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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: You’re Nothing But A Puppet Attached To Your Cock

Miss Tiffany

You simple minded male. You’re nothing but a puppet attached to your cock. Every decision that you think you make, is actually made by your cock. Your cock is your brain. Your cock thinks for you. That is why you’re so stupid. Your hand, your brain, they’re both puppets controlled by your cock. You are a puppet controlled by your cock. And that makes you so easy to manipulate.

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Humiliation POV: Porn Addict Brainwash Program 2.0

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Porn Addict Brainwash Program 1.0 was such a huge success, we had to release another to push you even deeper into your porn addiction. Be warned, this one is even more intense than the first! Warning: This video contains intense brainwashing images and voices, it will intensify your porn addiction. There is no going back if you watch this file. If you don’t want to become a mindless porn addict, do not watch this video.
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Crystal Knight: Convincing You To Spend 1k On Countess

You need my guidance to take the risks you want to in life. Without me, your just a pussy; but, when I come around and give you the teasing of a lifetime, you will do whatever I want. You need me to succeed in your fantasies. You worship my curves and there is no saying no. You want to be that big spender I notice and pet more than others in my Army. Let me help you, let me give you the convincing you need to spend some BIG money on me.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Susceptibility Test

You know there is no resistance when I tell you to go down. Your mind has been totally rearranged to do as I please. I’m going to demonstrate my power over you with this little susceptibility test. Watch how easy I can make you go down into a state of everlasting bliss. Just by telling you how to breathe, and how to stroke you become completely under my control. With a just a snap of my fingers I can send you down into trance as easily as falling off a cliff. You love this fall. You love the feeling of wind rushing against your face. Here, in my world, you’ll never land. Going down into trance for me is as easy as falling.
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Brat Princess 2: Lola POV – Chastity Checkup becomes Castration Consult (1080 HD) (with email)

1080 HD You’ve been visiting my office for a year now, under the urging of your mother. Your mother has been following my instructions, keeping you locked in chastity and milking you in a specific way devised to maximize efficiency for her.

Note: This clip was a custom request. Details for requesting a custom POV clip with Lola are included at the end of this clip.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Valora: Cute School Girl Lola Plays with Silver Satin Gloves While Stripping Off Her Uniform

Goddess Valora

You have no choice but to surrender to me. I am the new owner of your mind. It’s your mind for now, but soon it’s going to be mine. It feels so good to give in to me, doesn’t it? To succumb to my desires. To fall deep under my spell. You love to hear me say, ‘good boy’ at the end of each of our hyp n0 sessions. I know it gives you a special feeling because it feels good to be a good boy, doesn’t it? It feels so good to be my good boy, to be my brain slave.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Yes Goddess Trance

If you’ve experienced my trance videos, then I’m sure you know the overwhelming power of words. With just the sound of my voice and a few well-placed sentences I can make you go down into trance and open yourself up to me. Through my perfect lips you may hear every word you’ve ever needed to hear to bring both relaxation and arousal. Out of every phrase though there is one that I like to hear most of all. “Yes Goddess”. When you say to me “Yes Goddess” you open yourself up to my whims and wants. There is no negotiation, only servitude. “Yes Goddess” is the portal to your innermost subservient self. There is never anything else you need to say to me.
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Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: Get Lost In My Shiny Shimmering Green – Addiction Hyp n0 s!s

Lady Fyre

You know you want to submit to me. Just seeing this beautiful shiny green against my pale skin and my red hair drives you crazy. And I know you’ve been hyp n0 t!zed by me before so it will be so easy for you to go under for me. I want you to stare at my shiny tits. Shiny tits make you so weak. You’re already starting to drool over my shiny material. Feeling yourself becoming so weak for me. Feeling yourself being drawn to me. You can’t look away. You have to stare because shiny makes you weak.
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GG Fetish Media: Trained Agent – Koa

Koa is intercepted while exercising at the park. She is trained into obedience by a man who turns her into an agent to carry out his missions against his enemies. The tables are turned though, when his adversary trains Koa and reprograms her to fight for him instead.
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Tara Tainton: Deepening Your Addiction to Me

We know you need me. You want me. You can’t have enough of me. That’s why you watch my videos. That’s why you keep coming back for more. You never get enough. You always need more. It’s perfectly natural… you’re ADDICTED to me. That’s the way… it’s ALWAYS going to be. And now, I want your addiction to deepen. Yes, I’m going to play a major role in your everyday life. I already do… and now, even more so. Everyday things, everyday scenarios, are going to make you think of ME. You’re going to get so hard, just as you are now. And you will always, always have me on your mind and in your LIFE.

