Mfvideobrazil: Handsmother – I Take Your Fucking Breath Bitch ! By Cassia And Isabela

Cute slave Isabela with braided pigtails is jumping on the bed cheerfully, but then her domina, Cassia notice it and gets angry. She catch her from behind and start pulling her down while smothering her, pulling her braids, then wraps her head around with plastic foil to breath hard, then start smothering her with the foil on her head. When she takes it off her head gets completely red and her hair messy, then she smother Isabela while choking her with her arm.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Extreme – Don’t Move Bitch

Quality: SD Mistress is posing for camera in the bed, when her petite little slave interrupt it, so she have to punish her. She wraps her into plastic foil to render her immobile, oils her body and sit on her face, riding it with her pussy, smothering her, pulls her hair. slaps her, and rubbing her pussy all over her face.
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Mfvideobrazil: HandSmother – Mother And Step Daughter – Real Family

A real and rare mother-doughter smothering movie. Money talks in these days so they motivated very much. Hand smothering and face slapping.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face By Lunna Drummond And Slave Isabela

Beauty latina Lunna Drummond smothering her slave Isabela by face sitting. She sitting on the slaves face with naked, wet and hot hairy pussy, and not let the slave breath. The pussy and the big round ass covers all the slave’s mouth and nose, while the slave can’t get any oxygen. Domina enjoy the situation, loves the feeling that the slaves all face under her pussy, and how much is that suffering without air and from the domina’s weight. Lunna Drummond is one of our most powerful dominas, you must to see, how she destroy this poor little slave.
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The Real Queendom: Domina Helena, Katelyn Brooks & Cupcake Sinclair – Fetish Therapy Group Therapy

Dr. Helena Locke is a world famous BDSM/fetish therapist. Today she has arranged a group session between the very submissive Cupcake and the head over heels, aspiring Domina, Katelyn Brooks. Cupcake dreams of being used and abused by a strong woman with a big, round butt. Katelyn on the other hand has been feeling more and more compelled to take control of a submissive woman with a cute face and mold her into the perfect pet! Dr. Locke expertly guides Katelyn’s bubble butt into place on Cupcake’s face, making sure Katelyn’s butt forms a good seal over the eager slave’s nose and mouth. Cupcake quickly falls under the spell of these two beautiful Dommes. She squeals with delight and trying push her face back into Katelyn and Helena’s asses when she’s allowed to breathe. “Sometimes you can bring your legs together and just cover her,” Dr. Locke explains, encouraging Katelyn to shift more of her weight onto Cupcake’s face. After 10 minutes of smothering the group session seems to be going so well that Dr. Locke suggests making things more intimate. She strips off her skirt, revealing her strong thighs and big, beautiful ass as she takes a seat on Cupcake’s face. Dr. Locke shows Katelyn how Cupcake’s face slips deeper between her cheeks as she sits, forming a tighter, more inescapable smother seal. Katelyn can’t wait to try and quickly strips off her tight leggings, revealing her own beautiful, jiggly booty. Katelyn can’t help but squeeze her press her soft cheeks into Cupcake’s face as she sits, enjoying each sound and movement Cupcake makes beneath her. Katelyn’s dominant side begins to shine and before long Dr. Locke believes its time to bring out a special toy to help Katelyn and Cupcake bond even more quickly…
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face Gang Bang By Five Top Girls And One Slave

Quality: HD Face Sitting Gang Bang extreme party with a lot of top model brazilian babes gives face sitting smother ass to the selected slave. So extrem ass smother, a lot of perfect brazilian asses from top girls and much more in this movie, so what want one face sitting fan more? Even i love the feets from the girls. Blonde, brunette or blackhaired girls, all are in this face sitting smother ass movie. So if you are in to face sitting, dont miss that amazing movie with this perfect brazilian babes and one fantastic face sitting gang bang story.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face With Orgasm Coctail By Monique Maclaren And Slave Erika

Face sitting movie with the top brazilian dominatrix Monique and her slave girl Erika. Amazing butt what this brazilian domina have. And more amazing how she can use and move that ass. Face fucking, this is the motto of this movie and belive me its a real good title for that movie. Monique fuck the face of Erica with her big and perfect shaped butt. And she takes also all the air with her ass covering all the small face of her slave. So dont miss that face sitting and face fucking video of that two fantastic babes.
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Brat Princess 2: Lady Toro – Trains Newly Locked slave to Become a Human Toilet with Facesitting

