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Cum Countdown – Fancy Seeing You Here

Andre loves to torment begging slaves with her body, especially her ass. She knows that you will stroke and stroke so long as her ass in is view, but like a good pet you won’t cum until she permits it. In the meantime smell her ass and stroke.
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American Mean Girls: WHO’S ASS IS THIS

For this game, we blindfold our slave. We’re going to stick our dirty, mean assholes in his face and he’s gonna have to guess which Princess or Goddess the ass belongs to. Hahaha! i wonder if our dirty asses smell different or he’s just gonna be guessing? Whatever, he BETTER do a good job at this game. Our slaves have been serving us obediently and it would be very disrespectful for them to get it wrong. So he damn well better know the difference! Yeah it’s all cr@p, but that’s no excuse to get it wrong lol. Put that sniffer to work bitch, and score high! You need to know your Master’s scent…
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Brat Princess 2: Christina – Suck My dirty thong and lick my ass cuck (1080 HD)

Shot in full 1080 HD: Have you ever saw a girl so hot and think, oh my god she is so hot I would suck her dirty thong? Well Christina is that girl! Christina looks amazing in the clip. She enjoys finding more and more humiliating things for the cuck to do. In between filming she was complaining about her thong being uncomfortable and thought it would be funny to make the house cuck suck on her thong. This is gross! The cuck has to do what she tells him to do. So the dress slid up, the thong was pulled out of her ass, and the cuck started to suck on it! SO FUNNY! The clip also has amazing ass worship scenes. Clip contains: ASS WORSHIP, ASS LICKING, THONG SUCKING, and CHASTITY TEASING.
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Maryan Red – Facesitting Loser Cuckold Husband

You are my cuckold husband and I love to use you as a chair. I like to put my full weight on your face. I don’t care if you need to take a breath. I decide if you get to breathe or not! I laugh at you as you gasp for air! After crus**** your face with my butt I make you sniff my ass. This stink is all you deserve! You will never get to fuck me, you are just a chair! You are such a fucking loser, that you got used to be in this position. You love to be under me, smelling my sweaty asshole and feeling my pussy get wet. You are so in luck today, cause I want you to stick your tongue out and lick my butthole clean!

You know what? I think you are enjoying this too much! I order you to lick my clit so I can get some fun too! Make my pussy all wet! Remember that after you will lick my ass and pussy clean I am gonna go out to see my lover and fuck him! I want you to be frustrated all the time! Don’t you wish you could make love to your wife? Haha, you can’t!!
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Mistress Kandy – Sweaty little slut flogged and ordered to eat ass

Mistress Kandy has her slave secured by the wrists to the ceiling. She tells you that her sissy has done a good job today, sucking cocks and making her a lot of money, she cleaned the house and licked her ass after a workout. “There is always room for improvement though” she adds as she slides the panties to the side to reveal the slaves already marked ass. She gives her slut some solid slaps with her hand across her ass and then explains that during this beating she wants the slave to focus on the need to show the most enthusiasm possible when sucking cock. The man should see that the slave is happy to be between his legs, sucking him deep and hungering for the taste of his hot cum.
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Cruelcity: Nicole Smothers Her Slave with Her Ass and Pussy!

Mistress Nicole’s slave groans beneath her as she sits directly on his face and smothers him with her warm crotch. He struggles to breathe, gasping for air as he inhales the fabric of her sheer red panties. She grabs his head and pushes it into her, cruelly suffocating him and loving every second of his misery. Only she decides when he gets to breathe, and this thought terrifies her slave since he knows she rarely shows any mercy. "Thank you, mistress!" he pants when she finally allows him a brief moment of air. She turns around and smothers him with her ass, continuing to control his breathing while he squirms on the floor under her. Nicole is clearly excited by his suffering as evidenced by her hard nipples that show through her black fishnet top. She loves tormenting this slave by smothering him with her ass and pussy!
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Goddess Harley – No Hands Denial With Vibrator

You bought this clip just to suffer, LOL! It’s bad enough that I know you bought it to be denied while watching me in these black shiny leggings… but I’m gonna step it up by ordering you to use a butt plug vibrator… Especially the king of vibrator that’s sound activated!
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Cruelcity: Mistress Adriana Uses Her Slave’s Tongue as Toilet Paper!

