Male slave is one with the bench; human furniture, leather bondage, serious ball gag secured on face and ass plugged while he waits. Goddess Tangent enters in her long fur coat to check in on her pet, removes gag so his mouth may be at the service of her feet and boots. She orders him to lick her thigh high leather boots clean, lapping up all the flavors then enticing the senses of her subservient man toy with her musty scent from her encased hosiery. Removing her boots she teases him with her stocking feet stuffing the scent and flavors into his face, finally removing her stockings and using the flavor packed hosiery to gag and blindfold him with so he may better be saturated in her scent. He dutifully worships her cruel feet, ass and strap-on cock, she laughs with delight as she stuffs his face so vigorously that he is dripping drool and tears from being invaded so deeply. She laughs wickedly while teasing and tormenting her kept slave. Finally she turns her attentions to his largely plugged ass, and inspecting the new gape. Her hard cock takes him from behind, pushing its way inside of him till he is reduced to little more than moans. She flips her slave over, grabs his ankles, and gives him a good pounding. She fucks the cum out of him with not just one, but two consecutive orgasms, the second one even bigger than the last, pooling a big white pool of nut in her gloved hand. She grips his face tight as he obediently guzzles down the pool of cum for his Goddess.

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