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FAMILIES TIED: August 17, 2018: Lauren Phillips, Seth Gamble and Maya Kendrick/Gold-Digging Step-Mother Served Double Anal Trouble

Lauren Phillips sweeps into her new McMansion with her giant suitcase and her hourglass figure, ready to charm her new step-daughter with a day out on the town. But her petulant teenage charge, Maya Kendrick, has already worked her way through seven step-mothers. She’s also already fought her step-brother Seth over who will have to deal with Mommy number 8, her or him.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: August 17, 2018 – Derrick Pierce and Avi Love/I Love My Double A’s!

When Derrick Pierce sets out to cure himself of his big tits porn addiction, Double-A Avi Love becomes the target for his obsession. While Avi is admiring her tits in the mirror Mr Pierce pays a visit and convinces her to check out a great opportunity on a new technology for breast augmentation. She likes her little titties and doesn’t want to make them bigger but agrees to go and at least listen to the presentation because maybe one day she might want to get a boob job.
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HOGTIED: August 16, 2018: Kleio Valentien/Tattooed Slut Is Tormented In Bondage And Made To Cum

Kleio showed up at Kink a few years back and has become a fan favorite. She has a great body, a pretty face, and she loves to be tied up and tormented. That alone is enough for us to love her too, but the way she submits to The Pope is something to behold.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Sophia: Old School Discipline!

Mistress Sophia knows exactly how to discipline reluctant, unwilling young boys. In this hopeless case she canes his ass hard, grab him by the balls to give them a good caning. Being beaten by a beautiful and very dominant young Lady makes his cock hard in no time… this pervert always gets excited when he is in the hands of a Dominant Lady! Getting a hard on while being punished must be punished even harder, thinks this cruel Mistress. So she gives his sticking out big dick a few brutal strokes with the cane and a hard beating with her hand. The proof of her cruelty are nasty bruises and marks on his cock. His boner got literally beaten black and blue… and to finish him off for the day, she kicked him merciless in the balls!
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: August 15, 2018 – Dee Williams and Cheyenne Jewel

Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on US! Today we have Dee Williams against Cheyenne Jewel. Savannah Fox was unable to continue in the tournament due to injury so The Wrangler will be taking on The Grappler today!
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CROWD BONDAGE: First BDSM encounter

Beautiful porn actress Amirah Adara debuts in this hot BDSM fuck fest filled with torture methods going from hot wax dripping to taser play and gagging. Antonio Ross bangs this beauty hard from behind then in missionary until he drops that juicy load all over Amirah’s shaved pussy.
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The fear of not knowing… not knowing how many strokes you will get of the dreaded cane, not knowing when it’s going to end, not knowing how cruel the two Dommes handling your punishment will feel. This slave had never really taken a serious beating with the cane, but things are about to change as Goddess Dommelia and Mistress Petite relish the fear in a slave’s eyes, it spurs them on to test and push their limits, broaden their horizons!
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Mfvideobrazil: Muay Thay Girls If You Lose Will Suck By The Evil Blonde Girl Cauany Mendes

When You like cat fighting, this one is just for You! Two latina playing box, and who will be lost, that must to lick the winner’s pussy and asshole. Of course we will see from the first moment, that one of the girls is more stronger, she allways kick out the other one. The weakest girl going to lose quick, and the winner one starts to celebrate. She commands the looser to lick and suck her pussy from inside-out, and she has to lick even the winner’s asshole. Our winner girl just so proud of herself, and she enjoying her reward very much!
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THE UPPER FLOOR: August 10, 2018: Aiden Starr, Donny Sins, London River, Amilia Onyx/The Anal Submissive MILF And The Big-Titted 19 Year Old

Stefanos and Aiden are running a test to determine the best raw material for an Upper Floor servant. Is it an experienced pervy anal MILF, who’s a hardcore bottom with years of BDSM experience? Or is it an eager know-nothing teen with huge tits, a can do attitude, and dick sucking skills to spare? London River is the pervy MILF, tied to a vibrator, with clamps all over her body.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: August 10, 2018: Tommy Pistol, Summer Day/The Eviction

When Summer Day tries to buy out Tommy Pistol’s home lease he makes her a counter-offer she cant refuse. Sexy Summer Day submits to hard domination, bondage and anal sex! Tommy takes matters into his own hands and writes up a contract that says Summer will swallow his cock to the best of her ability!
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ouble facial with Ellie Idol & Mandy Flores

There you are, getting to enjoy Ellie and I in a hot make out session, "This is what you want, isn’t it?" Wll, we have a different idea. Something that will really make your dick hard. We reveal our strap on cocks and tell you to get on your knees to suck. We know all about your fag tendencies… We then plaster your face with a well deserved cum shot facial!