"Slave, where are you?!" Mistress Adriana yells, clearly upset and in no mood for games. Sensing the anger in her voice, her slave quickly makes his way to her side, fearful of what`s made her so enraged. It seems he`s forgot to restock her toilet paper supply, and she`s quite pissed off about it. "You`ll be my toilet paper now," she hisses, shoving him to the ground and pulling her panties down. "Lick my dirty ass!" she demands. "I hate you!" Hoping to get back on her good side, he eagerly obeys her orders and begins to mouth her asshole clean. "Why are you so stupid?" she asks, berating him as he tries his hardest to please her by licking her asshole as instructed. She makes him lay on the floor with his mouth open and sits directly on his face, continuing to use him as her human toilet paper while he strokes his cock. The loser is actually getting turned on by licking her filthy asshole!
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Humiliation POV Miss TiffanyMiss Tiffany: Eat Your Cum As You Stare At My Perfect Ass

Miss Tiffany

I know you love and adore me, and theres nothing you love more than a little attention, just from me. Since I know youre obsessed with me and my sweet, sweet ass, Im going to give you a little treat. Im going to let you jerk to my sweet, young ass. You just cant get enough of it, can you loser? You love jerking your lonely pathetic cock to my ass.

You should be thanking me for this. So in order to show your appreciation, theres something you can do for me. I want you to eat your own cum, I want you to eat your cum for my ass, I want you to eat it as you look up at it. LOL! You need to degrade yourself for my ass. You need to show me how much you worship it because youd never get an ass like this loser. You just get to stare at its perfection while you gulp down your own load!

My ass is just perfect, isnt it loser? I know you cant stop staring and jerking, even though you know youre going to have to eat your cum for it. Its the only way youll get an ass like this in your face. Im going to help you build up a nice big load to eat by letting you jerk to my ass. Jerk it faster, show me how much you adore my ass.

I know you cant get my ass out of your head. Youre so weak, so obsessed with me and my sweet hot young body. My ass is your addiction. Dont cum yet loser, I control that cock with my ass. And when I allow you to cum, youre going to eat it to show your devotion to my ass. Youre going to lick up every single drop. Youll do anything for the attention of a hot young girl like me. Look at my ass loser, look how fucking perfect it is. I know you cant wait to eat your cum for it.
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany:I’m Warning You, You Do NOT Want To Watch This Ass Worship Video

Miss Tiffany

I’m going to warn you right now that you do not want to watch this ass worship video. I don’t think you get the severity of what these clips do to you. If you continue to watch, it’s not my fault what happens to you. You are going to become hopelessly addicted to my perfect ass. You will be completely obsessed with my ass. You’re going to need my ass. You’re going to become completely fucking hooked, do you understand? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My perfect ass has ruined so many fucking lives, it’s destroyed to many bank accounts and it’s about to ruin you. Look at it, it is absolutely perfect, isn’t it? You already can’t look away. I know you’re jerking it so fast right now. You love the rush it gives you. This is the ass of a Goddess and you will bow down and pray to it. Your addiction is just beginning. My ass will eventually destroy you, it’s only a matter of time now. There is no escape. You’ll be checking daily for new clips of my ass, you will be consumed with it. My ass will make you weaker and weaker the more you stare at it, the more you jerk to it.

It’s just so fucking perfect, isn’t it? You’re fucked now, my ass is your new addiction, I did warn you. It’s so easy to tease you. I’m getting deeper into that little brain of yours. Owning you with my ass, turning you into my addicted ass slave. You’re starting to feel the addiction set in. You can stop if you want, but I know you won’t, it’s too late. You can’t stop jerking off to it. Soon the need to pay it will become overwhelming. You’ll crave it. Needing to serve it, wanting to worship it. I warned you that you would become completely addicted. And look at you, eyes glued to the fucking screen, jerking it, so fucking helplessly addicted. You can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You need it. You’ve been hyp n0 t!zed by my ass. I’m going to allow you to cum to my perfect ass, but only because I know it’s going to further your addiction.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kate: My Ass Is Your Biggest Weakness And Your Addiction

Princess Kate

I know you’re so addicted to my perfect ass, aren’t you? I want you to worship it. I want you to look at my body and know that you have to worship it. I’m going to turn you into my little ass addict and there’s nothing you can do about it. The more you stare at it and worship it, the more addicted you become. You’re getting so weak. I want you on your knees, waiting for me to turn around so you can worship my ass.

I want you to beg me to see my ass. I want you to tell me how badly you need it right now. I’ll bet I could get you to do anything, just for my ass, just for a glimpse of it. It’s so perfect, so mesmerizing. I know you want to kiss it, to touch it, to sniff it, you just want to be near it. My ass is your everything. You need it in your life.

You need to worship my sexy, round ass. You feel that need grow as your addiction grows. Worship my ass loser. Lose your mind jerking to my ass. All you deserve is my ass in your face, and you love that, you wouldn’t have it any other way. I know just how to move it to turn your mind to mush. My ass is your biggest weakness. You can’t say no to my ass, and why would you? You know you’re not worthy of a perfect ass like mine, so you know you must obey it. Even seeing my ass is way more than you deserve. So bow down to my ass, jerk to it, and thank me for allowing you the privilege of worshiping my ass loser.
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Humiliation POV Princess Nikki Next: Addicted And Obsessed With My Young Perky Ass, You Filthy Perv!

