Humiliation POV Goddess Dylan: I Can Get You Off With Just One Finger – SPH

Goddess Dylan

I know how tiny that thing is. That must really suck. I know I couldn’t do anything with it, and neither could any other girl, that’s why you’re jerking off to this video right now. Your penis is so fucking small that I’ll bet you sit down to p.! Because basically you have an enlarged clitoris. You don’t look like a man with a penis, you look like a man with a clit. Seriously it looks weird, wrong, pathetic, and sad. I’d be so ashamed if I were you.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Legs Over The Head And Spray Your Face, This Is What You Deserve

The Mistress B

I want you to stroke and pump and edge. I want you to grow weaker, more and more stupid. But most of all, I want you to humiliate yourself for me. Get that inferior dick nice and hard. Pay attention to that sensitive tip, and then stroke while you pump your hips into your hand pussy. You know that’s the only kind of pussy you deserve. It’s the only kind of pussy you get. Tell me how much you love your hand pussy, you’re addicted to masturbating, you’re addicted to humiliating yourself for me.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: Pillow Edging For Pillow Humping Addicts

Goddess Carissa

You’re one of those losers who gets no action from anyone. I love making fun of losers like you. It’s so easy, you have such low self esteem. So I’m going to turn you into even more of a loser and it will involve constantly edging yourself because no girl is ever going near your loser penis.
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Humiliation POV Princess London Lix: Filling Your Balls, Draining Your Brain – Edging And Denial For Gooning Puppets

Princess London Lix

You really have no idea just how easy it is to turn you into my drooling, gooning, puppet do you know? You probably think I have to do some kind of advanced hyp n0 s!s, and weeks of mesmerizing sessions. But it’s much easier than that, all I have to do is get you to edge over and over again. As long as you don’t release, I know you’ll be teetering in that sacred place where your mind is soft and cock is rock hard. It’s that easy to turn you into a babbling, drooling mess.
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany: Stop Lurking, Stop Staring, You’re Soooo Gross!

Miss Tiffany

Ew god, it’s you again. You’re a fucking lurker. I get that I’m the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, especially to some loser like you, but stop fucking lurking! Stop staring at me you fucking loser! You’re fucking disgusting. I know you jerk to me constantly with the stupid fucking look on your face and I’m repulsed by that thought, I’m repulsed by you. Pathetic! You completely fucking disgust me. And you’re still staring, you’re still jerking, still lurking away even though I’m telling you how much you disgust me. I wish you’d just go away.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Three Worship Edges for Three Perfect Girls then Locked Back Up (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya have let their stupid slave out of chastity. He is over the moon with excitement. But there’s of course a catch. Each of the three girls gets a worship edge. Then, the slave will be locked right back into chastity. He absolutely cannot have an orgasm. After so long in chastity, this is a near-impossible task for the desperate horny slave. The girls giggle. It’s so fun to tease their moron together. The slave begs his Keepers for one measly orgasm. They just giggle at his idiocy more. The abundance of asses and tits is very overwhelming to the loser, especially uncaged. The girls know that they are quite a force when they team up together like this, united against one lowly male. They make the slave kiss each of their amazing asses. It doesn’t take very long before the slave has reached a worship edge for all three perfect Princess. They immediately lock their dummy into The Vice male chastity device. He is so frustrated and miserable, but cannot escape the tube now fitted tightly around his worthless little member. Each girl teases the chastity slave more, jingling the lock with her beautiful butt and taunting him with his key. They will hold him in The Vice for at least another month. It will be a long time before he’ll have the opportunity for another edging like this.

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 864 MB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Severe Verbal Humiliation Makes You So Fucking Hard And That’s So Fucked Up (October 13th 2017)

Miss Honey Barefeet

I know sometimes you stupid losers wonder if I feel bad about degrading you. I know I make you do dehumanizing things and verbally mindfuck you until you hate yourself. And the answer is No. I don’t give a fuck about you or your existence. You’re just a fucking jerkoff loser who spends all day wanking. Why would I give a fuck about you? Why would I feel bad about humiliating you when all I’m doing is telling you the truth? You should be fucking thanking me and listening to me instead of jerking off to my words. But you can’t help yourself because you’re that fucking stupid!

Really I’m not sorry at all, I just don’t care. If you’re watching this clip then you’re a stupid, pathetic jerkahholic. So no, I don’t feel bad at all. You’re totally worthless. And you fucking love this! I know you’re jerking so hard right now and honestly I think it’s fucking sad. Really. So I’m just going to keep reminding you how I feel about you, and how fucked up you are because you love it, you need it. You couldn’t even resist buying this clip!

