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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Jennifer – If you Love us then Lick our Shoes (Complete)

Previously Unreleased!

Amadahy has invited a nerdy boy over because she suspects that he has a big crush on Jennifer. She thinks that if they team up, they can get the little dweeb to do anything for them. The girls want to go out and party all weekend and it will be the nerd’s responsibility to do their homework. The little nerd, danni, arrives late and complains that he has been made to do the homework of most of the girls in his class this weekend. The girls don’t care about the other girls, only themselves. Amadahy makes danni drop his pants and reveal his chastity to Jennifer. He belongs to Amadahy and therefore She should be his main priority.

Danni is a virgin and a pushover. Both girls know that he has feelings for them. They decide that if he wants to prove his love to them, then he will show his devotion by licking their shoes. Danni obeys his Keyholder and his crush and licks the girls’ shoes, even though he is very humiliated to do so. The girls spit in his face and laugh at him. This is what he gets for liking girls out of his league.

Jennifer tells danni that if he does a good enough job licking their shoes, she will let him buy her breakfast in the cafeteria. Danni will be expected to carry her breakfast tray and it will be a great honor for him. Danni complains. Why can’t Jennifer’s boyfriend buy her breakfast? Jennifer explains to danni that her boyfriend does other things for her, things that he, as a virgin, will never know about. A girl like Jennifer or Amadahy will never like a boy like danni but he can learn to do nice things for pretty girls to make them happy.

The girls take off their shoes and have danni worship their feet. They threaten to tell other people at school about how danni licks their feet in private. It would be so humiliating for danni for people to know about his foot fetish. The girls put their feet all over him while bullying him about his virginity and his speech impediment. Danni needs to understand that he is a virgin for a reason. Girls do not like him, and they never will. Pretty girls will only ever want to spend time with him if it serves their interests.

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