Princess Nikki Next

I know you’re becoming more and more addicted to me loser, and today I’m going to further that addiction by giving you another reason to be completely obsessed with me. Can you handle it? You’re addiction is about to intensify. I want you to just sit there and jerk your stupid stick as I give you a nice little upskirt view. You can see almost all the way up my young thighs to my cute little panties. I’m such a tease.

Now watch as I pull my skirt up over my ass. That’s it loser, stare and jerk and get more addicted. Just look at my perky young ass. It’s so tight, so perfect, so young. Stare at it, don’t take your eyes off of it. Become addicted to my ass. Worship it. It’s so cute, so amazing, and you’ll never have it. All you can do is jerk to it on your screen and get more and more addicted to it. More addicted to me. I control you with just my ass.

How does it feel to be obsessed with an ass that you will never have, that you will never even see? All you get to do is jerk to it on your computer screen. And even though you know this, you still can’t stop yourself. It’s so tight and young, I know. You’re such a perv, staring at my young ass in panties. But I don’t care, be a perv. I love mindfucked pervs like you, I love making you addicted to me. Because getting you to spend on me is so easy when you’re horny and stupid.

You’re just another loser falling more and more in love with. More in love with my ass. There are so many of you that I can’t keep track. You’re just another faceless loser to me, nothing more than a number. Now stop touching your cock. Just stare and throb. This will reinforce your addiction. Stare at it loser. Get lost in my young ass, you dirty perverted loser.
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Bratty Foot Girls – ChiChi Medina – I’ll show my tits while I FACESIT you!

ChiChi Is sick and tired of her boob obsessed boyfriend pushing her to show her tits to him. He’s been going out to the strip clubs getting his fix there and coming home and demanding she goes against her comfort zone and get naked for him. She confronts him about it and decides to teach him a lesson. She cuffs his hands behind his back and forces him to lay on the Chaise and tells him she will finally get her tits out for him, however she starts sitting on his face at the same time so he can’t see them! She bounces and jiggles her perfect boobs and butt on him, as he muffles under her perfect booty. He so desperately wants to see his gf’s boobs but she won’t allow him the view as all he can see is right up her asshole. her cruel teasing drives him insane as she starts rubbing his cock with her feet to see if he’s getting hard. She sits full weight on his face not letting him breathe! When she is done she tells him she’s leaving him cuffed and going to apply for a job at the local strip club.

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European Fight Club: Antscha – Diana vs. Miki – Facesitting

While being home and fighting for the TV remotes, Diana is obviously the winner, completely humiliating Miki, making him kiss her ass, struggling for long in scissors, and even eat her shoe and, of course, the remote!
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Brat Princess 2: Sophie – Kiss My Ass (1080 HD)

1080 HD: A previously unreleased Sophie clip! It is a beautiful summer day and Princess Sophie wears a bikini outside on the deck. While she makes phone calls, she has her slave kneel and kiss her ass. The slave needs to cover her entire ass with kisses. Sophie ignores the slave for the most part. First, she calls one of her girlfriends. They make girl talk for a few minutes before Sophie calls her mom. Sophie talks to her mom while the slave continues to kiss her ass. They make plans for a family event while the slave covers Sophie’s ass with kisses.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sahrye: Beg Me To Smother You With My Big, Juicy Ass

Goddess Sahrye

You should feel very special today loser. Today is going to be the best day of your whole pathetic life. It’s something that will always stay with you. It’s what you’ll jerk off to, it will get you off at the mere thought of it. I’m not really sure why I’m allowing you such a luxury. Maybe it’s just to remind you of how perfect I am, to remind you why you adore me, why you worship me.

Isn’t my ass just fabulous? Isn’t it the fattest, nicest ass you’ve ever seen? Oh I know how much you worship it. And today is your lucky day as you sit there and watch as I shine up my big juicy ass for you. You love my big ass in your face, don’t you loser? I know you wish you could kiss it. You wish you could squeeze it, don’t you? But no, you’re not that lucky. Just watch as I oil up every inch of my big, juicy booty. You’re so close you could almost taste it. I’m going to put my ass right in your face and spread it nice and wide for you. Isn’t that just amazing?

I’ll bet you’d just love it if I used your face as my seat. Yes, I’d love to sit on your face and forget that you’re human and need to breathe as my ass smothers you completely. You couldn’t get away. Your nose would be tucked in my sweet little asshole. But I don’t want you to pass out yet, you’re too much fun to play with. You love having your face up so close and personal.

I’d love to watch you struggle as you tried to get away. But we’d both know you were faking, we both know you’re exactly where you want to be. I wanna hear you beg, beg me to bring my ass closer. Tell me how much you need it, how much you want it in your face, how much you don’t need to breathe, how much breathing with my ass in front of you is not necessary. You need to give up every clean breath for the honor of breathing in my ass.

