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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – Boutique Babysitter Experience

Sessions are just about booked for the week, I’m really excited for all the shooting and bustle going on in March. As some of you know, I’m a traveller and I can’t session all the time, although increasingly I wish I could. I’ll be around much more this summer. Thank you to the boys who are coming in. We are going to do some great work, and maybe I’ll even see *you* here next time.
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FUCKING MACHINES: March 14, 2018 – Kendra Spade

Kendra loves everything to do with and was more than happy to do Fucking Machines as her debut shoot for us. Her tan skin, perky natural tits, and her amazing ass makes her a great candidate for us. We get her to remove her white dress exposing her slutty red lingerie, then that falls to the floor and we get our first glimpse of her sexy body.
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Mar 10, 2018: Guns & Buns PT1 | Kate Kenzi

Kate Kenzi has a toned little body. She’s also got a great ass. We make good use of her. Kate is into humiliation so the we make fun of her. For instance singing is not her strong suit. She’s got to stick with getting naked!
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When she arrived in Paris from Moscow, Sveta Moskova looked for the perfect sucker: she met Bobby.

20 yo, blonde, green eyes, perfect figure, Sveta is a slav dream girl and when Bobby saw her in a bar, he felt in love with her ; the young Russian girl saw immediately the advantage she could take of a marriage with this big pig… His wallet is as full as his belly. Unfortunately, Sveta is bored stiff, nothing interesting in her life and she one day decides to take a lover but not any lover: Rico Simmons, porn actor, a real man!
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DIVINE BITCHES:March 13, 2018 – Eliza Jane and Corbin Dallas

Eliza Jane is a sweet, petite blonde on the outside, but she’s a sadistic, devious seductress on the inside. Corbin Dallas arrives for his weekly appointment, and she runs him through the ringer. She starts by suspending him over the bed, teasing his cock in chastity, and gagging him with a ball gag. She then proceeds to abuse him with clothespins and a crop, swatting the clothespins off of him in striking, stinging succession.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Castration Day for Old Cow Caleb (1080 HD)

1080 HD Old Caleb has had a good long life at the milking warehouse. The girls have extracted maximum probability from Caleb’s body. Sasha, a manager at the male milking facility, has a discussion with Chloe and Natalya, two of the newer recruits, about Caleb’s castration. The girls all agree that it’s his time. Today will be the day that Caleb’s testicles will be removed so that he will be nice and placid in retirement. The three women retrieve old Caleb from its cage (this section of the video is shot POV). They reveal to Caleb what is about to happen. (The rest of the video is shot 3rd person.) Caleb is then dragged out of its cage. The women wrangle Caleb to the floor and remove the chastity cage for the last time. They show him the elastrator. As they tie off Caleb’s balls for the castration, they laugh at his overall diminutive size. He is clearly the weakest of the herd and an obvious choice for culling. The little green band goes tightly around Caleb’s scrotum, and the old cow starts to writhe. The screen fades to black as Caleb’s constricted testicles perish.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Severe, Painful Self CBT Instructions By A Bratty Schoolgirl

Princess Kendi Olsen

Love hurts, doesn’t it? Sacrifice is how we show our dedication and our love. I want you to hurt for me today. I want you to feel pleasure through pain. I want you to sacrifice for me today. You’re usually so selfish, you just want to jerk for me. And I understand that, I’m a hot young schoolgirl, lots of guys want to jerk for me. But I want to see real sacrifice today, I want to see real pain in your eyes. To serve me is to please me, jerking off to me is only serving yourself.
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Humiliatrix – Sadistic Remi Edges You Until You Are Crying Pre-Cum Tears

“Only a 100 percent wussy would wear a chastity cage. You deserve to be punished and humiliated for being such a pathetic little pussy. I’m going to tease, torment and deny you, until your chastity cage is slathered in pre-cum. Until you are broken and sobbing all over Princess Remi’s sexy high heels…”
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – How Do My Sweaty Ass, Feet, and Armpits Smell

This scene opens with sadistic Miss Xi about to sit on her slaves face. As she does she asks him how her ass smells? Clearly the slave is in heaven and responds accordingly. Surely he would love to be in that position for the rest of the day but this is not about him, this is about what Miss Xi wants and this is only a little torment before the main course. She tells him she just came from the gym so the smell should be heavenly. She asks if he likes her sweat and he says he really does. She brings her armpit into his face and gives him a real taste of her sweat before moving back onto his face to sniff her sweaty crotch.