You can’t stop jerking off to this fucked up $.h.!.tt!! You’re not normal, you’re not a man, you’re not even worthy of this kind of attention, no matter how fucked up it is. You see no matter how badly I treat you, you come back for more. And the worse I treat you, the more you like it. Stupid, pathetic, jerkoff sluts like you deserve nothing but humiliation! Being degraded and treated like $.h.!.tt is the best part of your day. It makes you cock rock hard! You really are pathetic.

Honestly you’re not even worthy of this attention, of hearing my contempt for you. So I’m not sorry for treating you like a loser! Fuck you! You’re a fucking moron. If I spit in your face and laughed, you’d thank me and ask for more. That’s not normal! You’re so gross! I really hate idiots like you. And maybe the most fucked up part of all of this is that you Pay for it! I fucking love fucktards like you who beg and pay to be treated like $.h.!.tt.. You’re fucking worthless. The only use I have for you is to clean the soles of my heels with your tongue while I verbally annihilate you.

Is there any limit to how fucking low you will go? I don’t think you can stop yourself from doing fucked up $.h.!.tt that’s way beyond your limits. Admit it loser, you’re not normal. Jerking off to this $.h.!.tt isn’t normal. And you can’t fucking stop. Just look at how fucking hard I’ve made you.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sonia: A Week Of Daily Degrading CEI Assignments (October 5th 2017)

Goddess Sonia

You live to amuse me and you’ll do all kinds of disgusting, degrading, dehumanizing and vile things, just to get a speck of my attention. So I have a special week long assignment for fist fuckers like you. Chronic masturbators like you have to do something with all of that cum. I’m sure you’ve got all kinds of crusty socks, sheets and tissues just covered with your disgusting jizz. But this week you’re going to be eating every last drop. I’m going to let you jerk and cum every day this week, the only catch is that each day, you’re going to have to eat it in a different way for me.

Day one, you’re going to cum into a glass and drink it all down. Ewww gross! Day two, you’re going to put on a condom and fuck your fist until you cum. Then you’re going to roll it off and empty it down your throat. Make sure you lick it all out. Day three, you’re going to get down on your knees and you’re going to cum on the bathroom floor and then you’re going to lick up every last bit of that nasty spooge. Day four, you’re going to put your legs over your head and wank directly in your own face. I want you to aim and get every spurt directly into your mouth. Day five, you’re going to cum on a dildo and then you’re going to lick and suck it off! Day six, you’re going to cum into an ice tray and make as many cubes as you can. Then you’re going to dump those ice cubes into your coffee and make a nice cum ice coffee for yourself to sip, lol! Day seven is going to be Really special, but I’m not going to spoil it for you here, you’re just going to have to watch and see… I promise you it’s going to be the most degrading way you’ve ever eaten your cum, LOL! You cum eaters are going to love this week of cei assignments!
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Small Penis Humiliation In Latex

Custom vid, no name mentioned. Do you have a small penis? How about an under-performing, worthless small penis? Erectile dysfunction? Do you compare yourself to big black cocks & know that you’ll never measure up? Perfect, this is the vid for you! Bonus if you also like me in latex & love my ass.
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Humiliation POV Princess Candy Glitter: Jerk Off To How Pathetic You Really Are, As I Verbally Tear You Apart

Princess Candy Glitter

You just love touching yourself. You love playing with that pathetic cock of yours. It’s the only thing that truly brings you pleasure. You can’t stop, you can’t stop pumping yourself while being degraded by hot girls. It’s an endless cycle. And this is it for you. You offer nothing to this world, you’re just a dead end jerkoff. Nothing more than a jerkaholic, touching yourself over and over. It’s the only thing that you’re good at.

Your life is going no where. You spend all of your time jerking off to women who fucking hate you. Loser. You are the definition of a loser. Always lusting after women who would never touch you. Your life is so pathetic. But I love laughing at it, at you. You’re obsessed with hot, bratty girls, you beat your cock to them day after day. You are pathetic, trapped in an endless cycle of jerking and being humiliated and cumming and then repeating this process every day of your life.

You have no value. You’re a little jerk puppet. Your brain just turns to mush every time you jerk, you get so stupid. I know you’ve had the thought that one day you’ll stop obsessively jerking your dick and actually do something with your life but I am here to remind you that will never happen. This is your fucking life loser. Pumping your cock and being degraded by hot girls who hate you. This is what your life has amounted to.