Beg me again to sit on your face. I love to see you beg. It makes me hot inside. Beg you little slut, beg for my big, juicy ass on your face because you know this may be the only opportunity you’ll ever get. The closest you’ll ever be to my ass and pussy is providing my fat ass with a seat. Your face is my throne to do with as I please. Maybe I’ll just sit until you pass out. That’s it, keep fighting, it turns me on when you fight. Take a nice deep breath, your last breath, lol.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Yoga Pants Mindfuck, Instant Mind Numbing Stupidity

Macey Jade

Go ahead and just stare at my perfect, juicy, perky ass in these tight yoga pants. Fixate your gaze upon my round, delicious ass cheeks. Just feel yourself grow stupid for it. Because we both know, that any time I show you my ass in yoga pants you go completely stupid. Completely fucking stupid for this ass. It’s almost like my yoga pants are a tool that I use, just to make you fucking men so weak. They drive you crazy, and the longer you stare the dumber you get. It’s so fun and easy.

All men, submissive or not, loser or not, all of you go weak at the sight of yoga pants. But it’s not just the yoga pants that make you stupid, it’s when they’re on a woman with an ass like mine. Instant mind numbing stupidity. But the best part is I can tell you how stupid you are, and how weak these pants make you, and that turns you on even more. My ass is so powerful, so mind numbing, that is just instantly addicts you. And the fact that this ass owns you, makes it even hotter, doesn’t it? And that is where the submission in you comes in to play. You just want to submit to my ass.

You see not only do you fall dumber and dumber with each movement of my ass in these pants, but you love every second of it. I’m manipulating you with just my ass. You’re growing more weak by the second. You just want to drop to the floor, worship my ass, and surrender to me. My ass owns your cock which makes it so easy to have my way with you. You’re that easy to control. You are that easy to own. Admit it, my ass owns you.

And I let you stroke to it because it makes you even dumber and weaker. You’re on your knees, just jerking to my ass. Losing your mind. Because my ass owns you. Because you’re stupid. You’re weak for my ass. And your rock hard cock just makes you even more of an addict for my ass. It’s just that easy loser. Your my ass addicted jerk off worshiper. I know exactly how to use my ass to have my way with you.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Studs For Her, Farts For Him

Kandy asks her older husband if he’s okay with her fucking young studs. He’s totally against the idea so Kandy decides to punish him… with her farts. While he’s out, she farts on everything he will touch between the time he arrives home and the next morning – his facecloth, pillow, coffee cup, and bread; she even farts into his pretzel bag, which she quickly seals up afterwards. To drive her point home, she rubs his coffee cup and freshly laundered undershorts onto her ass crack after farting on them first. There are a lot of juicy farts here, every single one of them real, with close-up views of her ass as it opens and closes. “All because he won’t let me fuck young studs”, she says, adding “I still do, of course; he just doesn’t know it!” Hubby is going to have Kandy’s ass odour in his nose for days.

Mistress: Mistress Kandy
Сategory: Farting, Ass Humiliation, Pov
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Mistress Tangent: Triple Terror – COMPLETE MOVIE

