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Kelly Sunshine: I Need You To Eat Your Cum – Cum Swallowers

Here you are, jerking off for Me again. You’re obsessed with pleasing Me. You need to be a good obedient slave boy and do all the things that turn Me on. I can make you do things you don’t really want to do. You fight Me a bit, hoping I might not actually make you. You get this nervous look in your eyes and start stumbling over your words. You know what? That just makes Me want it even more. I’m sure your head is already spinning, thinking about that ONE THING I always urge you to do, but you end up being too much of a little bitch to follow through with at the end… That’s right. I’m going to make you eat your cum today. You’re so lucky I allow you to worship. You owe Me this much. Give Me what I want. Lick up every single drop.

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