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Mfvideobrazil: Deep Feet By Karen Havary And Slave Verinha

Karen Havary is a beautiful latina, with perfect shape, big titts, and she has a soft, sexy barefeets. She loves to torture her slaves by her feets, and now slave Verinha’s number is up. Our hot domina pushing her feets as deep into the slave’s opened mouth as deep as she can, and untill the slave starts to gagging and crying from this humiliation. Karen orders to the slave to lick and suck her soles, heels and toes, and when she dont like what the slave does, she pushing her feets tight to the slave’s troath, or even trampling on her a little bit. If You love humiliation by feets, You must to check this one!
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DEVICE BONDAGE: August 9, 2018 – Helena Locke/Sexy Blonde Cougar is Destroyed in Device Bondage

Helena has proven that she can handle the most diabolical bondage and torment, but can she take what comes next? Her first showing was impressive and we know that The Pope isn’t going to stop there. He is going to take it deep into the next level, and if anyone can handle it, it’s Helena.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: August 8, 2018: Mistress Kara, Izamar Gutierrez/

Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on US! Today we have our #2 ranked wrestler, Izamar Gutierrez, put against our #1 ranked wrestler, Mistress Kara. Izamar, "La Diabla" is a curvaceous, big-tittied, big-assed, brunette MILF latina.
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Brat Princess 2: Amber and Skylar – Brat TV on Trend Slaves (1080 HD)

Thank you for tuning in to Brat Princess TV on cable channel 58! Today, Princess Amber (of The Mean Girls) is going to be reviewing this season’s hottest trends! Right now, the biggest trend? Male slaves! Skylar (also of The Mean Girls) introduces her male slave and goes over what it’s like to have one. Every girl wants a male slave right now, they are such a hot item. Skylar shows off how her male slave wears a collar and leash, and she’s even taught it to do tricks! For girls who want male slaves of their own, Skylar gives us some pointers on how to go about collecting and maintaining slaves. We even get some tips on how to get maximum use out of male slaves, once you acquire some. Girls, if you aren’t too sure about jumping on this season’s male slave trend, you will definitely want to go out and get one or more of your own after watching this installment of Brat TV on channel 58!
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THE MEAN GIRLS: We Fuck Slaves

TMG have a bunch of slaves rounded up together waiting side by side in the same room. They are all naked, kneeling, heads bowed in total submission to the Superior Sex. They are surrounded by an entire group of Mean Girls including Queen Casey, Princess Carmela, Princess Beverley, Princess Aria, Goddess Harley, and Goddess Rodea.

The kneeling slaves are being interrogated by Princess Carmela as another slave crawls into the room carrying an arm full of assorted dildos in different sizes. The Mean Girls point and laugh out loud when they see all the different dildos especially the gigantic dildo that is like three times the size of all the other ones. Princess Carmela immediately grabs the gigantic dildo (of course) from the slave and begins forcing it into the slave’s mouth. The head is so wide it barley fits but Princess Carmela forces it in and face fucks the slave while everyone laughs at the ridiculous sight! Princess Carmela shows the dildo to all the other slaves watching and threatens that if anyone thinks it’s too big to suck she could always fuck them in the ass with it instead!

The sissy slave is commanded to get in position on the bench. Everyone knows this means the sissy will be getting ass-fucked. But it has no choice. Its ass is gonna be violated if that’s what Princess Carmela wants. (Literally all the slaves fear her wrath almost more than any other Mean Girl!)

All the slaves watch as Princess Carmela grabs her strap-on dildo and begins putting it around her waist. Each of the slaves is watching knowing that any of them could be next. Princess Carmela makes the sissy slave suck her strap-on before fucking "her" in the ass. When Princess Carmela finishes fucking the sissy slave’s ass her strap-on is covered in brown stuff! Incredibly Princess Carmela commands the sissy to put it in her mouth and forces her to suck it clean!
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Subbyhubby: Tormenting Tease of Sissy Bitch P2

Vanessa Cage must be in a great mood because she is debating letting her sissy bitch out of chastity. It’s only been 60 days, so Vanessa will definitely torment him. Once she unlocks him, she takes her tits out to begin her slow tease. Rubbing her nipples, speaking seductively, she reminds her sissy bitch who is really in control. She threatens to lock him back up again, but softly teases him about titty fucking her. Knowing how small his cock is, that’s her next target. Vanessa allows him the privilege of worshipping her breasts, only to mock his tiny cock, which she isn’t sure if he can get it hard. With a countdown of 30 seconds, she challenges him to not only get hard, but to cum. After 60 days of being locked up, and the pressure of the clock…will her sissy slut’s cock work??
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: August 6, 2018 – Juan Lucho, Lilyan Red and Mona Wales/Spanish Slut Lilyan Red is Milked, Tormented & Fucked by Mona Wales

It is easy to think that because a woman is small she must be easily manipulated, Lilyan Red challenges that assumption as she resists and resists Mona Wales. Her destruction begins with a walk through the village where Lilyan is shoved against cold stone walls as Mona jams fingers up her cunt and torments her nipples until lactating breast milk oozes out! She is flogged and gasping in the center of the road and Mona places a metal bucket beneath the sweet cow.
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MfVideoBrazil: Lesbian Domination Teacher Of The Ass Lick By Monica Lima And Slave Laurinha

Laurinha arrives to her teacher to take some extra classes, but she is not the cleverest, so her teacher, Monica Lima going to punish the dumm student by her big ass. She commands to Laurinha to lick her hot asshole from deep inside and push the tongues deep into the ass. Laurinha is not the best in study, but she makes a good job while she licking and sucking her teacher’s asshole. Miss Monica tries out many different position, and she enjoy very much the ass licking, what is actually her favorite activity.
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