She then does an actual armpit-smother and then decides to give him a smell of everything including her feet which she know lays on his face. After a time she jumps back up and sits on his face. He mumbles under her ass when she asks if he likes it and threatens to sit there until she understands him or he goes out. Then some more armpit and in the process you get an amazing view of Xi’s soles and ass. Whoa, HOT. Now she makes her bitch lick her armpits. She suggests she might give him her panties and again ass-smothers him to get a good taste. Then she moves again and gives him the other armpit. You can tell Xi is high on endorphins as she is really active in this scene, bouncing from the bed to the slaves face, making sure he gets all her body sweat in the process. Now she does the splits on the slaves face and makes him tell her how disgusting he is. Of course it is all muffled from a tight seal and eventually he kicks frantically to breath. “I’m just staying here.” She says with a sadistic laugh.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hotel Room CBT

Oh, poor you. Are you all alone in that hotel room with nothing to do? I know you boys get antsy when you have nothing to do with your cock, so I’m going to give you a little assignment. You probably didn’t bring anything to prepare for a little hotel CBT, so you’re just going to have to find what’s useful around your room. You’ll need some dental floss, some sort of string, lotion, and something that will work as clamps. Oh, and some ice, but don’t fetch that before the video. So get all of your little tools together and start the video. Let’s see how much your cock can take so far away from home.
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Subbyhubby: Just a Sex Servant

Sunny Chase and Goddess Tangent are going to show her boyfriend that they mean business when they want to make him a total bitch. The women strap big fake lips onto his face which force his mouth open, a gag of sorts. Sunny then fucks him good until she is satisfied while Tangent participates in the action, telling him what to do. He does cum and the women make him eat his own filth! With his mouth forced open from that gag, he doesn’t have a choice. They then give him a blow-up doll and tell him he can date the plastic doll now.
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Mofos: Gina Valentina BDSM Fantasy

Gina Valentina is here to push herself to her absolute BDSM limit! Once she’s tied up and put on a leash, Gina’s deepthroathing a big dick until she’s choking on it! With arm and leg restraints in place, this petite Latina is in for a rough pussy fucking!
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Stocking Slaves

Mistress Makayla orders her slave girl at her feet to worship on her sweaty stockings before removing them to taste on her bare feet
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Ball Busting Chicks: I whip the cum out of his cock!

Former video "Jerk off on my ass". New edited and with new audio effects.

What she likes are cruel games of tease & denial! She is half-naked and tease him and the viewer with her naked shaved pussy and ass. On the other hand she cruelly whips and t*rtures her slaves stiff cock! Her aim is to make him cum and whip the sperm out of his tormented cock. You can bet she get what she wanted!

Including two short POV / Masturbation Encouragement scenes, where she talks directly to the viewer! She invites the viewer to masturbate and orders him to jerk off over this hot scenery…
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Legs Over The Head And Spray Your Face, This Is What You Deserve

The Mistress B

I want you to stroke and pump and edge. I want you to grow weaker, more and more stupid. But most of all, I want you to humiliate yourself for me. Get that inferior dick nice and hard. Pay attention to that sensitive tip, and then stroke while you pump your hips into your hand pussy. You know that’s the only kind of pussy you deserve. It’s the only kind of pussy you get. Tell me how much you love your hand pussy, you’re addicted to masturbating, you’re addicted to humiliating yourself for me.
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cfnmtv: Debt Collectors (Part 1-3)

For Luke, modelling is turning out very differently from what he was expecting. He thought it was a good way to ingratiate himself with the proprietress of Glove Bunny but instead he’s ended up completely nude and at the women’s mercy! And things are about to get a whole lot worse for the big dumb lug…
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Horrorporn: Female spider (Horror Porn 17)

I created a monster. Terrifying and always hungry spider woman. Several times a day I have to feed that venomous monster my cum to stop her from eating me. I completely lost control over this experiment. I created the horror.
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Mfvideobrazil: Hot Kisses Games Marathon By Top Girl Francesca Camera Version 1

Have you ever been to a lesbian party? If not, you can see how it looks like thanks to this erotic video. There are many women who would like to kiss each other. They try everything they can in this girl party. They give each other hot and wet kisses. They also squeeze each other’s neck and hair. The lesbian party gets even hotter, because they do a threesome kissing. They also lick each others tongue. The lesbian women are incredibly sexy so it’s really great to see them in this hot video. They do everything they can to entertain you. The girl-with-girl kissing lasts for more than half and hour, so watch it and enjoy the nasty show!
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The Queendom – You’re the Munchie!