For most men their jerkoff habits don’t define them, but that’s not true for you. Because you are a fucking jerkoff loser, a pathetic jerkaholic whose life has no other meaning. I know you’re pumping so fast right now because it turns you on to hear how pathetic you are. It turns you on to jerk off to the truth. This isn’t a fucking fantasy, you really are a loser. Jerkoff, your life is going nowhere. Jerkoff while you think about the fact that your life is worthless. You are a dead end jerkoff loser. Pump that worthless dick. Things will never change for you. This is who you are. Accept the fact that this is a cycle that will never end.

You will always come back for more. This is it for you. Your life has no other meaning. If you had anything better to do, do you think you’d really be here watching this? Do you really think you’d be so hard right now if what I am saying weren’t true? You are fucking worthless! You’re a pathetic jerkaholic. Really.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Paige: Addicted To Jerking To Pixels, This Is Your Sad Lonely, Little World

Goddess Paige

I want you to take a good hard look in the mirror. How do you look at yourself knowing how truly pathetic you really are? You spend your entire life jerking off. You spend it in front of your computer, alone. Nothing but pixels in front of you when you frantically stroke. Desperately chasing that orgasm. How fucking sad. What a pathetic existence. I’ll bet you hate yourself when you really think about your life and what you’ve amounted to.

How many times a day do you jerk off? How many times have you jerked off in your entire lifetime? How many hours have you wasted? You could have spent that time chasing after a real woman, but you’re too addicted to stroking. You’re nothing but a loser and you know that every woman who looks at you sees it. So you don’t even try any more. Jerking is so much easier. You know you don’t deserve to touch a woman. All you deserve is to be humiliated while you jerk your life away.
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Miss Kelle Martina – Cursed

So, youve come to me with a little problem. You seem to be a chronic masturbator, is that it? Youve tried everything? I think I have just the thing for you. A Spell. You dont believe in magic? Well, if you dont get any results, you can simply go and Ill give you your money back. My magic works best when you mentally go blank and let your gut take over.

My spell worsens your masturbation addiction and makes you into a compulsive masturbator who belongs only to me with one little catch
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Humiliation POV Princess Macey Jade: Emasculating Limp Dick Losers (August 1st 2017)

Princess Macey Jade

I’m going to let you stroke today, I’m going to instruct you on how to jerk off, and then I’m going to let you cum for me. I’m going to tease you with my sexy body as you stroke for me. I’m going to let you stroke as you worship my perfect body. This is a dream for you isn’t it loser? So go on an pull out that hard throbbing cock.

What’s wrong? Why is it soft and limp? Well start jerking it to my ass and I’m sure it will be hard in no time. My ass can make any man’s cock hard. Go on, jerk it and make it hard. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why is it so soft? Take your hands off. I don’t have time for soft cocks. Now I’m going to tease you and you’re not allowed to touch it until you’re fully hard like a real man.

With legs like this and perfect ass like mine, there’s no scientific reason why you shouldn’t be hard right now. Unless of course you’re just a limp dick loser! LOL! Is that the case? Are you a limp dick loser? Unable to get it up in front of a hot girl? LOL! That is just so fucking pathetic! Seriously put it away. I don’t want to deal with your limp dick. Limp dick losers do not get to stroke for me. Limp dick losers do not get to cum for me. Fucking gross! Ewww! No, never.

You’re going to put that limp, pathetic, worthless penis away. And you’re just going to look at what you can’t have, at what you can’t get hard for. I was going to let you cum for my hot ass, but well it’s a shame that you’re a fucking limp dick loser. You’re pathetic, you can’t even get it up for a hot girl who’s teasing you and wants to make you cum. I’ll bet as soon as you turn this off you’ll get hard. You just can’t do it in front of a hot girl. You’re so ashamed that you can’t even get hard in my presence. You’re so emasculated while in the presence of a hot female that you can never get it up, can you? It’s hilarious.

It’s probably for the best that a loser like you can’t get it up for hot girl because you’re weak and pathetic and you can’t even get it up for some jerk off instructions. I’ll bet you can’t even get hard to fuck a girl. How pathetic! Take one last look at what a limp dick loser like you is missing out on.
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Humiliation POV Princess London Lix: Edge Your Brain Out, You Mindless Jerking Zombie

You wanna jerk it for me? You wanna reach your greedy hand down to that pathetic piece of flesh and fucking tug and pump and stroke until it cums. Not the most intellectual of activities is it now? But you’re not really an intellectual guy anymore. Do you realize what all of this jerking has done? You’ve jerked your fucking brain out! With each and every pump of that cock, all you’re doing is jerking your brain out for me, making yourself dumber and dumber, making yourself mentally more pliable, more susceptible to my charms. You’re becoming more of a mush brain for me, each time you allow me to drip my poison in your ear, each and every time you allow me to recondition your mind with all of this mindless stroking.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte – Today is Just an Edging Session (1080 HD)

