Goddess Madam Violet: Made to LOVE Your ‘Good Boy Juice’

It’s not cum, it’s GOOD BOY juice! I promise you when you CUM as a result of your mental SURRENDER your CUM tastes incredible. Sweet, delicious and satisfying. It’s the literal manifestation of your obedience, of your submission, liquid surrender, good boy juice.
I will place you into a hipn0tic trance first then I reframe the idea of eating cum. How gross was beer when you first drank it, or wine? But now, not only does it TASTE good, it FEELS good to taste it – that’s CONDITIONING slave, it’s powerful even when its .
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Nyomi knows you have to eat, today it is going to be your own cum. She keeps your cock and balls on a leash and sticks her long fingernails into them. She makes you hard, She controls your cock. You plead with her to let you cum and maybe she will. But only after She has had her fun. Spitting into your mouth and making you swallow it. Spitting and slapping your cock. Keeping your cock on the edge. When you beg to cum and beg to eat, She has tricks to coerce you to satisfy both needs, and still make you suffer. She is going to feed you your own cock filth. “You are dirty, Junior, that why you like My Spit and your own Nasty Man Juice.” She has made it all creamy inside your balls. Now She is going to make you jizz in your own mouth and while She makes you swallow it all, She makes your cock hurt by jerking it even faster. “CUMMING HURTS JUNIOR. SWALLOW IT ALL.”
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Mandy Flores: Sister’s New Cum Slut Slave

I am your older sister and I come home and catch you jacking off in your room. Im a rude nosy sister so I do not leave, I find it all much too entertaining. what you watching? So you like to fantasize about girls giving you head brother? Is that what you want? I know you’d love a blow job, so why not give yourself one? Come on, I know you can do it. I saw it on the internet and it was so fucking hot that I masturbated so hard I broke a fucking nail. Watching you do it for me will be no different….. Besides if you dont I ‘ll tell mom and dad about your little porn collection. Yup, brother, I think I will make you my personal cum slut slave and you will from now on love eating your own cum for your sister. I will even instruct you as to how to suck cock!! You will shoot your entire load into your waiting mouth and EAT it my loser brother!! lie down and throw your legs over your head and suck it as I encourage you. Hell, it’s the only way you will ever get your cock sucked!!
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Mandy Flores – Wake Up Daddy

You are my 19 year old daughter who has come to check on me becuase mom has been gone for a month. You findme drunk on the couch and decide to wake me up in our secret way, the way you would after mom would go to work andyou wanted to get something from me…. sucking my morning wood. I’m so drunk you have to wake me up to make my cock get hard, but I don’t fight it. You swallow every drop becuase you love your daddy so much, and then you pull my cash and cards out of my pocket as I pass back out, call me a drunk, and leave me there. ( Cock shouldn’t be hard till half way through after you have woken me up and I know it’s my girl 🙂 )
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Stock Caning

Brutal is the best way to describe this scene. Immobilised in stocks, the slave has no choice but to take as many ferocious strokes of the cane as the two leather clad Dominas decide to dish out. Extreme caning, not for the feint hearted viewer!
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Mandy Flores – She Doesn’t Swallow Like I Do

We are no longer together but now you are dating my roommate. I walk in wearing something skimpy as usual and tease you how I know you must miss my mouth around your cock. I know she doesn’t give you head, let along swallow. You can’t resist me and soon enough I have your cock out in my mouth like old times. Making teasing comments about all the things I do that she doesnt. After swallowing your load I say that Im going to see her tonight and she’ll have no idea that your cum is inside me. Mandy Flores
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Cruel City: Karen Allows Slave to Jerk, Makes Him Eat His Cum!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

When Mistress Karen summons her slave, he comes crawling to her side and kisses her high heels, just as she`s instructed. After slapping him across the face to get his full attention, she announces that she has a surprise for him since he`s been such a good slave lately. "I have a present for you," she tells him. "I think you`ll like it." The surprise, she soon reveals, is the key to the cock cage she placed around his uncut dick three months earlier! He hasn`t been able to cum in ninety days and his balls are aching to be emptied. She gives him permission to jerk off, finally allowing him the chance to blow the huge load he`s built up. He wastes no time stroking his dick as Mistress Karen squats over him and hovers her pussy in his face. She teases him with her juicy slit, reminding him that he`s not allowed to cum until she`s said so. "Can I cum now?" he asks, desperate to empty his full balls. He can`t hold out much longer, but knows he`ll be in big trouble if he cums without her consent. After what seems like an eternity to him, she slowly counts down from ten and watches as he shoots his load all over his belly. Seeing how much he`s cum, Mistress Karen announces she has a second surprise for him. He`s going to eat his own jizz! She makes him scoop it up and humiliates him by having him swallow every disgusting drop. She even makes him lick his hand clean!
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Clubdom: Brat Doms Slave Dinner

Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori lock their little latex slave in the kitchen pantry while playing with his friend Bobby, that is under the impression its dinner time. Little does he know the Goddesses have another kind of meal in store for him. Shaking and terrified, they bring him out to play, laying him down on the table to prove his willingness, and worthiness. Goddess Mena strokes his pathetic dick, while Goddess Rachael moans in ecstasy from making him eat her pussy, getting it all juicy and wet. The Goddesses switch places on their new slave and finally giving him permission to spill his disgusting filth all over himself, making him eat it instead of the meal he thought he was going to get.
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Princess Ellie Idol: Kissing Cousins Double BlowJob

You wake up to your two cousins sucking your dick. This is a something you have only imagined for a long time. Now it’s really happening. They have seen you watching them from afar all those years of family reunions and have finally decided it was time to act on their urges. They both take your cock in their mouths back and forth, one on one. Oh it feels so good to have your cock sucked by your two incredibly hot kissing cousins.
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Cruelcity: Cuckolded Slave Eats Another Man`s Cum from Nicole`s Pussy!(MP4 Full Hd 1080p Format)

After a long night of hot sex, Mistress Nicole calls her friend to relay all the torrid details. “He fucked me for almost an hour,” she brags after detailing how big and thick his cock was. She rubs her naked pussy as she recounts her steamy night and realizes the stud has left her a warm, wet present. He`s filled her up with his hot load and it`s still oozing out of her pretty pink slit! In a devilishly cruel move she summons her slave, tells him about her night of passion, and makes him lick the cum from her pussy. In an unexpected twist, she still has a used condom inside of her and her obedient slave picks it out with his teeth! She makes him smell it as she describes how hard she got fucked, then makes him finishing licking her clean. It`s the ultimate cuckold as he`s forced to eat another man`s cum from his mistress`s satisfied pussy! In a truly evil move, Nicole empties the used condom into his mouth and makes him swallow the spent load. How humiliating for him!
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“DADDY LICK IT ALL UP! Jillian’s Step Daddy is enjoying a nice quiet evening at home when Jillian comes into the room and informs him that she will be going out for the evening. Daddy makes the mistake of saying that Jillian’s Dress looks inappropriate for going out, that she looks like a whore! Jillian is not happy about this and decides to show her Daddy what a real whore does. She starts masturbating in front of Daddy making him get down on his knees… Then she SQUIRTS ALL OVER HIM… Over and Over again! Nothing can make this little step Daughter Cum like Daddy’s Face. She makes Daddy lick up and swallow all her squirt cum. When she is Orgasmicly satisfied, she heads out for the evening with her date.
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Ella Kross – A Jerk-Off Game with a Surprise Ending!

“Are you happy to see me, slave?” I ask him as he kneels before me completely naked with his hands behind his back. I slap him across the face, then take a seat on the sofa next to him as I remind him what a stupid loser he is. I inform him that we’re going to be playing a game today, and it’s going to involve his little dick. He’s going to stroke his pathetic cock for me, but he’s not allowed to cum without my permission! I make him slowly jerk his tiny prick for me as I slap him across the face and repeatedly spit in his open mouth. I demand that he swallow it, then have him thank me as he continues tugging on his laughable dick. I tease him by rubbing his nipples, and instruct him to jerk his cock even faster. “I want to see you cum,” I say as he strokes himself until he shoots his load all over my floor. I surprise him by making him stick out his tongue, then shove his head down to the floor and demand that he lap up every drop of his own cum!

Categories: Cum Eating Instructions , Cum Swallowers , Female Domination , Masturbation Instruction
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Ella Kross – Jerk-Off For Me and Eat Your Own Cum Featuring Anne!

Today is a very important day for you, slave. Why, you ask? Because today you’re going to finally fulfill your secret fantasy of eating your own cum. You’ve been thinking about it for years, you’ve just never been able to go through with it. That’s going to change today! With my cute friend Anne by my side, we tease you with our perfect asses while you stroke your dick and get nice and hard for us. We slowly strip down to our lingerie, flaunting our toned bodies while you jerk off harder and faster. Anne gets completely naked and shows off her tight young asshole and pussy while I take my top off to let you see my awesome tits. Laying on her back with her legs above her head, Anne demonstrates how we want you to lay so you can cum in your own mouth. You’re only allowed to blow your load when I give you permission. Are you ready? Open your mouth and swallow all of your cum right now!
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Bratty Bunny: Just Fucking Do It Already

I know you have been such a pussy when it comes to eating your cum. Just fucking do it already. Why are you such a little bitch about it! I’m not gonna sweet talk you into it. I’m just going to make you do it once and for all!
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Son Cums Twice In Mom’s Mouth

Format: WMV
Duration: 11 minutes
Size: 109.41 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

(This video was a custom commission. However, y does NOT contain any names, and is suitable for anyone to enjoy. If you would like to order your own custom video, for a price quote)

Why are you so sad, Son? What’s wrong? You can tell Mom. Come on, you know I’m always here for you. What’s on your mind? I can tell something is really getting you down.

Mmm, doesn’t my touch feel good? There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m glad that you’re getting hard. I love you so much, Son. I’m going to show you just how much I love you with my lips, my long wet tongue, and my warm open throat.
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