Rooms, walls, doors fly past you as you swing along in a huge hand wrapped all around your tiny body. When the scene finally settles down, you find yourself at the end of a massive mattress, along which reclines the magnificent body of Goddess Holly. She barely gives you a second look as she takes up a video game controller. “It’s already time for 4:20,” she coolly informs you. “I figured I would vape a little, play some video games, wait for the munchies to kick in.” She grins at you, reclining by her lovely bare feet. “That’s where you come in, yeah. You’re gonna be my munchie! It’s perfect: tinies are my favorite snack. How’s that sound?” Whatever you think of this arrangement doesn’t matter, because this is exactly how it’s going to go down. What can you do about it? When the giantess decides to peel off her socks, you think maybe you can make a break for it. Quicker than you can react, however, she simply turns one slender ankle and plants her bare sole upon your entire body! “That’ll hold you nice and still. You can’t go anywhere. Gotcha!” She grins at you, as you peek up at her between her toes! With that done, Holly can tend to the important stuff: she takes a couple long pulls off her vape and blows the clouds of vapor in your face, then sets up her game and starts playing. You are clearly the last thing on her mind, pinned down beneath her foot, as she vapes and gets lost in her game. It amuses her to take a long, deep breath, then puff the vapors all around you until you and her toes are lost in the fog. After a few rounds of this, Holly raises an eyebrow at you. “I’m feeling it. You’re feeling it, right?” she purrs, contemplating you. “I don’t think you’re gonna go anywhere, so I’m gonna have you sit with me while I play some games.” Her huge foot slides off your body and she scoops you up in one hand. But just as soon as se plants you by her hip, she comments, “We’ll just wait for the munchies to kick in.” She smirks at you: “What sucks for you about this is you’re gonna get the munchies too. And there are no munchies for munchies!” She laughs at your fate, your helplessness. “You’re the munchie! Get it?” She’s so far gone, you figure this is a good time to take off, but she reads your mind and plucks you up effortlessly. “You’re not going anywhere. I’ll let you just come hang out right on my belly,” she says, “where you’re gonna be soon.” And as much as she likes her game, she keeps glancing at you until she picks you up and hoists your measly little body over her gaping jaws! Her full lips part, revealing glistening rows of sharp teeth and an undulating tongue that reaches out for you! Her munchies have kicked in! Her tongue flows into her mouth and then around you, back and forth, her throat begins to flex, and in you go! In the chamber of her mouth your ears fill with the wet sucking and clicking of swishing you around, right up until she simply swallows you whole! Down you go, sliding down her throat and resting in her belly, unable to move until she gets up to take care of her cottonmouth.
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Jerk To My Feet – Paisley Pepper – Shopping With Your Credit Card

Your step daughter Paisley Pepper is tired from a long day of shopping with your credit card. She’s come to thank you for financing her eight hour spree at the mall. Paisley brought her old, worn sneakers that according to her are just nasty smelling from her sweaty feet. But she already knows that you are a foot weirdo who actually wants to indulge in that horrible foot funk.

Young Paisley is quite enterprising and offers you a deal that you just can’t refuse: You can jerk off to her yucky smelling feet before her mom comes home in exchange for holding onto your credit card for one more day. You try to weigh the options of jerking off to those wonderful sweaty youthful feet against the damage Paisley will surely do to your credit line. It’s very difficult to think of math and make smart financial decisions when you are being overwhelmed by the scent wafting off this sexy young girl’s feet while suffering the painful sensation of your cock pushing against the rough, jagged inside of your zipper. You know what you have to do; there really isn’t an option. You’ll simply have to brown bag it for a few weeks because there is no way you’re going to let these sweet feet get away without being showered in your cum!
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Kinky English Lady Miss Hybrid: Self Service Satisfaction

Room service had been phoned, my Chablis ordered and there were a few moments spare to look my best. Lipstick on my nipples, water sprayed on my pussy lips and some fingering pleasure to heighten my arousal. My motto is, ‘always be prepared’.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Electro Slave Part 1: Bondage