1080 HD Charlotte lets her dummy out of chastity every so often. She wants her dummy to hurry up and jerk it fast, so she can get on with her day. Charlotte’s dummy wants to cum, but he isn’t allowed to. Today is just a quick edging. She tells the dummy to kiss her ass and shoes. Charlotte’s dummy is very pathetic. He jerks it only when and how Charlotte tells him to. She wants him to jerk fast, so that he can get to the edge quick. She doesn’t want to spend her whole day with a loser. Charlotte needs to supervise it while it’s out of chastity to make sure that it doesn’t cum. Every time it gets too close to going over the edge, Charlotte yells at it to stop jerking. The dummy begs its Princess to be allowed to cum. Charlotte loves to hear the groveling, but would never give a loser something just because it begged. Once the dummy gets to the edge, Charlotte makes it maintain the edge while kissing her perfect ass. If the loser cums, it will be punished. It struggles to maintain its edge without going over. It gets increasingly pathetic, desperate for an orgasm. Charlotte gets tired of hearing the whining. She puts him right back in chastity and goes on with her day.
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cfnmtv: Field Trip II (Part 1-9)

PART 1: Everyone is worried about the disparity between production and consumerism in this country. In an attempt to bridge an understanding for the future generation, St Dunstan’s is sending its students out to a local farm so that they learn about the importance of local produce. Of course, the students don’t care and are more concerned about socializing and flirting with each other on the coach.

PART 2: The jock boys are in agony having been disrobed at the back of the school bus with all their classmates sitting only a few feet in front of them. The ingenious girls examine the athletic lads’ genitals while the boys helplessly tug and twist against the rope that’s binding them together.

PART 3: Estelle, Mindy and Belinda are always on the lookout for trouble. They can’t pass up the chance to go and tease Giles and Andy who are set to work in the field. And when they see the two lovebirds strolling off hand in hand their interest is piqued straight away. They aren’t the only ones – sly Donald hides in the bushes to spy on the young couple too.

PART 4: Carla and John have longed to be able to get more intimate and Carla wastes no time in encouraging John to strip off so she can check out his naked body. She excitedly toys with his penis – seeing it for the very first time. Estelle, Mindy and Belinda watch on with delight. But prudish do-gooder Donald is horrified and soon cannot contain himself any longer.

PART 5: Donald has already spoiled Estelle, Mindy and Belinda’s fun when they were happily toying with Andy and Giles’ penises in the back of the coach. Now he’s interrupted Carla and John’s liaison – threatening to go and report them. Well enough is enough. The girls gang up on him and drag the struggling lad off to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget…

PART 6: Giles and Andy have been working hard in the field wearing nothing but their underpants. The sweat pours off their bodies in the heat of the sun as they toil away. When Mrs. Skettles returns to check on them she decides they need to cool off a bit. But the lads are totally unprepared for how these things are done down on the farm.

PART 7: It’s important the students learn as much as they can about farming techniques so they’ll be able to answer the questions on their worksheets. They make their way into the barn expecting another boring lecture on some piece of farm equipment or other. But their eyes widen in surprise when they see the hunky farmhand trussed up next to Ms Murphy.

PART 8: Andy and Giles thought they had it hard when they were made to work in the field in their underpants. But that will seem like a picnic compared to what they are about to be put through. Both lads are about to be degraded in the worst way imaginable – all in the name of education.

PART 9: Donald is having the worst day of his life. His nosiness and inclination to snitch on the other pupils has got him into trouble with Estelle, Mindy and Belinda. Stripping him naked, humiliating him and making him plough the field wasn’t enough for them. They now want to use their new found toy on him to milk him dry.
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Humiliation POV Princess Brittanya: No Woman Wants To Fuck A Man Who Eats His Own Cum (June 15th 2017)

Princess Brittanya

Hey there you pathetic loser. I know that just listening to my sweet voice and staring at my sexy body turns you on instantly. It’s so easy to fuck with losers like you, and to prove it to you, I’m going to make you eat your own cum while you stare at my ass because I know how much you love them both. You love my tight hot ass and I know that you love tasting your own cum.

I know your cock is already hard just thinking about it. It gets hard so fast and it cums even faster. It’s so pathetic. Stroke your cock for me you stupid loser. You need to do two things, first you need to obey all of my jerk off instructions, and the second is that you need to swallow your whole load. And well it might not be that big of a load judging by your tiny cock.

