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Mistress Kennya – New plans to humiliate My hubby

You know I have a weakness for humiliating My hubby and tonight I met with My lover to plan another perfect way to do that while I get My pleasure from a real man. We are so mean together!
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Tiny Chaste – Cuckold Husband

Nadia has you right where she wants you. In a stainless steel chastity cage. Locked away with no chance for release. It makes her horny to think about the fact you can’t cum without her. Of course, she can cum all she wants. She finds real men who can take care of her in ways you can’t. So listen up hubby, this is your future.
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Mistress Kennya – Stroke that worm for Me

Of course you are a useless wanker with a half sized dick ,it’s hardly a dick at all, it’s a small worm not deserving of My attention but you will stroke it for Me and you will cum, feeling happy to be humiliated by Me!
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Humiliation POV: Chastity Mindwash

This is an intense audio/visual experience for those of you who want to be hyp n0 t!zed into going into chastity. There are multiple, layered voice tracks with overlaid pictures and videos of the Brats of HumiliationPOV with chastity devices and lots of key dangling to fuck with your weak brain. There is no coming back from this.
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AMARA NOIR: Broken Shoes, Broken Marriage PART1

I hope you’re happy hubby. Thanks to your cheap ass refusing to buy me new shoes, these mile-high wedges broke apart while I was out. I was completely embarrassed and helpless. I couldn’t hobble around with a 6 inch difference on each leg. Speaking of 6 inch difference, LUCKILY this hot man was there for my rescue. He carried me on his back and I got some chanclas from the dollar store. Happy? You will be. You’re going to worship both of our feet to start. Lick my busted up wedge. Lick the sandal and rub my new stud’s feet. You can lick them both while we fool around. You impotent bitch.
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Tiny Chaste – Torturing A Chastity Pig’s Cock

Goddess Star knows an erection in chastity hurts and she intends to make me pay for being a tiny dick loser. She sits on my face in her dirty jeans and removes her top so you can enjoy a view I can’t see. In the past, my key holders have used the toothbrush and vibrator as a means of pleasure and pain. Goddess Star wants me to experience no pleasure and coerced the rotating brush into my skin leaving marks. She loved the moans and laughed at my predicament. You’ll enjoy this one much more than I did.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Dylan: I Can Get You Off With Just One Finger – SPH

Goddess Dylan

I know how tiny that thing is. That must really suck. I know I couldn’t do anything with it, and neither could any other girl, that’s why you’re jerking off to this video right now. Your penis is so fucking small that I’ll bet you sit down to p.! Because basically you have an enlarged clitoris. You don’t look like a man with a penis, you look like a man with a clit. Seriously it looks weird, wrong, pathetic, and sad. I’d be so ashamed if I were you.
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Humiliation POV Kelle Martina: Cheerleader Cuckolds And Emotionally Destroys Pencil Dicked Nerd School Loser

Kelle Martina is the hottest cheerleader at school who makes you fall in love with her with the sole purpose of fucking the entire football team in front of you to emotionally destroy you.
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Tiny Chaste – Tiny Penis Humiliation Part Two

This is part two of the entire clip “Tiny Penis Humiliation” which is also available in this studio. Jasmin and her friend Angel are vicious Brat Girls who love to make fun of small penises. At the end of clip one they removed my chastity to see just how small I really am. In this clip they tease and mock my wee wee, even taking pictures with it to share with their friends and with their followers on Twitter.
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MOMMIE DOESN’T LIKE LITTLE DICKS. She has to squeeze and spank your balls to make them swell and grow. You want her pussy on your cock but that is not going to happen. Your cock only gets slapped and swollen and made to ooze precum. Mommie knows how to make your cock hard, but it is not big enough for her. She MILKS YOUR PATHETIC VIRGIN COCK under her command. Her Humiliation and Powerful Hands make your penis cum. – Mean Step-Mommie Persia Pele
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – Worthless Fat Slob

Goddess Brianna belittles a worthless, fat slob. This guy has wasted years of his life, ignored his own health and twisted his mind from watching endless hours of porn. His addiction has let him to a lonely end in which the rest of his days will be alone. The fantasies crowding his head have made him completely unavailable to connect with a real woman or experience the pleasures of a true relationship. Goddess Brianna humiliates the man’s tiny cock and acorn sized balls that are mostly concealed underneath his disgusting flab of belly fat. She tells him directly that he has no chance with any woman and all of his time playing solitaire in front of a computer screen has relegated him to forever fiddling solo with his miserable twizzle stick.