I have such a love for bondage. I love to tie a man up and leave him helpless while I do whatever pleases me. I have a slave here who is destined to experience my love for bondage. Watch him squirm and shiver as each length of rope secures his limbs to his body. His cock starts to harden with each new knot I tie to prevent his movement or escape. He has surrendered total control to me. When I’m done tying him up, his cock will be mine to do with as I please.
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Brat Princess 2: Christina – Suck My dirty thong and lick my ass cuck (1080 HD)

Shot in full 1080 HD: Have you ever saw a girl so hot and think, oh my god she is so hot I would suck her dirty thong? Well Christina is that girl! Christina looks amazing in the clip. She enjoys finding more and more humiliating things for the cuck to do. In between filming she was complaining about her thong being uncomfortable and thought it would be funny to make the house cuck suck on her thong. This is gross! The cuck has to do what she tells him to do. So the dress slid up, the thong was pulled out of her ass, and the cuck started to suck on it! SO FUNNY! The clip also has amazing ass worship scenes. Clip contains: ASS WORSHIP, ASS LICKING, THONG SUCKING, and CHASTITY TEASING.
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Mandy Flores: Slave airport arrival – public humiliation

The first of the many videos from my weekend using, abusing, dominating, and humiliating my blackmail slave ray. I met him at the airport, making him wait almost two hours for me. I tell all of you about my plans for him for the weekend. As soon as we meet, I made him kneel before me and put on his slave shirt. Then, I put on his collar and leash. Making him kiss my boots as onlookers watched. Then I led him by the leash from the airport to the parking garage where I had his dinner ready for him, which I made him eat from a bowl. As we were driving from the airport, I knew we needed alcohol and food for the weekend, so we stopped at a downtown Safeway. Look at him on his knees at the front door and made him follow me around like a little pup through the store..
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The Queendom – Madam Jada: Squeeze!

Its been a long day of being crushed, facesat, and smothered for the slave, but the Torment is far from over! “You know I’ve been talking about all of these leg exercises that I’ve been doing so of course I’m gonna show you just how strong my legs are!” Madam Jada certainly has been working out and she wraps her powerful thighs around the slave’s head while she talks. The slave tries to say that he doesn’t need a demonstration, but its too late! Jada straightens out her legs and squeezes tight before her slave can try to get away. “Do you feel that?” she asks, obviously proud of how her workouts have paid off. The veins in the slave’s forehead swell up and look like they’re about to burst from the pressure. His head stays a lovely shade of purple and red, but Jada just laughs and keeps her thighs clamped together. The slave tries to pry her legs apart, but its hopeless. Jada is going to keep squeezing the slave all night long! Also check out the other clips in this series: This is Just the Beginning Days Not Hours
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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Swallow My Spit

Lady Bellatrix returns home from a hard day of shopping. It’s a hot summer’s day and she’s very thirsty. You, of course, have been in tow paying for the new items and carrying all the bags. “You must be parched” Bellatrix says, having denied you as much as a sip all day. She tells you she’s going to prepare a special drink just for you. She teases you with spit on her lips but sucks it back into her mouth. She slowly lets her sweet spit drip into the glass, teasing you with it each time, until you see the delectable liquid begin to rise higher in the glass. It’s so nice and frothy and you’re so thirsty! Bellatrix says she knows you would love to have it directly in your mouth, but you have to earn anything that intimate. She cracks open a soft drink and takes a couple of big gulps. She gurgles some it and spits that into the glass, too. She continues to spit until there’s a thick cocktail you absolutely long to drink. She calls you pathetic because she can see how erect you’re getting. By the time she’s teased you with all her spit, the glass is almost half full. She picks it up and has you open your mouth. Drink it all…
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Astro Domina – SEATING FOR TWO

Loser slave can’t believe his luck. Not one, but two amazing asses are about to ravage his face today. Not just Sydney’s divine ass, but Goddess Alexandra Snow’s ass is making an appearance too, and more than that even. Butt boy even gets both asses on his face at the same time. The two Goddesses move around from his face, front and back, to the rest of his body, making it ever harder and harder to breathe. The sweaty pantyhose aren’t making this exercise any easier. And when Goddess Snow realizes she has an ass on her chest, she smothers the slave with her amazing boobs as well.
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