BUY NOW to experience goddess worship, female domination, lingerie, dirty talk, masturbation instruction, jerk off encouragement, mental domination, mesmerize, cleavage, big breasts, nipples, topless, bare shoulders, breast bouncing, cum countdown …and the exclusive, intensely intimate experience of being with ME.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaelin: Addiction Relapse Triggers Send You Spiraling Back Down The Rabbit Hole

Princess Kaelin

You always come back, don’t you? How long have you been away this time? I’ll bet you really believed that you were cured, that your femdom addiction was over. But you and I both know, deep down, that you’ll never be able to escape from this. I mean you’ve just come back after a long absence, and then you saw this clip, all about relapsing and you knew you couldn’t resist. This clip spoke to you and as much as you tried to fight buying it, you couldn’t.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Upgraded Subject Training – Step 2

Hello boy. I have a little assignment for you. I want you to begin to optimize your abilities as a hypn*tic subject. I’m going to give you two sets of audio training to listen to. You’ll listen to one in the morning, and one at night. I want you to be able to go down for me at a moment’s notice so each audio training will have a set of linguistic triggers to help you. This particular audio is the morning training. As you open your eyes to begin your day, I want you to let me guide you through the icy river of your subconscious. Your mind is a fortress of ice and cold biting water. You’re going to feel that water rushing into you, taking the breath from you, until I reach in my hand and bring you to the surface. I will bring you away from those icy walls of consciousness into the sweet warmth of pleasure. Feel that numbness fade into warmth and bliss. My warmth is the only thing that will keep you alive in this glacial world of your conscious mind. **This is the version containing complimenting visual effects to enhance the audio experience**
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Ball Busting Chicks: Isabella: Nurse Play

A nurse in boots and thong underwear. She takes her dress off soon, but her blindfolded patient can not enjoy the view. She plays with his naked body: Touching his genitals with med gloves and playing on his cock with a cane for sexual arousal, wax play with body, nipples and penis, making penis hard with hot wax, whipping body and penis for more sexual stimulation and stimulation of the bl**d circulation, tying up testicles with bandage and touching them with a whip, more play with hot wax on cock.
This videos is for fans of light Female Domination with sexual fantasies stimulation, alternative medical treatments. Nurse in fetish wear, young girls in skimpy outfits, sexy figure and pronounced ass.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Thoughtless and Throbbing

Your thoughts are often only in the way when it comes to penetrating your mind. The eternal yapping of your thoughts merely gets in the way of true connection to your subconscious. These thoughts are easily quieted by your base instincts, luckily. When you see me and your cock starts to stiffen, all the minutiae of your conscious mind starts to fade away. This is how I like you. I like you thoughtless and throbbing. It’s so much easier to take you down into a place of unimpeded reception of my tasks. It makes me happy when you go down so easy for me.
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Humiliation POV: Porn Addict Brainwash Program 1.0

This file is for porn addicts and those who soon will be porn addicts. It will brainwash you and encourage your porn addiction. Please watch this in a dark room with headphones as you will gain the full brainwashing effect hearing different voices simultaneously in each ear. This intense brainwashing edging porn addiction video is layered with images of porn, images of the Brats Of Humiliation, hyp n0 t!c spirals, and subliminal messaging. This file has been created with the intention of brainwashing the listener and increasing your addiction to porn. If you don’t want to become a mindless porn addict do not watch this video. Here is a bit of what your brain will hear…
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Let Me In

You love the way my voice sounds. You love the way I can make you go down into a state of total relaxation. This is the sensation you live for. This is why it’s so easy to let me in. I can just take my hands and gently lift each layer to reveal the submissive nature at your core. The more you let me in, the more relaxed you feel, the more I can take you apart and cast away the needless weight of thought and decision. You love being in this state with me.
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Mandy Flores: Blackmailed by My Husbands Partner – Blowjob and Cumshot by Hot Housewife

A Fan loved the original Blackmailed by my husbands partnerthat he requested we film another one.

My husbands business partner comes to our house and tells me that he will be withdrawing the funding from our business, because it is doing badly, unless he and I can come to an arrangement. I am surprised, what could I possibly do to help? I knew nothing about the problems that the business was facing, and I ask what kind of arrangement he has in mind. He gently mocks me saying that I must have some idea. That surely I’ve noticed the times he has tried to look down my top and up my skirt. I am shocked and outraged by his suggestion and reject his advances. Then I begin to plead with him. He tells me that he isn’t going to do anything that I don’t let him do. He tells me that he could leave right now and forget the whole matter but that if he does that, then the business will fail. I reluctantly agree and he sits beside me and tries to put his hand inside my top and then my bra. I try to stop him at first, but after he reminds me that Im supposed to be "helping" I let him continue. He pulls my top down and takes off my bra and starts fondling and kissing my breasts. Then he tries to slide his hand up my skirt, but I push it away. He tells me to open my legs so he can see my panties.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: I Will Stroke Your Brain As You Mindlessly Edge Your Cock

The Mistress B

This hyp n0 t!c clips has audio and visual triggers set to program you on loop into a brainless edging machine.

Breathe in deeply. Feel your body relaxing at the sound of my voice. Focus on your breathing and just relax. Relax your mind so that I may enter it as the rest of your body relaxes. All of that energy, that red hot pulsing need, moves down and rests in your groin. Your cock throbs as the rest of you sinks deep into relaxation. Without taking your eyes off of me, slowly, stroke. Do as I say puppet.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Beauty and Power

I really have it all, don’t I? Beauty, power, wit as sharp as a blade, and superior genetics. That’s why I get everything I want. That’s why you’re all so obsessed with me. You see me up on this level that you can never aspire to. You know you’ll never be good enough to even be with someone like me. But you still adore me and jerk your little cocks off to these videos. It’s sad really. You’re essentially jerking off to your own inferiority.
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