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Brat Princess 2: Mariah and Natalya – Gassy Vegans Trample a Human Yoga Mat (1080 HD)

Mariah and Natalya have been really focusing on their self-care and wellness at the start of the new year. They have both been eating a really healthy plant-based diet for Veganuary and practicing yoga daily. Because they are Princesses, they have been using a slave as their human yoga mat. The combo of healthy veggies and yoga makes them gassy, so it is also the human yoga mat’s job to sniff in their stinky farts so that they don’t offend each other with the smell during their mindfulness practice. The girls really try to trample all the air out of him, so that the only air that the slave gets is their farts. They take turns squatting over and farting directly in his nose, as needed. Mariah and Natalya practice their balancing together while trampling the slave’s body. Natalya even does a yoga headstand on the human mat! The girls, both bisexual, flirt with each other and kiss while facesitting the slave. Hot girls get each other’s kisses and all the yoga mat slave gets is the other end. After the girls finish their yoga, it’s time for the slave to get his exercise, too. The girls sit on opposite ends of the room and make the pathetic male crawl back and forth, licking the sweat from their armpits. The male slave would never get to kiss either girl on the lips like they kiss each other, but instead, he must lick the stinky workout sweat from both of their armpits. The girls inform the slave that the farts and the sweaty armpits are just the start of his humiliation. Both girls are going to use his mouth as their toilet, one right after the other. All the working out and healthy eating has made them need to go number two, and the pathetic male will have to swallow whatever they force down him. Hot girls get to make out with each other, and pathetic males are just there to serve as their toilet!

Format: MP4
Duration: 12 Min
Size: 879 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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