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Club Stiletto: Suffer under My Ass for being so TINY

Beautiful Miss Xi is showing off her ass and with an angle in the mirror You get to see it twice. So tantalizing! She runs her hands over her legs and up to her butt and tells you how smooth and tender her skin is and that she knows how desperately you want to stick your nose between her ass cheeks. She signals her small dicked slave to crawl over to her. “I bet you wish you were this fucker?” she says as she orders him to kiss her ass cheeks. “I know you’re jealous stuck” she says as she turns her attention to the desperate slut slobbering all over her ass. She tells him to sniff her ass and moves back and forth gently slamming his face with it. “Tell me how much you love my ass” she tells him and he obediently babbles on about how amazing it is although you can’t really make out a single word as she is pressing his face deep into her crack. She loves making him sound like a total moron and humiliating him in every way possible especially talking about his super tiny penis and how inadequate it is.

She then calls him onto the bed so she can sit on his face. She sits in reverse position and holds her legs high in the air so his face is really crushed by the full force of her butt. Xi then gives you some solid tips to being a human chair before shifting up a bit on the slaves face so all the air is cut off. Next she tells him to stroke his dick to see if he can get it big enough to actually see. “I’m sure as hell never touching that thing” she says, “So you’d better get used to doing it yourself.” While sitting full weight on his face she continues to mock him about his tiny dick. She moves into a forward position and he soon starts to thrash for air while continuing to flail away at his pinky sized wiener. “He’s a goner” Xi laughs.

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