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Goddes Sangelina/Goddess Angelina: Sissy Forever

You’ve always wanted to be a pretty girl. Dressing up in cute clothes and wearing cute makeup. Your dream has finally come true and there’s no one you’d rather look like than me, isn’t that right little sissy slut? ♡GOOD BOYS WILL USE♡: angelinasbitch goodboyspay1 addicted2angelina adoreangelina
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Crystal Knight: Convincing You To Spend 1k On Countess

You need my guidance to take the risks you want to in life. Without me, your just a pussy; but, when I come around and give you the teasing of a lifetime, you will do whatever I want. You need me to succeed in your fantasies. You worship my curves and there is no saying no. You want to be that big spender I notice and pet more than others in my Army. Let me help you, let me give you the convincing you need to spend some BIG money on me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lucy: Sensual Yoga Tease For Yoga Class Window Pervs

Princess Lucy

We know what a fucking perv you are for girls in yoga pants. You fucking love seeing girls in their yoga pants and tight tops with their midriff showing while they do their yoga poses. I’ll bet you’re one of those pervs who’s always looking in at the yoga classes either through the window or from inside the gym. You wish you could be this close to a hot young girl with a perfect body in her yoga pants doing yoga exercises while no one was watching.
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Humiliation POV Mandy Flores: Edge To My Ass And Pussy While You Finger Your Ass With A Mouth Full Of Cum

Mandy Flores

I want you to jerk it to my perfect body, especially this fine ass of mine. You’re so lucky to see a Goddess like me shaking her bare ass and pussy right in front of your face. Jerk that cock to me, I want to make you cum so hard, but you can’t cum until I say. Doesn’t it feel good to just jerk?
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Ready for your yoga class? Your teacher Sydney is here to walk you through some relaxing poses today. Starting with some simple breathing exercises. She’s wearing the most amazing yoga pants and you can’t help but compliment her on them. When she turns around, you get a great look at her ass. She can tell you’re distracted and looking at her pants as opposed to following the yoga moves. Instead of giving you a hard time about it, Sydney gives you an opportunity to get it out of your system. She makes you whip out your dick and rub it all over her yoga pants. And then, you get to rub one out and cum all over her pants.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaylynn: Fucking Over Stupid Wallet Pervs With My Ass In Short Shorts

Princess Kaylynn

Summer is almost here loser and do you know what that means? That means I get to tease you in my tiny white shorts. I know you can’t get enough. I love teasing you, I love knowing that I can drive you absolutely crazy. You’re so weak for me. You know it’s true.
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Cum Countdown – Fancy Seeing You Here

Andre loves to torment begging slaves with her body, especially her ass. She knows that you will stroke and stroke so long as her ass in is view, but like a good pet you won’t cum until she permits it. In the meantime smell her ass and stroke.
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Men Are Slaves – Some Ball Pain, Some Ass Worship

Miss Bliss and Pandora aren’t always cruel to their slaves. Sure this one will have his balls kicked, but they will also reward his suffering by letting him occasionally worship their ass. That’s because a horny slave is always a compliant slave.
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Astro Domina – GOOD BUTT BOY

Do you need a reminder why you’re still here? Why you’re still part of Sydney’s world? The only reason you’re still allowed to be graced by her presence is because you can’t stay away from your favorite ass. And you continue to prove your worth as a butt boy. You understand the ass doesn’t come for free. If you want to continue to worship that ass, you need to continue paying. Otherwise Sydney will just stop talking to you. Cold turkey. And you don’t want that do you? So go ahead. Worship. Tribute. Do whatever it is you can do to stay on Sydney’s good side.
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Fraulein Katja – Sniff My Ass Through The Panties On Your Head!

