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Brat Princess 2: Sadie – Cuckolds her Husband

Cuckoldress Sadie keeps her pathetic husband chained to the foot of their marital bed. She parades her boyfriend in and immediately starts sucking his Superior cock while her loser husband is forced to watch. A simpering Marcello asks his wife, “Why are you doing this to me, sweetie?” Sadie replies that she likes having his money to spend AND her boyfriend’s fantastic cock. Sadie’s boyfriend adds, to Marcello, that his wife’s mouth feels incredible. Sadie smiles and goes back to sucking him. Sadie gets fucked hard by her Lover while looking deep into her submissive husband’s eyes. She has her husband lick her feet while her Lover worships her pussy. She cums, and then, they make Marcello hold Sadie’s legs back so her boyfriend can fuck her pussy deep. Sadie deep throat’s her boyfriend’s cock while her husband licks her asshole. Her Lover grabs her hair from behind while Sadie moans right in her husband’s face. She tells her husband that he is not getting out of chastity any time soon. Sadie has her second orgasm on her boyfriend’s cock, then, masturbates herself to a third. Her Lover watches her climax, then he climaxes on the lips of her pussy. Sadie makes her husband clean up the mess with his tongue, then makes her husband lick her to a fourth orgasm. Sadie and her Lover leave right after to go chill in the living room, abandoning her husband who is still bound to the bed

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