Look at my perfect ass and stroke that cock for me. Get lost in a jerk trance as you stare at my ass. Rub that pathetic little cock loser. Jerking off is your whole sex life, do you know why? Because no woman wants to fuck a man who eats his own cum. Your destiny in life is to jerk it and eat it. That’s all you’ll ever amount to. You’re a waste of space, you’re pathetic and stupid and uninteresting and boring. That’s why you’re here jerking your cock getting ready to swallow your load.

Now I want you to get into the legs over the head cum eating position, I’ll even demonstrate it for you. Now jerk it in your face, look at your penis that’s about to cum in your own face. I want to make sure that all the cums gets in your mouth. Don’t stop loser. I know you’re going to cum so soon, the thought of eating your own cum has you so horny.

Stare at my ass, jerk your cock and get ready to cum in your mouth as I count you down to orgasm. Cum in your mouth loser! Now lick it off your lips and swallow it all down. Didn’t you enjoy that loser? I’ll bet you feel so stupid now.
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Meggerz – Pay To Obey Humiliation: Hands Off My Cock

Why should I let you cum hmm? Tell me. Plead your case. Your cock being hard and you horny means nothing to me. I’m not an object nor a piece of meat. You paid for me to laugh at you and your life, to humiliate and dictate you masturbation addiction.
So palms up, on the desk. All hands off the cock. I want this to hurt, I want your need to stroke your dick control you. You are going to have to plead your case. From this moment on you are not allowed to pump it, thrust, jerk it, hump anything without my permission.

I expect a detailed email explaining why I should allow you to pleasure your own cock and I will ultimately decide if or when you will ever be allowed to cum again.
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Humiliation POV Queen Sahara: Paying Your Little Dick Loser Taxes Makes Your Tiny Penis Twitch

Queen Sahara

You owe little dick taxes. What, you say it’s not your fault you have a little penis? Well it’s not my fault either. And it’s illegal not to pay your taxes. So pay the fuck up! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. When I say little dick loser taxes, you better be clicking the button to send me my cash. You can’t skip out on these taxes, and they are recurring taxes. It’s not my fault that you have a little tiny dick. You can’t please anyone with it, so you have to pay.

You’re a waste of space. You can’t please a woman in any other way except to pay. And that’s what you’re gonna do. I don’t feel bad for you at all. You were just born a tiny dicked freak and you still have to pay your little dick taxes. And I know they add up because I’m making a fortune off of your little dick loser taxes.

And don’t be late with my money because if you do I can create more problems for you than just a tiny dick. You shouldn’t even have it out, it should always be locked away. I mean what purpose does it have? It has no purpose except to keep you horny and stupid. And the dumber you are, the more willing you are to pay your taxes.

You’re a fucking joke. Girls like me will always laugh at you and your little dick. It’s pathetic. How does it make you feel knowing any girl who ever sees your penis will laugh hysterically? Does that make you sad? Awww you poor thing. You’ll never please a woman like me, all you can do is pay for your shortcomings. You owe me. You owe me for having to even acknowledge you and you owe for being a total waste as a male. You’re a disgrace to all men.

You might have money, you might even be cute and have a good personality. But once a woman sees what’s between your legs, none of that matters. You are useless. So you can try and hide it but you the real you will eventually be revealed. You can’t keep that little secret. But you’re not alone, there are lots of tiny penises out there. But what you all have in common is that you have to pay your little dick taxes.

And the truth is that not only do you know you need to pay these taxes, but you like paying them. It makes that little cock so hard. Little dick losers who can’t please women have to pay them. It’s just a fact. So pay the fuck up loser! I know you’re jerking off right now just thinking about it.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaelin: You’re So Pathetic You Watch Videos To Make You Eat Your Own Cum

Princess Kaelin

If you wanna stroke that cock for me, you’re gonna have to eat your cum. I know that deep down in that brain of yours, you long to slurp up all that spunk for me. So today you’re going to stop being a fucking bitch, and you’re going to do it. You would do anything for me, wouldn’t you? So start stroking that cock and show me how desperate you are to cum for me. I know you want to lick up every last drop of that cum for me. I don’t have to seduce it out of you, even though I could easily.

Jerk it loser, faster, faster, now stop. LOL! Do you want to jerk it again? Then say, ‘I’ll eat my cum for your Princess’. Good boy, you may stroke again. I own that cock so I decide when, how and if you cum. I know you’re so excited to slurp up all of that spunk for me. I know it’s been in the back of your mind. You want to eat it. Jerk it and show me how desperate you are to blow a big, fat load for your Princess. You must be desperate, otherwise why would you even be watching this video? You’re watching humiliation porn trying to get enough courage to eat your own cum! LOL! You’re watching internet videos just to have me convince you to eat your own cum. Think about how pathetic that is!