Toro has just secured a new loser into a tightly fitted chastity device. She closes the lock around its worthless little penis. With a penis so tiny, he wasn’t meant to be a man. He was meant to be a toilet. Nobody would want to accept that they were meant to be a human toilet. It takes training and conditioning to accept this role. Toro decides that she will train her new toilet to accept its place by forcing it to sniff, and smothering it with, her perfect ass. Her ass is sweaty and stinky. The slave in training must get used to the smell. Eventually he will need to take whatever comes out of her ass, but for now he can just get used to the scent. After staying under Toro’s Divine ass for a while, the slave will be begging to eat whatever comes out of it. This is how the conditioning works. Toro deprives the slave of air.
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting By Flavia Greca And Her Slave

Face Sitting movie extreme with face fuck by Flavia Greca. In this scene they are on a bed and the dominatrix give her slave a face sitting and take all her breath away. After she also use oil on her pussy and on her perfect butt and give a great strong face fuck to her fucking slave. Amazing butt have Flavia, perfect covers all the face of her used slave. she dont allow her to get air, amazing. Just look into that movie and you will see what i speak about. I mean…look at this butt and body.
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The Real Queendom: Katelyn Brooks, Helena Locke & Cupcake Sinclair – Fetish Therapy: Feel the Connection

"Welcome to the bonding belt," Dr. Locke says as she finishes securing Cupcake’s face into Katelyn’s beautiful, round ass! Dr. Locke has been helping her patients embrace their BDSM desires and the bonding belt (smother harness) is the perfect too to help establish an intimate Domme/sub relationship. Cupcake moans as she struggles to breathe from deep inside Katelyn’s ass crack. "Just become one with your dominant," Dr. Locke says as she encourages Katelyn to bend forward and pull her slave’s face deeper into her ass. When Katelyn moves to the couch Cupcake has no choice but follow. Katelyn and Dr. Locke work together to push Cupcake deeper and deeper into Katelyn’s ass. "It feels like my ass is just swallowing her entire face," Katelyn says as Dr. Locke sits on the back of Cupcake’s head. "I love taking the back of her head and just shoving her face into my butt!" Dr. Locke is pleased to see how quickly Katelyn and Cupcake have taken to their roles as Dominant and submissive and she’s sure they will have a long, happy relationship. "You can just see in her eyes she’s getting assdrunk!"
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Brat Princess 2: Lola – Facesitting Chastity Tease (1080 HD)

Lindsey has her little loser on a leash. He’s all locked up in chastity, which is very unfortunate for him, because Lindsey sits her perfect ass on his undeserving less-than-perfect face. Of course, she would never allow him the privilege of laying beneath her if he were not in chastity. Lindsey knows that her ass turns the slave on and loves that he is not in control of his own erection. Lindsey controls the slave’s cock by holding the key. This slave is old. He’s like 40. Old men are gross. They don’t deserve sex. They just bother young, pretty girls with their annoying sexual advances. That’s why they need to be kept in chastity. Hot girls deserve bikinis. Their beauty entitles them to nice things. It’s much better to utilize an old male’s useless sexual energy by redirecting it into productive activities, like spending his life’s earnings on girls. Lindsey keeps the old loser’s key on her belly button ring. She loves dangling it above him while straddling his face. Lindsey decides, she will release her slave from chastity. But, it’s going to be at the edging salon. Her slave hates the edging salon. Every time he goes to a session there, it’s just pure sexual agony. He tries to tell his Princess that he doesn’t want to go, but she will hear none of it. Getting out of chastity at the edging salon is better than not getting out of chastity at all, isn’t it?
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting Fuck Face Under Water Real Fear In Real Time By Aline Cruel And Vivi

Have you ever had sex under the water, in the pool? It can be very good! Watch this face sitting video if you would like to see two nearly naked Brazilian hotties. They do underwater fetish together. Vivi, the slave must lick Aline Cruel’s sexy ass. The lesbian playing is very tempting, because Aline Cruel’s body is really beautiful. Her breasts are big and round. In addition, her pussy is very tight and attractive. The face fucking is spectacular, because Vivi has to lick the domina’s pussy thoroughly. The smothering is very bad for the slave but she must endure the suffering in this underwater fetish video.
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Angel Lee – Face Sitting Punishment