COMPLETE FILM – 73 MINUTES OF EXTREME TRIPLE PRO DOMME ACTION SHOT IN AN ACTUAL DUNGEON WITH THE WOMEN WHO WORK THERE (1280×720 at 3500BPS – HD – WMV VERSION) This slut starts out underfoot of Mistress Tangent, Mistress Ivy and Mistress Kate at the famous Den in Phoenix Arizona. He has come in on a Saturday night and these three are looking for someone to play with and use. The energy is crackling as they soften him up under their high heels and then make them kiss each of their asses in turn to thank them for the torment. He becomes their human spittoon as Mistress Kate ties up his cock and balls. Intense CBT mixed with humiliation, spitting and ass worship as it looks like he in for more than he bargained for with these three vixens.   Mistress Ivy has him kissing and licking Her ass while Mistress Tangent’s well manicured fingers squeeze his bound balls. Mistress Kate busies Herself holding his head and they all spit down his throat multiple times. Three gorgeous Pro Dommes in full swing on the hapless male. Mistress Kate torments his taint and balls with the razor sharp pinwheel as the three continue to challenge his pain threshold. Spit flies and his cock and balls are tormented to the limit before he is moved on top of the cage where they begin nipple and cock torment. The beautiful Mistress Ivy straddles his face and smothers him. As he struggles Mistress Tangent and Mistress Kate work over his sensitive bits. Mistress Ivy removes Her thin black panties and orders him to worship Her asshole as Her partners clamp his cock and balls after Mistress Tangent ties Mistress Ivy’s panties to his shaft. Mistress Kate goes after his balls with the pinwheel as Mistress Tangent works the shaft and nipples with the clamps, all the while Mistress Ivy is smothering him under Her bare pussy and ass. With his cock bound clamped and being jerked by Mistress Tangent and Mistress Kate using the pinwheel and slapper on his balls, he tries to struggle but Mistress Ivy’s bare ass is attached to his face and he can only siggle and take their punishment. They laugh and scream with amusement. Then the three use him as their spittoon. Mistress Tangent holds his mouth open wide and they drool buckets of spit into him and make him hold it in his mouth before swallowing on command. Mistress Tangent switches places with Mistress Ivy and drops Her bare pussy onto his face after stuffing the panties into his mouth. This is brutal Pro Domme smother as Her partners work non-stop on his cock and balls She wiggles Her perfect ass and denies him breath. Mistress Ivy jacks his cock in Her gloved hand to try and get it hard as Mistress Kate torments his balls and then they flip him over and Mistress Kate is the first to put Her strap-on on as Her partners hold his ass open and lube it up before finger after finger penetrates his hole. Mistress Tangent has a clear spanker She uses to warm up his ass while he rears up to suck Mistress Kate’s cock. The other two encourage him to suck and deep throat Mistress Kate’s big rubber cock as She jams it down his throat. They slide him down the table so his head is back and Mistress Kate face fucks him while Mistress Ivy and Mistress Tangent enjoy watching and tormenting him to take it further down his throat. Mistress Kate crawls up on top of him to face fuck him as the other two put their strap-on’s on and congregate by his ehad to lube him with spit. They try and jam all three of their cocks into his mouth at once, laughing with delight. Mistress Kate stands over him and they all spit into him again and again.   Mistress Kate takes a final spit down his throat and then relinquishes Her spot between his legs to Mistress Ivy whose favorite sport is strap-on. She idly yanks his cock like taffy and then fucks him while Mistress Tangent stuffs his mouth full of Her cock. Mistress Ivy uses the vibrator on his useless prick and Mistress Ivy holds his legs up and makes him Her bitch. They move the hapless submissive to the swing where Mistress Kate takes the first crack at his ass as Mistress Tangent and Mistress Ivy work over his cock and fuck his face. Mistress Tangent tag teams Mistress Kate and uses Her hand on him and then fucks the hell out of his ass while Mistress Ivy fucks his face and Mistress Kate keeps his balls in torment. Three gorgeous Pro Dommes having a splendid time using a male together. Mistress Tangent fucks the swing bound slave as Mistress Ivy face fucks him and then they switch so that Mistress Ivy can jam Her cock back into his supple hole. Mistress Kate applies the nipple clamps again and replaces Mistress Tangent to face fuck him as Mistress Tangent torments his cock, balls and nipples then they all rotate once again and Mistress Kate drills his ass. They twirl him around on the swing laughing and having a grand time with him. Mistress Ivy decides She wants Her wet swollen pussy on his face and clamps Her slender thighs around his head as Mistress Tangent fucks him. Mistress Kate climbs on top and applies the pinwheel to his cock and balls. You can barely make out the suffering slave trapped in the clutches of these three beauties. Mistress Tangent takes some final fucking and then they slow a bit and Mistress Kate leisurely sticks Her cock in them as they assess what is left of the submissive. At the end he is moved to the St. Andrews Cross where Mistress Ivy and Mistress Tangent are whipping him. Mistress Tangent applies nipple clamps to his sensitive nipples as Mistress Ivy flogs him. They stand side by side and beat his thighs as he suffers for the mon the cross. Mistress Kate gathers some pins and approaches as they whip, bending low to start tormenting his balls and cock with the pins. Some great stern CBT as all three focus their attention on his cock and balls. Mistress Tangent steps back and whips him some more and then Mistress Ivy uses the violet wand to make him suffer for their amusement. She changes attachments after using the electrics on his cock head and goes after his balls and shaft as Her partners fingering his nipples and flog him some more. Mistress Ivy and Mistress Tangent do a dual flogging to end the session with a very happy, very exhausted submissive hanging on the cross.
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Humiliation POV Cherry Vee: With An Ass Like This I Don’t Even Have To Manipulate You

Cherry Vee

I know that you’re completely addicted to my perfect ass. You’re such a loser for a hot ass. And I’m going to let you worship and stare and drool over my ass. I know you’ve been waiting for this, to see my ass up close. And this is as close as you’ll ever get loser. But you love it, you love that I even let you see it. You know I don’t have to.

Seriously with an ass like this I don’t even have to manipulate you. You already want to do anything for my ass, don’t you? I know that right now you’re lost in my ass. You’re such a fucking ass addict, you fucking loser. The more you stare and jerk the more lost you become. Look how hard you are. Feel it fucking throb for my perfect ass. Stroke to it. I know you already are and I don’t give a fuck, stroke it, get dumb for my ass. Or just stare and don’t touch yourself at all, I don’t give a fuck what you do. Because I already know that my ass has a hold on you.