After coming home to find that her bitch slave hasn’t cleaned to her satisfaction, Fraulein Katja calls him a loser and forces him down for some punishment! She pulls off her panties and covers his face before pulling him deep into her ass to sniff and worship. She then lays him down on the couch and spreads her cheeks as she drops down to cut off his oxygen while hurling humiliating insult at him! She smothers him over and over again as she laughs at his ridiculous sissy outfit!
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Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Jerk Yourself Into A Pantyhose Trance While I Scramble Your Brain

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

You are such a pantyhose freak and you know it. You’re so addicted to pantyhose that you can’t even get off unless a girl is wearing pantyhose. You love everything about pantyhose. How they look and how they feel. I know you’re desperate to touch my pantyhose right now. You’d love to rub your hands up and down my pantyhose legs, but all you get to do is look. Look at how sheer they are, how they shape my legs, it’s so fucking sexy, isn’t it? You can’t get enough.
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BRAZIL FETISH FILMS: Goddess Jack Giant Ass First Ass Worship II

Beautiful Goddess Jack is opening her butt cheeks so Elaine can stick her tongue inside the Domme’s tight asshole. The nasty Goddess keeps asking for some more ass worshipping treatment while Elaine licks her ass hard. Nasty lesbian ass licking clip!!!
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Sydney has a session with her human furniture sub. He’s wrapped in plastic in laying down in the only position he’s good for. Face up, and ready to receive mass doses of ass, served up by Sydney herself. While she’s reading her magazine, Sydney assumes all sorts of positions on the loser’s face, each one offering him more weight and less oxygen. His only option is to take her full weight on his face. With no possible way to move any other parts of his body due to the plastic wrapping, his only hope is the occasional break to catch his breath.
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The Queendom – Stuck In Jada’s Ass

“Do you like my new toy?” Jada asks, laughing as she walks across the room with her slave’s face strapped to her ass! The slave’s face is buried deep between Jada’s big, soft, pillow cheeks and held tightly in place by the smother harness. It takes all of the slave’s strength to pull his nose far enough out of Jada’s crack to draw even a little air, but the harness pulls his face back in each time. When Jada pushes her ass back against the slave’s face it tightens the harness, sealing off all air and totally suffocating the slave! “I know you really can’t breathe now,” she laughs, raising and lowering her ass over and over again. “You’re not going anywhere are you?” Indeed, with his wrists bound and trapped beneath Jada there’s no way the slave can escape. “You’ll just stay stuck to me, how does that sound? Well it doesn’t matter, because that’s where you’re gonna be!” Jada tightens the straps on the harness, closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. Leaving the slave trapped deep in her ass, struggling for every breath. Madam Jada, Smother Harness, Ass Smother, Bound Slave
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The Queendom – Best Booty Day Ever (Face Sitting)

This is the first part of Best Booty Day Ever Some slaves just have all of the luck and this particular slave is about to have the best booty day ever! Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt have decided to team up to show this skinny, wannabe human-furniture slave just how brutal being beneath two women can be! First they start with chest sitting. Mistress An Li plops down right on the slave’s diaphragm and invites Hannah to sit on her lap. Their combined weight pushes the air out of the slave’s lungs and prevents him from drawing a full breath again! Soon they start bouncing and dropping the sexy asses on the slave’s chest and stomach over and over! The slave’s face quickly turns red and purple, but the Mistresses are just getting warmed up. After 10 minutes of double-teaming the slave’s chest they decide its time to get to work on the slave’s face too! Mistress Hannah Hunt lowers her incredible, massive rear end down onto the slave’s face, cutting off all of his air while Mistress An Li gets comfortable, settling her full weight on the slave’s stomach. An Li starts to get restless though and when the Mistresses switch position she really gets to work destroying the slave’s face! She bounces and grinds her body into the slave’s face without mercy, laughing at how flat and squishy the slave’s nose is getting. Mistress Hanna meanwhile has made herself comfortable on the slave’s stomach and lap, crus**** his pathetic balls beneath her amazing ass. Hannah is careful to keep ALL of her weight on the slave as she sits, but soon even that isn’t enough. Hannah stands up, crus**** the slave’s stomach beneath her full weight while An Li laughs. Soon they switch positions again and Mistress Hannah’s ass swallows up the slave’s face while Mistress An Li tramples and stomps his mid section. They show no mercy and for the final 8 minutes merciless facesitting turns into brutal trampling! Both Mistresses begin stomping on the slave’s face and mid section. Mistress An Li plants both feet on the slave’s face and squats down low, centering all of her weight on the slave’s face! The slave’s whole body turns red and his head looks like its going to pop when both Mistress stand on his chest. The slave is barely conscious after half an hour of constant crus**** and smothering, but these Mistresses are far from finished! Its going to be a very, very long day for this slave, but it will be the best booty day ever! Mistress An Li, Mistress Hannah Hunt, Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Trampling, Squashing, Smothered, Plastic Wrap, Bound Slave
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Astro Domina – ASS TEASE K.O.