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me! Angel Lee berates her boyfriend for not finishing a chore she wants done. He seems to think it is ok not to do his tasks, and thinks that he can push her around. Angel easily pushes him down on the bed, and sits on his face. She grabs his hair to give leverage and digs her crotch into his face. When she gets off of him briefly he gives backtalk, and she promptly jumps back on to make sure he knows who is in charge. When she gives him another chance to do his chore, he says that he won’t do it, and she gets so angry that she turns around and smothers him with her ass. Bouncing up and down, she pulverizes his face with her round butt. For her amusement, she covers his face with her tits and even removes her bra so that she can cover every nook and cranny of his face. In a stroke of genius she covers his face with her dirty feet. It would have been so much easier just to do the chore!
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Mfvideobrazil: Face Sitting – Face Sitting In The Black Panty By Top Girl Melanie Max And Poly

The perfect face sitting movie with the real top model girl Melanie and slave Poly. Amazing movie with that darkher dominatrix and how she smother with her dark panty. Poly didnt get any chance to get air, she just feel the perfect ass of her dominatrix.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Self Breath Play

I know you fantasize about being choked. I know you crave the feeling of your body aching for air. I enjoy this feeling too, only I prefer to be the one cutting off your air supply. Today, you’re going to mimic that feeling as I instruct so you can experience this high safely. You’re going to construct yourself a mechanism to mimic the feeling of my hands wrapping around your throat. You’ll be able to feel my leather gloves slowly putting pressure on that oh so vulnerable place. Your ability to take in air will be totally under my control. After a moment, everything about you will be totally under my control.
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Foxyfootdom – INGRID – Blondes Rule – EXTREME Facesitting Show

Bratty Lady Ingrid has an amazing body and a supersexy ass! She is a really crazy girl, full of energy and hyperactive and of course, very sadistic! She wears a very tight and short dress and she makes a facesitting show on her slave’s face, smothering him hard and full weight, rubbing her ass on his face and kicking him when he is moving or moaning! Ingrid really loves the facesitting and really doesn’t care for her slave that suffers under her!
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Teased and Tortured – Kandii Kiss – Smell my sweaty ass

This was just supposed to be face sitting fun and turned into something different. Kandii Kiss had actually been wearing her workout pants on a hot summer day which made her big beautiful ass sweaty a lot. She decided that it would make the face sitting even more fun if her slave had to smell her sweaty ass. Kandii has way too much fun smothering his face. After it was over he admitted that he tasted some of her ass sweat!
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Fraulein Katja – Sniff My Ass Through The Panties On Your Head!

After coming home to find that her bitch slave hasn’t cleaned to her satisfaction, Fraulein Katja calls him a loser and forces him down for some punishment! She pulls off her panties and covers his face before pulling him deep into her ass to sniff and worship. She then lays him down on the couch and spreads her cheeks as she drops down to cut off his oxygen while hurling humiliating insult at him! She smothers him over and over again as she laughs at his ridiculous sissy outfit!
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The Queendom: The Executrix Files: In Kawaii’s Smother Harness SD

Mistress Kawaii has been having a blast slowly crushing and destroying her most recent condemned male. After a full day of being crushed and smothered by Mistress Kawaii and her Executrix friends, the slave has finally been removed from the smother box only to have his face locked into Kawaii’s massive ass with the smother harness! The straps wrap around the slave’s head and neck tightly, pulling his face deep into Mistress Kawaii’s ass and preventing him from pulling away. The slave’s wrists are cuffed to the front of the harness, preventing the slave from being able to undo the straps himself and leaving him totally helpless, just how Mistress Kawaii likes her men! She laughs at the slave’s pitiful, muffled moans and desperate attempts to plead for air, but no amount of begging will convince her to release the slave. After a very long day, Mistress Kawaii is ready to sleep and she’s going to keep the slave locked in her harness all night long! "You better not wake me up either or I’ll fucking crack your neck!" She says, tightening one of the straps to make it clear her threat is real. She shakes her ass, pulling the slave’s head and neck around as she effortlessly wiggles her hips. Her amazing ass and thighs are so much bigger than the slave its clear Kawaii could easily break his neck or smother him out just by rolling over, but she wants to see how long she can make this slave’s ass-ecution last. And the slave, for whatever reason continues to fight for his life of ass, struggling for each breath while being careful not to disturb his Mistress as She falls asleep…
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