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Club Stiletto: Unforgiving Queen Facesits him and gets Her Ass licked Clean

As this scene opens Princess Lily is sitting on her slaves face and he is already kicking frantically to breathe. She shakes her head in amusement until he stops moving and then says “I guess I should give him some air.” She sits up briefly but then is back on his face and soon he is kicking frantically again. “I’m not a very forgiving Queen” she tells him and he starts twisting his head hoping he can break the seal between her ass and his mouth and nose. Again she gives him a breath and again sits down soon forgetting he is even there and talking about how she likes her new blue bedspread. She really pushes him this time and when she finally gets up he is sweating and exhausted. She sits on his chest and then starts bouncing on it before telling him to show his appreciation by licking her sweaty ass cheeks.

Now she wants her ass cracked licked too so she removes her panties and spreads her ass cheeks in his face and asks him if he can see how dirty it is. She asks him if he wants to lick it and he excitedly says yes. She calls him a dirty pig and sits on his face this time in a forward position. She has him tongue fuck her ass before settling back down again full weight. Soon she is blissfully enjoying the pleasure of his tongue on her asshole. She tells him she might give him a full meal before they are done too. “At times he is useful” she says to the camera as it moves in close on her face.

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