And I know you want to do it for me because, well, I’m perfect. I’m sexy and cute and I’ve got your wrapped around my little finger. My perfection makes me so powerful. So clear your mind of all those doubts and just obey me. You’re not going to think about how gross it is, you’re just going to fucking do it! Get out of your own fucking head and let me in there. So just stroke and think about how exciting it’s going to be when you do it. And your life is so boring, I mean you are here being coaxed into eating your own cum. You need some excitement, you need to feel that rush. You need this, you need to eat your own cum. You so desperately want to, that’s why you’re still here watching, LOL!

Stroke it fast, edge your cock, show me how desperate you are to cum for me. Ride that edge. Now I want you to clear your mind and mentally prepare for this. It’s easy. I want you to say, ‘I’m ready to eat my cum for you’. Good, I know you are ready to swallow that load. It’s going to feel so good to do exactly what I tell you. Are you ready? One hand on your cock and one hand ready to catch it all. Now blow a big load right into your hand and as soon as you’re done, don’t think, just slurp it. Slurp it all up! Good boy. That wasn’t that bad, now was it? Now you’ve actually accomplished something today. I know you’ll be back again, hungry for more.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: You’re A Perverted Masturbation Addict For Hot Young Girls

Kelle Martina

Hey there perv. I thought I’d come visit you in your office. You work so hard, don’t you? I’ve seen you perving on the young girls that walk in here. They’re looking for interviews or even worse, they’re visiting their daddies, lol! And I can see that you just can’t keep your eyes off of my body and my cute, little pigtails. One look a my perky, young cleavage and I’ve got your drooling. I just giggle and laugh and play with my hair and I could get you do anything, buy me anything. You’re such a perv for young girls.

But I actually know what a perv you are. And I know the power that gives me. These other girls have no idea what they could make you do, if only they knew the right buttons to push. I bet you really wanna jerk for me. Admit it. I know you’re staring up my short little skirt. You perv! You can’t take your eyes off of my curves as I gently tease you. Such a little perv. And if you want to jerk for me, you have to admit what a nasty pervert you are. Admit how you jerk on your knees to young girls like a pathetic masturbation addict. Don’t pretend like you don’t jerk off at your desk after a cute, young thing comes walking by. I know you do.

If you really want to stroke for me, then get on your knees and jerk, jerk, jerk. Stroke your pervert cock and I want you to stare at my little panties and repeat after me, ‘I know it’s wrong to lust after young girls’. Say it. Now say, ‘But I do it anyway, because I’m a nasty pervert.’ Say it and jerk.

You’re going to cum on your carpet and hope the next person that comes into your office doesn’t notice the stains. Someone needs to teach you a lesson for perving on hot young girls, and who better than a brat like me. LOL! You’re such a nasty little pervert. Keep stroking. You’re a sick pervert, I’ll bet you’d do anything to own these little panties, to sniff them while you stroke. You’re fucking pathetic. Admit what a nasty pervert you are out loud while you jerk. I’m not going to let you cum until I see that you mean what you say. I want you to be very repentant for me. You know what you’re doing is wrong but you do it anyway. So disgusting. You look so sad, but you know men are only sorry when they get caught. You’re so fucked. I hope you get caught, perv!
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Humiliation POV Princess Barbie:The Only Thing You Use Your Computer For Is To Jerkoff, What A Waste

HumiliationPOV welcomes Princess Barbie!

I know why you bought this computer. It’s your jerk machine. And you are absolutely addicted to it. You’re addicted to staring and stroking in front of your computer. You get so lost there. It’s the only reason you have a computer. And soon you’ll be addicted to me as well. All I have to do is tease you a bit on your jerk machine and you’ll be putty in my hands, a mindless jerkoff staring blankly at your screen.

I’ll give you a chance to prove you’re not addicted to me or your computer. Turn me off. Right now. Do it. Just click the button and it will all go away. LOL, I’m still here. I knew you wouldn’t do it. You’re addicted. You need me and you need your computer to see me and to jerk. You’d be so lost without it. Your computer is almost like a pussy, you need it to fuck.

You’re such a pathetic pervert, you know that? You’re a fucking loser who wastes his life in front of his computer screen. You wasted your money on your computer because instead of being productive with it, you just waste your life on it. But you don’t care, as long as I tease you and allow you to jerk to your screen. Keep stroking, I don’t want you to stop, I just want to further your addiction.