The only possible sex life this loser will ever experience is the solo five-fingered dance of warped solitude. He alone is responsible for reaching this point in his life. His porn addiction has made him actually need Goddess Brianna’s dominance and plain truths to possibly reach anything near satisfaction. Every video he watches brings him deeper into demise and stronger under the enduring spell of the one and only Goddess Brianna.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kaylynn: Little Itty Bitty Micro Baby Penis Loser Brain Destruction

Princess Kaylynn

Oh look it’s the loser with the little baby dick. Did you whip out that little thing and try to wank it again? But it’s so itty bitty. It’s so fucking tiny, I’m surprised you can get any cum out of that thing. It’s literally the smallest little baby cock I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re better off calling that a clit.
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Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: Only Buy This If You Truly Want To Commit To Chastity For Me

Lady Fyre

Today you’re going to commit to chastity. I know you’ve tried before. You’ve said that you wanted to stop jerking off every day like a mindless little jerk zombie and try to show some self control. But you haven’t followed through. You want to do it. You want to commit to chastity. You want to commit to locking up that pathetic cock of yours. But it’s been so hard, hasn’t it? Today is the day you’re finally going to do it.
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Humiliation POV Princess Meggerz: Jerk Your Faggot Clitty While I Fucking Verbally Destroy You

There’s absolutely no way to deny what you truly are. I see right through you. You’re a faggot. Isn’t that right? You are a fucking faggot! And I’m about to drag you out of that closet. I know what you fantasize about, I know you wanna be coerced into sucking on a real cock. And right now you still need to be coerced into sucking on cock like objects. But don’t worry, I’ll have a real cock down your throat one day faggot.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Carissa: Pillow Edging For Pillow Humping Addicts

Goddess Carissa

You’re one of those losers who gets no action from anyone. I love making fun of losers like you. It’s so easy, you have such low self esteem. So I’m going to turn you into even more of a loser and it will involve constantly edging yourself because no girl is ever going near your loser penis.
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Ball Busting Chicks: Sidney: Victims of a drunk Mistress!

She drunk so much that she didn’t find her car anymore, so she decided to have some fun at home instead. No problem because she has two naked spineless male slaves at home, that she can use like a toy. As she sits on her chair – standing would be too difficult for her – she let the slave crawling as he brings her glass of champagne. He rubs his penis on the dirty floor while crawling to her… Soon the glass is empty and he has to crawl back for a new one… But this time it was too full, so he spilled a few drops as he crawls. A real good reason for her to punish him with her bullwhip! Especially when the champagne is also to warm. So she intensifies the whipping, then let him turn around to bullwhip his balls as well. Not enough for her, she kicked him also in the balls with her high heels. Then as she sits on a bar stool, she slapped him hard in the face. You may think it could not get worse? It went even worse for her second slave: Small dick humiliation, nasty dirty talking, str*ngle his cock and balls with a rope, photographing his tiny shriveled up dick (small from fear and str*ngling), pulling on the rope and beating his genitals like hell, bouncing balls from the beating…
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Humiliation POV Goddess Jolene: Manipulated By A Hot Brat At Sex Addicts Anonymous

Goddess Jolene

You’ve finally decided to kick this habit. So you go to your first sex addicts anonymous meeting. You share to the group about your addiction to bratty girls on the internet. After the class, a tall leggy blonde approaches you…
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