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FAMILIESTIED: July 20, 2018: Seth Gamble, Penny Barber, Isabella Nice/Tight Bodied Teen Star and Anal Step Mommy Fuck Director’s Huge Cock

Tight bodied teen Isabella Nice is done being managed by her over bearing Step-Mother Penny Barber. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know Penny has been using her hot body and slut skills to buy Isabella every role she’s ever had. When the director send Isabella away for wardrobe, Penny is ready to pay him interest on her daughter’s big chance, getting on her knees and groveling for dick, her big nipples chained up with clips while she squirms and whines under the zapper.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: July 20, 2018: Ramon Nomar, Astrid Star

When blonde cutie and actress wanna be Astrid Star is invited to Hollywood agent Ramon Nomar’s home for a talent review she becomes ensnared in a world of BDSM and kinky sex in order to make it to the top! Astrid will do whatever it takes to make it in Hollywood so she agrees to do whatever Ramon asks of her. First he straps a leather collar and a leash on her neck and walks her around in circles in all fours.
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WHIPPEDASS: July 19, 2018: Cherry Torn, Noemie Bilas/Deceptively Sweet Noemie Bilas Utterly Surrenders To Cherry Torn

New to Noemie Bilas is a deceptively sweet, ebony beauty. But behind that cute smile is a hungry slut, desperate to be taken and used by an experienced, dominant woman. Cherry Torn works both of Noemie’s insatiable holes, with anal strap-on fucking, dick on a stick, flogging, cropping, and spanking. Noemie takes it all, and begs for more! Cherry starts by inspecting Noemie, and she’s pleased she looks like her profile pictures.
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HARDTIED: Jul 18, 2018: Taut | Victoria Steffanie

Victoria has only done a little bondage in her life. She watches every move intently. Her nervous anticipation is exciting to both her and to OT. The neck rope pulls her back and the ropes around her wrists pull her forward. Her taut body is pulled firmly in both directions.

She’s clearly enjoying this, but OT has to make certain. He rips her clothes from her body and manhandles her. Her sweet moans give away her arousal. Her pussy is wet with excitement. OT teases her. As he rubs her clit he gives her a slap any time she gets close.

She’s flying high and she’s so exposed. It’s the perfect time to use the pogo to push her around the stage. With the rag and tape covering her mouth her screams and moans are muffled. Victoria is up on her side flying again. This time OT whips her as she spins.
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Mfvideobrazil: Deep Feet – Ruiva Nova

This movie contains deep feet scenes, where the dominatrix sticks the feet until the slave gets breathless and desperate!
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Dirtytransdolls: Rubber sissy blowjob training

Fully rubberized and bound, latex doll Natalie only has to focus on one thing today: sucking our cocks. We are ready to teach this slutty feminized doll how to give a great blowjob. A skill she will need if she wants to become a perfect Transdoll.
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Glovemansion: Latex gloved nurse masturbation

Nurse Tina Kay is not shy at all, she adores her latex uniform and her tight gloves so much, she happily shows you how she gets herself off once the patients are out of the clinic. This is one horny rubberclad nurse!
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Chateau-Cuir: Leather gloved domination part1

Miss Shay Hendrix and Fetish Liza dominate their pathetic glove slave. Both Ladies love to tease him with their leather gloves. He must worship their boots, inhale Liza’s smoke and worship their ass, much to the amusement of the Dommes.
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Dirtydommes: Stretched for Yasmin’s strap-on

You want to be a good ass slut for Mistress Yasmin, don’t you? Have you seen her huge strap-on cock? It is hard not too, isn’t it? That big and long! Are you scared or are you going to be brave and follow her voice? She will tell you exactly what she will be doing with your butt and how much she will enjoy fucking your asshole.
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Brat Princess 2: Lizzy and Natalya – Rides Lesbians Face while Waiting for Alpha Male to Show Up (1080 HD)

Natalya is getting all worked up thinking about the nice date that her boyfriend is taking her on later. She’s so excited. Her boyfriend isn’t around, but her submissive friend, Lizzy is. Natalya doesn’t want to wait for her boyfriend to arrive. She decides to call Lizzy in and use her face before her boyfriend gets there. Lizzy obediently helps Natalya out and lays on the bed where she is told to. Natalya may or may not be aware that Lizzy wants to be more than friends with her. So, hearing Natalya talk about the nice date that she has planned with her boyfriend is actually heartbreaking for Lizzy.

Natalya confesses to Lizzy that sometimes her Dominant boyfriend doesn’t take his time to get her off first like a nice guy should. This is maybe where Lizzy can have a place in Natalya’s life. Lizzy lays on the bed passively while Natalya takes charge. Natalya thinks and talks about her boyfriend while riding her lesbian friend’s face. Lizzy doesn’t seem to enjoy being sexually used by Natalya like this. Natalya is rough with her and doesn’t seem to be thinking about her at all while riding her face. “God I just can’t wait for his dick!” Natalya screams out as she climaxes while using Lizzy. When she’s finished, Natalya makes Lizzy get underneath the bed. That is the spot Lizzy has to be in when Natalya’s boyfriend comes over to fuck her. Lizzy needs to hear how a man with a nice cock can please a woman better than a lesbian ever could.
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Goddess Jewels has her slave in his cage. She approaches him and asks him if he heard her with her lover. “I got fucked really good” she says and asks him if he knows what that means. He nods yes and knows it’s time for him to be released and ordered to lick up all the cum from her pussy. She opens the cage door and when the scene switches to the bedroom we see her laying on her back and the cum leaking from her pussy and down her ass crack. The slave gets on the bed and starts to lick up the sticky cum. “Show me your tongue” she says. The slave shows her the thick load in his mouth and then is ordered back to continue his work. She tells him to make sure he licks up every drop. She tells him if he does a good job she will stuff her panties in his mouth for the rest of the day.