You’re such a loser for ass, but when it comes to my ass you really don’t know what to do, do you? You’d be lost without my ass in your life. You’re totally addicted to my ass. If I took my ass away, just even for a moment, you’d beg me to put it back on your screen. Let’s try it loser, why don’t you go ahead and beg me to show you my ass. Go on and beg, I want to hear you beg. Do you think you deserve to look at my ass? Of course you don’t, because you are an ass loser. You can’t live without looking at asses, especially mine. What would you do if I denied you my ass? You’d be so lost. Your whole world would crumble. You need it, that’s why you’re begging me.

You are totally addicted to my ass. Beg me to see my ass, beg me to worship it, beg me. Good boy, here you go, there’s your little ass fix. You’re so lucky I’ve allowed you to see my perfect ass again. You’re such a fucking junkie for my ass. You absolutely love my ass. Like I said, I don’t have to try and manipulate you with my ass, it just does it all on it’s own. You’re totally falling for my ass because you know that my ass is perfect. I know you love my ass, I know you’re completely addicted to my ass. And I get to use that to my advantage, and you absolutely love that, don’t you?
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CPL Wrestling: CPL-SJ-47 Sexy Smother Goddess

CPL Wrestling: CPL-SJ-47 Sexy Smother Goddess
CPL Wrestling: CPL-SJ-47 Sexy Smother Goddess
CPL Wrestling: CPL-SJ-47 Sexy Smother Goddess

Alayna is back on the mats looking to humiliate yet anther opponent. Mia steps up right away. I mean can you blame Mia? We think she likes being smothered by Alayna. She is a dominating sitter, and seems to enjoy riding Mia’s face literally into submission. She smothers hard, showing no remorse, and even uses her tight firm ass as a smothering weapon too. Mia is engulfed in her ass cheeks, being deprived of air, having to tap out multiple times. Alayna’s smothering is sexy as hell, it’s seductive, yet somewhat erotic, just watching her facial expressions say it all. Mia is left gasping on the mats, as this super hot blonde dominates, humiliates and smothers her senseless. If you like to watch an extremely gorgeous blonde overpower, and dominate in a one sided face sitting extravaganza, this video is exactly what you want.
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CPL Wrestling: CPL-LV-03 Interracial Revenge: Submit To My Black Pussy

CPL Wrestling: CPL-LV-03 Interracial Revenge: Submit To My Black Pussy
CPL Wrestling: CPL-LV-03 Interracial Revenge: Submit To My Black Pussy
CPL Wrestling: CPL-LV-03 Interracial Revenge: Submit To My Black Pussy

Calista and Zara square off once again on the mats, this time it’s personal. Zara was looking for serious revenge from this white girl, and Calista was going to fight tooth and nail until she won. Both girls fought hard last match, this time the trash talking got personal a few times, and Calista was very cocky. Zara was here to make sure this white girl learned her lesson. Zara jumps out in the lead, slamming calista to the mats, and reefing her face into her pussy pulling hard on her hair. Calista certainly did not like that, and fought hard to get out, even smiling and laughing at Zara for even trying to sit on her face. Calista broke free and quickly pounced on Zara pinning her with a full weight facesit, and making Zara struggle. Both girls go back and fourth with holds and moves, each slowly wearing down. But Calista kept lipping off to Zara, and actually laughing at her, which made Zara even more upset, leading her to do what ever now to take control. Calista the mouthy white chick now found herself almost bent in half in a gruelling position, scissored, and no where to go now. Zara now traps and locks on a facesit, asking Calista if she had enough, she laughed and said no, then said is that all you got, which made Zara facesit her until she said she quit. Calista was upset with her loss, and Zara said you didn’t say that loud enough and gave Calista one more sweet facesit, Calista mumbling I give up into her pussy, then saying it one last time. Amazing rematch.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Lindsey POV – Two Perfect Oiled Asses Tell you How to Jerk(1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Lindsey POV - Two Perfect Oiled Asses Tell you How to Jerk(1080 HD)

1080 HD: Alexa and Lindsey want you to jerk your pathetic loser dick to their perfect oiled up asses. This is the Edging Salon. You are being rewired to jerk only when and exactly how you are told. Two of the finest asses ever will annihilate your mind and have you stroking like the mindless puppet you are. Alexa and Lindsey generously allow you to cum to their gorgeous asses. Lindsey gives you a cum countdown so you can go ahead and release that pathetic mess youve been working yourself towards. Your welcome, loser.
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CPL Wrestling: CPL-WM-35 Rosalei’s BBW Rampage

