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VeVe Lane, with her sleek physique looking as gorgeously tight, lithe, and strong as ever in her thong leotard bodysuit and shiny spandex yoga leggings, moves seamlessly from airtight face smothering, footlock facesitting, and powerful reverse headscissors. Veve uses a wide array of sexy facesitting techniques in her vast femdom arsenal to utterly demolish her gaming chair, absorbing his entire reality into her incredible fitness model body!

As a testament to Veve’s female domination mastery, she performs myriad throne locking maneuvers, rapid face grinds, leg wrapping smothers, and figure four headscissors with ease as she is completle focuses on playing her videogame throughout this entire lesson in Fit Gamergirl Facesitting!

Our very own sexy gamergirl starlet Pixel Pixie films the hot action herself, moving around Veve to contain Veve’s faster moves – all the while awaiting her turn to dominate her throne right after Veve has taught her epic lessons right to his smothered out face!

Format: mp4

Duration: 00:25:58
Size: 1.08GB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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