Just let your eyes go blank, let your mouth hang open as you stare at your screen and stroke. Become a mindless computer jerking zombie. It’s the only thing you know how to do with your computer. What a waste. You could be using your computer in so many useful ways, but instead, here you are, just another jerk slave for me to manipulate. You’re really pathetic.

Hump your hand in front of your computer idiot. It’s all you know how to do. Jerk and stare as I count you down to Another orgasm in front of your jerk machine. You’re my little jerk slave, you can’t stop. Fucking loser.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Jerking Off To Me On Your Screen Is Your Entire Social And Sex Life

Princess Kendi Olsen

Oh you’re back again to jerk off, what a surprise. You didn’t have social plans tonight? Oh yea, you don’t have friends, I forgot about how awkward and socially inept you are. Your entire social life, your entire existence revolves around jerking off. Isn’t that what you do all day and all night? Admit it, you’re a chronic masturbator. Jerking is your favorite and only hobby. You love finding some young hot brat to jerk it to every day. Are you staring at my hot body? Are you jerking it already? Of course you are, you little pervert, you’ve been jerking since before you pressed play. You’ve probably been jerking it raw all day. Maybe this isn’t even your first time watching this video today! You just love to jerk it for me. You’re a little Kendall addict, aren’t you?

Are you stroking it hard for me? Staring at my perfect figure? Jerking it to me is your entire life. I’ll bet you’re one of those obsessed freaks with lots of my videos, watching and jerking over and over again. I’ll bet you’re in the middle of a marathon stroke-fest, loser. It’s not like you have anything better to do, you don’t have any friends. Your whole entire life is stroking it to my gorgeous body. And it feels good to stroke it to me. It feels good not to have a social life, you’re able to spend more time with me, jerking and jerking and jerking. Who needs a social life when you have me, right? You can spend your entire day with me, just stroking and stroking.

I make these videos in ten minutes a day and then go on with my life, but for you, this is your entire life and it only takes me a few minutes to keep you hooked all day long. You cum to me over and over again all day while I’m out having a real sex life because my whole entire existence doesn’t revolve around clips like a fucking loser, you little stroke addict. This is the closest to a real sex life you’ll ever have. My pussy on your computer screen is the closest you’ll ever get to a real pussy. You’ll never have me, you’re always going to be a stupid, pathetic loser, hunched over his computer screen, beating it.

Look at you fucking your fist! LOL! Do you feel stupid? You should! I sit here and humiliate you for being a masturbation addict and you keep going. You love the humiliation. It feels good to stroke it, it feels good to be a lifeless loser, it feels good to be a stroke addict. I know you’re going to make Another worship puddle for me. You can’t help yourself. This is your life, jerking off to me on your screen like a fucking freak is your entire sex life.
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Humiliation POV London Lix: Mean Verbal Abuse That Will Scar You For Life, And It’s All True

London Lix

You’re a complete fuck up, a waste of life. I’m going to drum that into your head for today’s little wank session. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing to do, aren’t you? You’re going to wank off to my verbal abuse. How fucked up is that? But it’s true, and I need to be really fucking verbally abusive if I’m going to get your dick throbbing. You just crave my verbal fucking beatdowns. You’re just aching for me to flip you off and tell you to fuck off! Are you feeling degraded yet? This is nothing. Sure you’re going to endure some verbal abuse today, but it’s going to be verbal abuse that’s going to scar you for life!

I’ll bet just hearing that made your loser cock throb. You’re really messed up in the head. Sure I’m going to tease you with my hot little body, but you need verbal abuse that wrecks your fucking mind, don’t you? I’m going to bully you into submission, I’m going to get right up in your face and tell you that I hate you! LOL! You’re a complete fucked up jerkoff reject, and I know your cock is getting harder the meaner I get. The more I drum into your skull that you’re a pathetic loser, the more your cock just throbs for me. It’s so sad, so pathetic. Guys like you make me sick, and not just me, but every other woman out there. I mean it’s why you’re at home jerking off alone right now, paying for a woman to give you attention, paying for me to spit fucking insults at you loser! You’re here because every other woman you meet finds you disgusting and repulsive. It’s true, I mean if that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be here, you’d be out like a normal person, but instead you’re locked away in your little jerk cave.

Everyone hates you, just let that sink in as you jerk off. You can’t even stop, can you? You can’t stop tugging your cock for one second. You want my words to hurt, you need it to hurt, because you have nothing else in your life but to sit and home and jerk to my verbal abuse. You’re going to fall asleep tonight with my insults embedded in your brain you piece of $.h.!.t.., you fucktard, you chronic masturbator. My words just spinning around that empty broken brain of yours.

