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Mistress Giselle keeps her slave strung up and helpless with his hole completely vulnerable to her XL strap-on cock! She takes no mercy in destroying his slut-ass while taking away every last piece of manhood with her 12" dick.
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American Mean Girls: BallBusting Contest Duchess Danni vs. Queen Quenzi (1080 HD)

Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi are having a ballbusting contest. This is quickly becoming the favorite sport at the Mean Girl Manor. They are going to keep doing this until every mean girl goes up against all the other mean girls to determine who the best ballbuster is.
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Crystal Knight: Convincing You To Spend 1k On Countess

You need my guidance to take the risks you want to in life. Without me, your just a pussy; but, when I come around and give you the teasing of a lifetime, you will do whatever I want. You need me to succeed in your fantasies. You worship my curves and there is no saying no. You want to be that big spender I notice and pet more than others in my Army. Let me help you, let me give you the convincing you need to spend some BIG money on me.
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You’ve been seeing your therapist Sydney for a while now. Her job is to help you with your sexual issues. You haven’t been able to cum in a while and she thinks it’s because there is a blockage. As a professional, she will do whatever it takes to ensure your blockage issue gets resolved. In her hands on approach, Sydney applies a generous amount of B*** oil on your cock while she starts rubbing it. With her sensuous voice and deliberate strokes, you get an immediate hard on. After all, she is a super hot therapist and you take every chance you get to check out her hot body. If there is anyone who will be able to get you to unload your load, it’s Sydney. And after a month of not cumming, surely your load will be explosive!
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Astro Domina – CARNI-Eat SESSION

You walk into your session with Goddess Sydney and explain to her that you would like to do a Eat session. She informs you that she can actually shrink you. For real. You have no idea that she’s had plenty of clients already that were turned into a mini version of themselves and ended up in her belly. She makes you come closer and look at her mouth. Her lips, her tongue, her mouth are all mesmerizing to you. You can feel something peculiar happening. She is the succubus of man and threatens to make you real small. Before you know it, you’re only 3 inches tall and Sydney is threatening to put you in her belly.
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Ready for your yoga class? Your teacher Sydney is here to walk you through some relaxing poses today. Starting with some simple breathing exercises. She’s wearing the most amazing yoga pants and you can’t help but compliment her on them. When she turns around, you get a great look at her ass. She can tell you’re distracted and looking at her pants as opposed to following the yoga moves. Instead of giving you a hard time about it, Sydney gives you an opportunity to get it out of your system. She makes you whip out your dick and rub it all over her yoga pants. And then, you get to rub one out and cum all over her pants.
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How flexible are you? Physically that is. It’s been a while since Sydney asked you to bend over backwards to jerk off into your own face. Which is exactly what she wants you to do today. Prop yourself up against the wall or the back board of your bed and jack off straight into your mouth. So go ahead, find a semi comfortable spot against a hard surface and get ready to start jerking off. Pull down your pants, whip out your dick, spit on that cock and follow all of Sydney’s instructions until you blow your load into your mouth.
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I have a solution for all your problems. Well, at least one problem for now. I’ll teach you how to cope with being a cuck.

Another week, another therapy session with Dr Sydney. You want to chat some more with Sydney about your relationship with your wife and her desire to start playing with other people. You’re not sure how to respond to it so you’re looking for advice from your therapist. Her advice? Becoming a cuckold. You don’t really like the sound of that but you’re willing to give it a shot. Sydney suggests that letting your wife play with other people is the solution to your situation. As a practice exercise, Sydney brings in her boyfriend to demonstrate what it would be like for you to watch someone you like play with another guy. Especially someone with a bigger dick than you.
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You are addicted. Addicted to Sydney. Addicted to her lips, her eyes, her face, her hands, everything about her. Instead of curing your addiction, Sydney wants you to dive deeper into her world. The secret she is about to share with you will change your mind forever. So get closer and focus on Sydney’s lips. For your life will never be the same.
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Cindy has been one of Sydney’s sex slaves for a long time. The day has come for a change. Sydney decides to pull Cindy out of the closet where she’s been bound and gagged, and prep her to be sold, or leased to a new owner. But not without having some fun for the last time. Or at least the last time in a while. Cindy is bound with rope and gagged throughout, as Sydney gropes and checks ropes, feeling up Cindy’s pussy and boobs. Finally, stretched spread eagle on the dining room table, Cindy listens in as Sydney talks to potential new owners while having her way with Cindy.
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Mistress Kennya – Introducing My toilet boy