CPL Wrestling: CPL-WM-35 Rosalei's BBW Rampage

Sam has watched Rosalei pretty much defeat almost every one of her opponents. She also wondered how such a tiny girl, could do so much damage, and leave a path of beaten people on the mats. It was Sam’s time to step onto the mats to face her now. Sam already knew going into this, she has a great weight advantage over Rosalei, almost 65 lbs. But Sam also knew that could work against her as Rosalei has powerful legs, and is very quick. They are both face to face, and you could see the look of sheer determination on their faces. Sam had to start on the opposite side that she is used to, and when they lunged at one another, Sam tried to get around Rosalei, but was knocked off balance and brought down to the mats. Rosalei quickly pounced on top of Sam, doing the best she could to keep her bigger opponent down. Sam bucked and squirmed beneath the tiny blonde, but could not unseat her. Rosalei knew every trick to break down Sam and preyed on every weak spot she had. Rosalei was ready to rock Sam’s world by humiliating and dominating her. She started off with alot of facesitting, that had Sam wheezing for breath rather quickly. After some smothering, Rosalei goes for a quick grapevine, digging her shins hard into Sam’s legs, Sam now wincing in pain. Effortlessly, Rosalei wraps her arms around Sam’s head and rams her face into her massive DD breasts, depriving her once again of air. Was not long before Sam’s face was really red, and gasping for air. Rosalei decides it is now time for true punishment, and rolls Sam into an extremely tight headscissor and locks her thighs tightly around her neck. Another weak spot for Sam that has her repeatedly tapping out. Rosalei continues to brutally dominate Sam. With loads more headscissors, both forward and reverse, Sam’s struggling is practically futile. Switching from scissors, to facesits, Sam stands no chance against Rosalei now. Finally realizing the absolute strength Rosalei possesses, she just wants this match to be over and done with. Sam was on the verge of being put out a few times, each with an evil smirk from Rosalei. Sam also found herself trapped in a rear naked choke, her most feared hold to be put in. Panic sets in, and Sam is now at the mercy of Rosalei. Coming to the end, Sam did not want to give in, nor give up to her, but with a few more facesits, she had no choice. Rosalei once again chalks up another victory, leaving another person beaten and left feeling humiliated.
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CPL Wrestling: CMX-CL-44 Double Crossing Diva

CPL Wrestling: CMX-CL-44 Double Crossing Diva

Bella wants to try out to get onto the cheerleader squad, and Rosalei is the captain. For Bella’s initiation she had to beat a male at wrestling, with the help of Rosalei. They both take on their male counterpart, and both girls pin him down. As they swap places facesitting him, Bella is facesitting with Rosalei behind her. Then Rosalei grabs a rope and ties Bella’s arms behind her back. She tells Bella it’s just part of the initiation and to relax. When her arms are completely bound, Rosalei then shoves Bella off onto the mats, and facesits their male toy. She puts him out and instantly jumps off and facesits Bella. Bella was totally confused, but Rosalei puts her out as well. As chadam comes to, Rosalei grabs a rope and reverse facesits him and ties his arms up. Now chadam goes out again, Rosalei was being ruthless with K.O.’s taking no chances. Bella comes to all dazed, and she gets her legs tied up, then put out again. Rosalei now has both victims tied up, and once each awakens, she puts them right back out. At the end she tells Bella that there is no way she could ever be on her squad, proving that by putting both her victims out. This is a great video, seeing Rosalei like never before, little miss innocent, not so innocent now.
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CPL Wrestling: CMX-SV-0093 Scissored and K.O’d In Heels

CPL Wrestling: CMX-SV-0093 Scissored and K.O'd In Heels

Sadistic Sara is a very non forgiving kind of girl. She is mean, loves humiliating, and stops at nothing to defeat you. When Sara and chadam were ready to square off, they were playfully slappin each other, but then things started getting serious. Sara wanted chadam to completely suffer throughout this match, and placed her thick muscular thighs around his head. Squeezing like a python, she continually slaps him, verbally trashes him, belittles him, all the while trying to take his head off. Her variations of scissors were truly amazing, squeezing till his face went purple, her facesits were stunning, she evens rides his face numerous times, bouncing, grinding, all to wear him out, and to hurt him. By the end, chadam was extremely wore out, air deprived, and was actually in sara’s ass. With her skintight leggings and heels on, humiliating a male never looked so good.
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CPL Wrestling:CPL-WM-49 Bella Get’s Tormented

Kiera and Bella meet again on the mats as Kiera wanted a rematch for losing to Bella last time. Kiera is more confident, has more training and is no going to hold back on Bella. Kiera wastes no time at all once they start, struggling for position. Bella was so close on getting the upper hand on the take down, but Kiera counters and rolls Bella over and jumps on top of her. Moving quickly, Kiera secures Bella’s arms, pins them to the mats, moves up right onto Bella’s face trapping her in a facesit. Bella struggles for air, but Kiera holds on tight, not allowing Bella to escape. She continues to break Bella down, depriving her of air, covering her whole face, making it impossible for Bella to breathe. Kiera swiftly spins around into reverse, totally catching Bella off guard. Now Kiera slams her ass down onto Bella’s face, burying it deep in her ass. Bella is almost shocked that she can’t unseat her opponent, and has to succumb to being dominated and humiliated now. Kiera continues punishing Bella with smothering facesits, and even locks her thick legs around Bella’s head, squeezing numerous times making Bella tap out. Switching from move to move with ease and power, Kiera for her finale, has Bella in a facesit and now asks Bella to quit. Being stubborn Bella refuses, so Kiera continues her facesitting barrage, until Bella finally concedes to her much stronger opponent now. Bella lays stunned and defeated, while Kiera strikes a stunning arm flex pose smiling, proud of her victory.
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Humiliation POV Spoiled Princess Ashley: You Can’t Stop Buying My Ass Clips

