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Tiny Chaste – A Very Lucky Day

Goddess Lux kneels between my legs and removes the stainless steel chastity cage from my penis. She intends to reward me, which is a very lucky day indeed. A wonderful hand job has me over the edge too soon. A result of being locked away for so long. Following the explosion, the second and third camera angles of the orgasm are shown. A peek into how the clips are recorded.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Haunting Hypnosis – Part 2

As I guide my gentleman further and deeper into hypnosis, he’s throbbing muscle becomes almost too much to bear. My seductive English voice carries his body and muscle into a world of decadent and erotic foreplay. My leather gloved hand, my spit, my voice, my sumptuous lingerie with gorgeous black ten strap suspender belt, and my deep cleavage provides the most stimulating and heightened sensations. Combine all of these feelings while bound inside my atmospheric candlelit dungeon, and it’s an experience he’ll remember for a very long time!

Before you watch the movie, I will take you through an audio hypnosis, in order for you to be fully prepared for part 2 of this movie. I will give you instructions of how to set yourself in the right mood, preparing your surroundings, as well as finding the most comfortable position. All of these things together will provide you with the most fulfilling experience.

I will help you to enhance all of your senses, as I want you to have the most fulfilling orgasm barring seeing me in person!!! Naturally, if this movie is exactly what you’re looking for, and you wish to experience it with me. All you need to do is write to me, and I will provide you with further details of how you may book the session with me.
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Christina QCCP – Correctivity

It takes so little to make a boy drool. From any orifice. He never stood a chance. Should I try and correct his helpless drippy weepy behavior?
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – A Perfectly Timed Countdown

It’s over! a week of amazing sessions. Sorry you missed it, if I ran out of availability for you or we couldn’t work out the timing. I’ll be even more ready for you over most of the summer, though. I’m super excited for more, and to get to know even more styles of fetish. I spend the week reeally getting to know what some of my favorite things are… including scene like this where I ruin boys who aren’t necessarily expecting it. After all, that’s the definition of “ruin”, right? f you want to be ruined, that’s not quite as fun. One of the things I love to see if a look of genuine dismay and surprise on that little sub face of yours. You’ll be seeing lots of session footage coming soon, and you’ll see it here first!
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Femdom Empire – Giselle Palmer – Edging Explosions

The longer a man’s cock is edged the more intense his orgasm becomes. It must be this slave’s lucky day as Mistress Giselle is rewarding her boy with the most explosive orgasm he will ever have.
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Brat Princess 2: Sasha – Milked Against his Will (2 Camera PIP) (with music) (1080 HD)

1080 HD A male has been strapped heavily into a metal stockade. Sasha is going to milk it against its will. The slave, immobilized and gagged, has a limited understanding of what is happening to it. Its balls have been tied off very tightly. They are turning blue. Sasha pokes at the cold skin and laughs as she edges the cock. She teases and toys with the slave for a while before forcing an orgasm out of it. Sasha continues to fuck with the cock post-orgasm, causing the slave to writhe in the straps. (11:40 long)

Notes: This clip was shot with two cameras. The image is displayed picture in picture. One view is a wide angle, the second view is tighter. This clip has been edited with music added.
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Tiny Chaste – Milking Your Balls

Goddess Dani makes me drip into a cup as she milks my balls. The vibrator started the leakage, but her hands drove me wild as she rubbed, tickled and squeezed them. Not allowed to cum, my drips only formed a tiny puddle on the bottom. Apparently I will have to wait longer for my next milking.
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Helix – Purple Frustrated Dick

True frustration. There’s the build up of pleasure, so much sensation it completely overtakes you. You don’t think you can take more but you take it anyway. And then just at that moment where you think you will find release…well, that disappointment in your face puts a smile on mine.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Sensually Hypnotic Erotica!

Sensually mind blowing erotic foreplay, while my slave is bound to my 2 meter diameter wheel. A most intense ride teasing his cock, keeping him continually on the edge.

Submerging my slave’s mind into a semi conscious decadent world of erotic stimulation. My quintessential English voice seduces all his senses, his body begins to float, while his balls swell, and his muscle throbs forcefully. Hypnosis is a powerful therapy for creative mind play, it’s incredible, and I love being able to submerge my slave into a world of erotic debauchery. Never under estimate the power of the mind!
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Subbyhubby: Hadley Trains You Part 3: Humiliated Cock Stroke

Hadley Vascara is going to make her cuckold a humiliated bitch by forcing him to jerk off the neighbor, her big stud. He doesn’t want to do it but he wants to save his relationship with her so his hands are tied. He must do as she says. She touches her pussy while he strokes the big better cock of the neighbor, the cock she’s been fucking. It’s so big, no wonder why she was fucking him! He strokes and strokes it. Hadley says some very bitchy and humiliating things to her little cuck husband while he does this…
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Tease and Thank You – Mistress Mandy – Boutique Babysitter Experience

Sessions are just about booked for the week, I’m really excited for all the shooting and bustle going on in March. As some of you know, I’m a traveller and I can’t session all the time, although increasingly I wish I could. I’ll be around much more this summer. Thank you to the boys who are coming in. We are going to do some great work, and maybe I’ll even see *you* here next time.
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Tiny Chaste – Faux Pussy Fuck Part Two

Constance continues my faux fuck lessons by laying me on the bed and pumping the fleshlight over my strap-on dildo. She ends up ripping my fake cock off and continues to tease and humiliate me with a vibrator. By the end, I was drooling cum, when she decides I must wait for an orgasm.
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Lady Estelle – Face Fuck

The Mistress like her victims completely defenseless , therefore an extreme bondage for the slave is now announced. The Slave must wank over the hole procedure his dick to increase his horniness. Then the mistress sit on his face and starts to jerking the painfully hard cock by herself. What awaits the slave and his horrible painfully big balls next? The slave would love to cum and have an orgasm but unfortunately this only orgasm gets the mistress . She shoves him a dildo gag in his mouth and rides with all enjoyment herself to her climax. For the ultra horny slaves remains at the the end only hard slaps to his painful big ball and the dick. Now he knows what a real sex slave victim is!
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MOMMIE DOESN’T LIKE LITTLE DICKS. She has to squeeze and spank your balls to make them swell and grow. You want her pussy on your cock but that is not going to happen. Your cock only gets slapped and swollen and made to ooze precum. Mommie knows how to make your cock hard, but it is not big enough for her. She MILKS YOUR PATHETIC VIRGIN COCK under her command. Her Humiliation and Powerful Hands make your penis cum. – Mean Step-Mommie Persia Pele
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Femdom Empire – Anna Deville – Restrained & Milked

The slave is restrained in a skin-tight shiny black bodybag. His cock is out of the the hole for Mistress Anna’s amusement. She teases his cock with the vibrator then uses it on herself. She lets his hard cock rest against her pussy while she cums over and over. Anna instructs him to lick her her pussy while she jerks the cum from his cock.
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Kinky Mistresses – The Milking Machine – Used By 2 Ladies

Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Ezada have had their slave locked in chastity for quite some time. But his Mistresses want to have some fun with him. So they hook him up to a milking machine and milk him dry until he is empty and they are contempt.
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Lady Estelle – To Horney

What a Fuck for my Slave that he is so horny after my teasing and my pussy in his mouth gag that he can not control his dick anymore and shod his load. Such a disaster that this happens at the beginning of the Session so he must endure now the rest of the treatment after his lecherousness is gone. This was my plan.
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