And it’s all true, that’s what really gets to you. You’re a jerkaholic loser who can’t get a real woman, who spends his nights alone paying bratty girls to humiliate him. It’s really fucking sad loser. And it’s all so true. This is what your life is. What would your family or friends think if they knew how many hours you spend edging away to this $.h.!.t..? Oh wait, you don’t have any friends because you’ve isolated yourself by masturbating years of your life away. You’re sick, it’s like an illness, wanking away all the time. You spend all of your time and all of your money touching your dick to bratty girls. This is what your life is and that is why you’re pathetic. You have no life beyond this, do you? This is going to scar you forever. I’m going to fuck you up, my words will linger in your ears for the rest of your life. I’m deep inside your head loser and you’ll never be able to get me out. What the fuck is wrong with you that brought you to this point?

I want you to milk a load out to this, do you know why? Because it will cement this deeper in that brain of yours making sure this fucks you up for life loser!
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Brat Princess 2: Noe – Stroke your Dick while I Bust your Balls (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Noe tells a slave to start stroking its dick. She wants to bust its balls. While the slave touches itself, Noe starts kicking it and laughing. This is a surefire way to cure a pig of its masturbation addiction. All males hate being kicked in the balls, and this pathetic excuse for one is no exception. “Did that hurt?” Noe taunts after a solid kick. The pig is in pain, but it has to keep stroking because its Goddess has commanded it to. To add insult to injury Noe looks at its erection and asks, “Is your dick going to get any bigger, or is it going to stay small like that?” The pig just keep stroking its tiny dick, knowing another hard kick is sure to come. Noe makes the pig look at her perfect ass while stroking. This is pure torment for the jerker. He is so eager to cum. Every time the slave gets itself to the edge, Noe give it a swift kick in the balls to keep it from going over. Noe doesn’t want the pig to feel good, she only wants it to feel frustration and pain. Finally, Noe lets the jerker have its cum, but she kicks it in the balls hard as it climaxes. The selfish pig’s orgasm is totally ruined by Noe’s black leather boots.
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Humiliation POV The Mistress B: Your Cum Is Your Ego, Now Gobble It Up

The Mistress B

We both know that this clip isn’t about me teasing you, and edging you on how to slowly pull up and down on that cock. This clip isn’t about making you crazy by instructing you to circle around that tip and edge and zone out. No. This clip isn’t about your orgasm, but it’s still necessary. This clip is about making you love tasting your own cum.

Stroke for me. Stroke with purpose. Stroke and know that I’m not only going to have you gobbling up your own cum, but you’re going to be doing it gladly. You’re gonna want to do it. You are going to become my cum eating loser. I tell you to slurp it up and that’s what you’ll do. And you’ll do it eagerly with a smile on your face. Do you know why I want you to love tasting your own cum? Because I want you to prove to me just how pathetic you really are.

Convincing you will be quite easy. You’re so stupid and easy to manipulate. It won’t take much. I figured out your secret, it’s your cock. Your cock is your conduit to your brain. And when your dick is horny and you’re turned on, your mind is so blissfully turned off. Just focus on my words and pump that cock and think about how I’m going to make you eat your own cum. Think about how that makes you so vulnerable. Think about how that makes you a cum eating puppet.

Go on loser, cum for me, explode right into your hand. Collect all of your ego right in the palm of your hand. Look at it, look at how disgusting you’re going to be for me. Now gobble it up, all in one mouthful. Doesn’t that taste good? That’s the taste of humiliation. Now make sure you lick it all off of your fingers.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Amadahy – Slave Edged and Locked back in Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This slave was dumped off at the Edging Salon for just a quick routine edging. It’s been in chastity awhile. The slave is super eager to edge itself to Amadahy and Alexa in their hot bikinis. Before they release the desperate little jerker, Amadahy and Alexa examine the device it’s been locked into. Its balls are so blue and swollen! It hasn’t had a routine edging in a while. Amadahy removes the chastity. The Princesses play an edging game with the pathetic jerker. He’s so eager to cum for a Princess, but it won’t be for these Princesses, and it won’t be today. Today is just an edging day, and then its straight back into chastity. The slave is allowed to edge itself only as per the Princesses instructions, and only for its allotted time. Amadahy thinks that the slave can go a ring smaller with the chastity device, so they do. Once the chastity is back in place, the Princesses tease him some more, just to be cruel. The slave leaves the edging salon even more sexually frustrated and desperate than it was before.
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