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HARDTIED: Aug 27, 2014: A State Of Grace | Iona Grace | Jack Hammer

Incredible Rope Bondage Takes Iona Grace to the Next Level.

It’s like the perfect storm of rope bondage and corporal punishment is barreling down on Iona Grace and she has absolutely zero chance of avoiding it. Jack Hammer doesn’t have her bound on the floor for the kind of punishment she is expecting, either. She thinks this is going to be a quick, loose tie and a fuck that she can enjoy. She is entirely mistaken.

Hardtied.com means strict, Category 5 rope bondage. If she thinks it’s uncomfortable to be languishing on the floor the way she is, we don’t know how she’s going to survive what comes later. If the sting of his humiliating insults is too much to bear then she doesn’t stand a chance against the pain that is yet to come. The beauty has a lot to offer Jack in the form of her suffering and he plans on taking just about all of it.

It takes a lot to break a girl as sure of herself as Iona. Jack isn’t worried. He’s got whips, he’s got floggers, hell, he’ll even us his bare hands to make this babe scream. While the most incredible orgasms of her life are building up inside of her he’s keeping them at bay by inflicting some of the most serious suffering she has ever experienced. Panting, crying and cumming – that’s how we like to leave our girls.

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