She reminds him that she doesn’t fuck him because he is to small to please her and is only good enough to clean up behind real men with big hard cocks. “My boyfriend is at least 12” and you’re maybe two” she says while reminding him he is lucky none the less still having a purpose. She tells him to move back so she can inspect her pussy and when he does there is still cum flowing from her. “I have another boyfriend coming over soon and I don’t want him seeing that someone else has fucked me“, she tells him. “If it’s not clean you will be beaten” she warns him. Soon Jewels decides that her slave has had enough pussy, after all he’s not there to please her, only to clean her up. She tells him to lick her ass and calls him a rutting pig. She eventually rolls on her side and has him spread her ass cheeks so you get a beautiful view of her ass and asshole. He resumes licking it. If you love BBW pussy and ass worship you will love this clip.
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Freak Cock Tease

"Freak Cock" was made famous in 2 scenes I filmed with him a few years ago: "Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock" & "Freak Cock Cuckolded & Ruined"

The amount of fan mail I’ve gotten begging to see more of him has been shocking. He does have the meatiest, heaviest cock I’ve ever seen. He’s also quite entertaining (you have to watch the vid to understand).

So, he’s back but for only 2 scenes. This one & another one to be released later. What happens in this scene? Get it & find out!
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Subbyhubby: Tease, Sissy slave P3

Vanessa Cage has been very good to her sissy slave. She let him out after only 60 days in chastity. She also allowed him to jerk off, much more than he deserved. Now, she’s decided to put him back in to chastity, but for how long is the question?? Locked up again, she starts his torment early. Masturbating with her pink dildo, her sissy slut is forced to kneel before her, his face right next to her pussy as she pleases herself. She verbally torments him and waves the dildo right in front of his face, teasing that she may let him suck on the dildo when she’s done, even offering it for a brief sample to titillate his olfactory sense. Will she let him suck on her pussy, dildo, or will he just be sent off without any further indulgences?
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: You Wouldn’t Be Watching This Clip If You Didn’t Want To Eat It

Princess Lacey

How bad do you want to stroke right now? Now tell me how badly do you want to eat your cum for me? Well you might be a bit hesitant but by the end of this clip, you’re going to blow that load right into your mouth because you wouldn’t be watching this clip if you didn’t want to eat it. I know you want to. So start jerking your fucking dick.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Bruised Bollocks

While one of the two Ladies holds his bollocks up in the air and monitoring the impact close to the slaves genitals, the other one is hitting his private parts with her whip in the most brutal way. He soon gets nasty bruises on his balls. This means just more amusement for the ladies…
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Brat Princess 2: Kimber – Lick My Ass while Moms on a Date (1080 HD)

Kimber’s mom is out on a date. While mom is out, Kimber wants her step-dad to worship her ass. Kimber goes on social media to see how her mom’s date is going while her step-father licks her ass. She ignores her step-father unless he does something wrong, then she yells at him. Kimber reports to her step-father that her mom seems to be having a really great time on her date and uses her step-dad’s tongue until she gets bored. Kimber wants to play dress up while mom is away and make her step-father into a sissy girl. Her step-father is only there to play with and please her.
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Clubdom: Tangent’s Plans For Sissy Bitch

Goddess Tangent has more plans for her sissy bitch. On his knees, he is ready to try to please his Goddess. Goddess Tangent is wearing one of her favorite strap ons, her big red as she likes to call it. Mere seconds into this, the sissy slut is choking and gagging on her big red. Goddess Tangent has a handful of his hair, face fucking him without mercy. When she allows him to come up for air, she slaps his face, and spits right into his pathetic mouth. Goddess Tangent has him bend over, after the brutal face fucking. Now it’s time to drive up the rear. Goddess Tangent has him bent over the spanking bench, and slams his ass with her big red. She pounds away, regardless of his screams and yelps. Goddess Tangent is balls deep with her big red. Goddess Tangent
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HOGTIED: July 19, 2018 – Charlotte Sartre

This is Charlotte’s first time on Hogtied and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. She is very timid upon first glance and in her overall behavior, but once she is naked and in bondage that all changes quickly. She is a sex kitten who loves to be dominated and made to serve and suffer.
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FUCKING MACHINES: July 18, 2018 – Alexa Nova

Alexa is sexy as hell and has a very fit body. She is sized up and the machines get placed in the perfect spot to fuck her into oblivion. We put her in a chair to masturbate and boy does she ever. orgasms just pour out of her pussy. Then we stand her up and place the crystal palace between her legs. we fuck her until her legs get weak, then we fuck her more. Alexa is then bent over and fucked in doggy style. Her one leg up gives us the perfect view of her whore holes, and we take full advantage of it. In the final scene we sit her atop a sybian and sit back as she destroys her pussy with massive vibrations. A lot of girls come to us with an insatiable appetite for a proper fucking, and some get that itch scratched and some still want more. Alexa is one that was fucked properly and is leaving another satisfied customer.
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ULTIMATESURRENDER: July 18, 2018 – Dee Williams and Bella Rossi

Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on US! We have 13 of this season’s finest veterans and rookies in a single knockout seeded tournament. Today we have our #3 ranked wrestler, Dee Williams, put against our #8 ranked wrestler, Bella Rossi. Dee is a curvaceous, big-titted, big-assed, blonde MILF.
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