You know those pink boxing gloves Sydney has on. They bring pleasure and pain. Pleasure from the ass she teases you with. All you can think of is burying your face in between those ass cheeks. If you could live in there, you would. Sydney’s ass deserves your worship. It’s tight, it’s round, and if you’re not careful, it’ll beat you up. But most of all, it just teases the hell out of you. It’s so close yet so far. And every time Sydney bends over, your chub just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
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Brat Princess 2: Christina – Suck My dirty thong and lick my ass cuck (1080 HD)

Shot in full 1080 HD: Have you ever saw a girl so hot and think, oh my god she is so hot I would suck her dirty thong? Well Christina is that girl! Christina looks amazing in the clip. She enjoys finding more and more humiliating things for the cuck to do. In between filming she was complaining about her thong being uncomfortable and thought it would be funny to make the house cuck suck on her thong. This is gross! The cuck has to do what she tells him to do. So the dress slid up, the thong was pulled out of her ass, and the cuck started to suck on it! SO FUNNY! The clip also has amazing ass worship scenes. Clip contains: ASS WORSHIP, ASS LICKING, THONG SUCKING, and CHASTITY TEASING.
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The Queendom – Madam Jada Isn’t Going to Stop

“So you wanted to do other things,” Madam Jada says, wearing a new pair of jeans. Its been a long day of facesitting and Jada’s slave begged to do something different so Jada has decided to try some jeans facesitting! Jada’s big ass in tight jeans is just too much for the slave’s broken face to handle though and after barely a minute he is begging for mercy. Being such a generous Mistress Jada decides to make a deal with her slave: She will take her jeans off, but she’s going to add time to her slave’s captivity! The slave reluctantly agrees and Jada quickly strips her jeans off and climbs back on her slave’s face. Her huge ass and thighs swallow up the slave’s face and seal his nose and mouth shut. The slave squirms and makes muffled pleas for mercy, but his struggles only excite Jada more. She enjoys the total power she has over her slave’s life as she sits, all she has to do is nothing and this slave will cease to be. The slave’s survival depends on Jada eventually deciding to move and allow him to breathe again. The breaths don’t come often though as Jada prefers to keep her slave’s face buried beneath her ass as much as possible! Jada spends most of the time reverse facesitting her slave, keeping his face trapped deep in her ass crack. Jada’s big, soft cheeks stay glued around the slave’s head, griping it tightly and preventing him from sneaking any air! All the slave can do is pray that Jada gets tired of smothering him soon, but it soon becomes clear that isn’t going to happen. Jada still has another outfit that she wants to wear and more fun things planned before she’s finished… Madam Jada, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Plastic Wrap Bondage, Smother Marathon
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The Queendom – Mistress Synful Pleasure – Synful Smotherbox

Be sure to check out part 2 at www.synfulxpleasure.com! Its a slow day at the Executrixx Center and Mistress Synful Pleasure has just started her shift. Her first victim is restrained, locked in the smother box, and ready to be suffocated beneath her big, sexy butt! Mistress Synful has a genuine love for smothering men and she shows no mercy for victim. “I forgot to mention its supposed to be slow and painful,” she says as she lifts her ass off the male’s face just enough to let him get a quick breath. Since its a slow day and Synful is in no rush she intends to drag this ass-ecution out for as long as possible! “You can beg and you can yelp, but its not going to make any fucking difference!” The male’s face completely disappears beneath Mistress Synful’s big, soft ass and thighs as she sits. She mixes up positions, switching between forward and reverse sitting with a little side saddle thrown in for good measure. She notices that this particular male seems to handle being smothered better than most (despite constantly begging for his life). Instead of simply finishing him off in the smother box, Mistress Synful decides the smother harness would be a fitting way to finish off this loser… *** The audio sounds a little muffled from some noise reduction to remove the sound of a nearby fountain that couldn’t be turned off.
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