You all know I have many toilet slaves and I use them quite often. Tonight My friend Gaia is visiting so I am introducing them in preparation for use later on. He is so lucky to serve Us, smiling like a bitch and getting hard in his little chastity.
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Astro Domina – HANDGAGGED

Shhh, Be quiet, Sydney says as she comes over and puts her hand back over your mouth. Don’t you think it would be a lot easier if you gave in and stopped fighting her? Don’t you understand that you’re her captive? Her slave? You have no other choice but to give into her. So keep your mouth shut and do as Sydney says. You really think you can escape her? It’s obvious that Sydney doesn’t want you to talk. And to make matters worse, Sydney then starts making some phone calls using your phone. First, your girlfriend. She doesn’t really understand what’s going on and after the conversation with Sydney she probably has a ton more questions about what’s going on. After that, Sydney calls your boss. Telling him that you won’t be coming into work for a while. And that she’ll be making all your dreams come true. Lastly she calls her friend to come check out the predicament you’re in.
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Astro Domina – GOOD BUTT BOY

Do you need a reminder why you’re still here? Why you’re still part of Sydney’s world? The only reason you’re still allowed to be graced by her presence is because you can’t stay away from your favorite ass. And you continue to prove your worth as a butt boy. You understand the ass doesn’t come for free. If you want to continue to worship that ass, you need to continue paying. Otherwise Sydney will just stop talking to you. Cold turkey. And you don’t want that do you? So go ahead. Worship. Tribute. Do whatever it is you can do to stay on Sydney’s good side.
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Brat Princess 2: Lady Toro – Trains Fluffy to be a Good slave to His Step Sister with Throat and Ass Fucking (1080 HD)

1080 HD Expert Dominatrix, Lady Toro, is training fluffy to be a good slave to his 19-year-old step-sister, Isabella. Isabella wants fluffy to learn to be submissive to her. Training fluffy to be a good slut will make him very submissive. Fluffy needs to be reminded that he is not his sister’s equal. His hot 19-year-old step-sister is Superior to him. When Toro has finished first fucking whore fluffy’s throat, she moves on to breaking in its ass. Fluffy’s body will be used as a submissive slut in every possible way until he is completely broken down. There’s nothing like a nice big dick in the ass to remind a whore of its place. By the end of its training with Toro, Isabella’s step-brother will be so stretched out, there will be no way it can forget what it truly is: a gaping slut to be used and abused by hot girls. Toro makes fun of fluffy’s chastity while she fucks him deep. Isabella holds her step-brother’s key. Now there’s no way fluffy can forget the girls are in charge.
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If this slutty sub wants to serve the General as a personal fucktoy he has to run the gauntlet and earn his place on her dick. Ms. Elena De Luca enlists Mistress Bettie Bondage, Mistress An Li, Ms. Eden Winter and Mistress Olivia to help her run a train on this bitch. Get a good look at each of the sexy Dominas and their big cocks before they stretch and pound his ass to their satisfaction.

This slave doesn’t get lube. The mistresses put a funnel in his ass, making him a spittoon, one after another filling him up. Once he is full of mistress spit the ladies use their hands to penetrate and open him up. 5 hands at once prepare him properly to have 2 cocks in his ass and and 2 cocks in his mouth.
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it’s Halloween & I’m in the mood to fuck everyone’s pumpkin lol
I lube my massive cock up & taunt him a little before stretching his tight Pumpkin hole merciless with my cock.
Forcing my big cock deep down his manpussy until I have him gapping and begging for mercy riding that edge and dripping cum. Good boy take it deep for me, relax I want it real deep hmm yes
I love ruff sex and i love to fuck my slaves hard. I call the shots and I fuck until I’m done. Beg all you want it won’t do you any good, but do i love it when you beg for mercy
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Astro Domina – BONDAGE MAYHEM – Part 1

Sydney the burglar is at it again. This time, she hit the office of Mister Angel. When we join the action, she has already tied up Mr Angel. He’s hog tied and gagged, and Sydney added an electric shocker to his balls. Going through Mr Angel’s phone, she notices his secretary’s picture. What a cutie. Sydney calls Mr Angel’s secretary Natalie who shows up shortly after the phone call. It takes Sydney about 10 seconds to get the best of Natalie. After getting Natalie stripped down, it’s time to add the rope and get her all tied up and gagged as well. Sydney has big plans for both of them. Now that Sydney has both Mr Angel and Natalie bound and gagged, it’s time to bring for some butt action. Natalie gets a big butt plug up her ass and when that’s all take care of, Syndey brings out her dildo to fuck Natalie’s boss up the ass. Another successful burglary. And it’s just the beginning.
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