Spoiled Princess Ashley

Hey loser, it doesnt matter how many ass clips I put up, you can never get enough of my hot ass, right in your little loser face. You cant stop obsessing over it, drooling over it, and jerking your loser dick off while you stare. You are such a little freak for my perfect, princess ass. You cant stop yourself from buying all of my ass clips. Youre so fucking addicted. You have like zero self control when it comes to my ass.

Just look at how perfect it is, no wonder youre addicted. Youre just a little ass obsessed loser who cant get enough of my perfection. And who could blame you? There are so many of you little freaks who just love my ass. You cant get enough, you need more and more and more of my ass. You cant even cum without it anymore, can you loser? Thats why you keep buying every clip that shows my ass. Especially ones like this that are completely centered around this perfect booty of mine.

Jerk it loser, jerk it for my perfect ass. Youre so owned by my ass, so desperate and pathetic. Stuck behind your computer screen, wasting hours of your life just jerking mindlessly to my ass. Youre going to cum for the ass that owns you and then youre going to thank for me for the privilege, because its so rare that I let you cum to my ass. I normally just tease and deny you. Youre so lucky loser.

But youre going to have to pay me for allowing you cum, pay me for letting you jerk to my ass. You need to pay it, you fucking disgusting creep. Edge that cock loser, edge it for my ass. And get ready to blow a huge loser load for my ass. Drain your balls for my hot little ass loser. And dont forget to thank me. Get down on your knees and thank me. Then, go buy another ass clip of mine. I know you can’t resist.
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Humiliation POV Luscious Lindsey: My Ass Will Break You Down And Ruin You Loser

How fucked are you with that view of my ass? How much does your cock ache for me? How much do you want it? Tell me how bad you want it loser, tell me how bad you want me even though you know its just something youll never have. Youre not worthy. Not even close. An ass like this was made to destroy pathetic little losers like you. Do you think it was made of you to jerkoff to? No, it was made for you to crave it, to lust after it, but never to have it. It was meant to break you loser.

And the more you stare at it, the more you want it. You want it so bad that it ruins you, that it completely fucking breaks you down. You cant stop thinking about it, but you know youll never get an ass as nice as mine. You just get to sit there, frustrated, and look at how amazing it is. All you get is to want, youll spend your entire life wanting an ass like mine, but you know that will never happen. How does that feel?

How far down does my ass bring you? How many nights to you sit there wanting and wanting what you just cant fucking have? Youre lucky I even let you look at it, although it might just make it worse for you. Does it make it worse, loser? How much is your dick throbbing right now? Youre brain is just a pile of mush by now. I know.

I want you to stare at me, at my ass, at how fucking hot I am sitting here in a thong, completely topless. Youre just a mindless loser for me, and thats all youll ever be to me. A fucking worthless jerkaholic loser that no girl will ever want.

Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why do you keep buying ass clips over and over again? When you know youll never have it. Youll never be worthy. Youre just so addicted you cant stop. So go on, keep staring, keep making it worse, keep buying those ass clips. Keep furthering your addiction because you have no self control when it comes to an ass like mine. And Im going to take advantage of that until the day you d.1.e.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Paige Orion:My Princess Ass Destroys Those Who Worship It

Goddess Paige Orion

Youre just another ass addict desperate for the opportunity to worship. Its pathetic, just like you. Its pathetic how easy it is to fuck with your mind, to fuck you over. You are so easily led astray but your weak, horny cock. And all I have to do to get what I want, is show you my ass. My ass that is so far out of your league. My ass fucks with your mind, this ass that youll never touch. The ass of a Goddess.

You kneel at the altar of my ass. You kneel and worship because you know you are not worthy. You are lucky I even allow you to gaze upon my perfect ass. And its pathetic how addicted you are to the sight of my gorgeous ass. My ass will drain your balls of cum, and drain your wallet of all your cash. So easy to manipulate, so easy to wrap around my little finger.

Stare at it loser, and beg for my ass. Beg and jerk to my ass and let your addiction grow. You are addicted to my beautiful brat ass. Youll never know what if feels like, what it tastes like, all youll know is that you need to jerk and worship every time you see it. My ass controls you, consumes that weak little mind. You are a slave to my ass.

You are an ass worshiping loser and you exist to worship my divine ass. Every time you see it, your cock gets hard, you ache to cum. But first you need to show your gratitude. You must earn your pleasure. Serving my ass is an honor loser. This brat booty destroys the men who worship it. You dont stand a chance against me and my beautiful brat ass.
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