remind to obey when Master warns her she had better fix her pouty sulky moods, leaving no doubt that he will do it for her.
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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Jessica – I’ll Be Your Best Slave

Goddess Jessica has many male piglets that claim they will be her best slave. But words are meaningless without action, which is why this slave will need to demonstrate his subservience to her with pain. Cock pain specifically as she repeatedly shocks it and rewards him with feet in between sessions of pain.
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Trampleinbrazil: THE PRICE OF BETRAYAL 2

Hard Trample, very sore, as Mary Castro will endure the fury of Alessandra? Trampling Mary all over her body and head, watch it!
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cfnmtv: CFNM Wars (Part 1-11) + Movie

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. All the blood, sweat and tears and intense physical challenges have led up to the final – where the winner will be announced by the imperious women. Obinna and Tony have already completed the final test – the cum-shooting challenge, now it’s the turn of the rest of the men. Under the hot lights, surrounded by women and scrutinised by the cameras they are under incredible pressure to perform. There’s a lot at stake in CFNM Wars.
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FUCKING MACHINES: September 13, 2017 – Helena Locke

Helena is sexy as hell, with an incredible body and a sexual appetite that is almost unsatisfiable. We said almost, because every time a woman has come to us and said that can’t get enough, we prove them wrong with our machines. We get her nice and comfy and then line up the machines and stuff her hungry pussy full of as much cock as she can handle. We ramp up the speed of the machines to the fastest speeds and her pussy drips with pleasure. The room is filled with sounds of ecstasy as she moans and groans as she is fucked into a full satisfied state. She began wondering if she would even like the machines, and finished the day satisfied and wanting more.
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HARDTIED: Sep 6, 2017: Two Times | Mia Torro


What do you do with two sluts for the price of one? You mess them up of course! Mia Torro and Kel Bowie are friends. Put them together and they make quite the pair. They can both take a beating and they can both cum like dirty little sluts.

Matt sets them each up on their own sybian ride back to back. As they get teased he slowly reveals their naked bodies. Then begins the torment they came for. The cane comes out and the girls can’t help yelling out. Matt is a master at keeping them in the midst of waves of orgasm and pain.

When friends watch each other being beaten it can evoke many emotions. When these friends watch each other it seems to bring out sadistic undertones. Watching them smile as their friend is made to scream is delicious.
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Hunterotic: Faceslapping -By Domina Mikaela Wolf And Her Slave Natasha Grof

Two girls, from 2 enemy gangs fighting for a territory. Mikaela is stronger and she is explain to Natasha with a thousand hard and loud face slapps that is her place, and Natasha must go away.Natasha try to stay and protect her place from Mikaela, but the big and hot slaps what she get, convince her to leave. She will learn the lesson forever!!!
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LatinaPatrol: Latina Patrol Goldie Glock

Latina Patrol Goldie Glock – Stop, Question, Fuck! Following a stakeout, LP Agents Bruno and Mitch spot their target Goldie Glock coming out of work and quickly swarm on her. The …
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Spittingbitches: Stellina covers his whole body with spit!

Stellina stands above the guy and spits right at his naked upper body. She enjoys the power she possesses and wants to see his whole body covered with her spit! The best thing to do so is to use her shoe soles! So Stellina continues to spit at him and brays everything with her shoes… even his face is covered with spit! Hmmm… it looks sooo tasty! 😀
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