The Queendom – Life Beneath Edyn

Mistress Edyn Blair has just returned home to find her slave right where she left him, on the floor wrapped up tightly in plastic wrap! “I had such a great date, it was amazing!” Edyn is in the best mood and she wants to tell her slave all about all the fun she had with another man today. She quickly plops her denim-clad ass down on the slave’s face, making sure the slave’s nose slips into her ass crack. Edyn still has tons of energy from her date and she can’t stop bouncing and shaking her big ass while she sits, rubbing her rough jean shorts against the slave’s battered nose. “I think the last time I had that much on any day was when I made you sign everything over to me!” She grings her crotch against her slave’s nose and mouth and teases him about how she’ll be riding her new boy toy all night long! Edyn’s slave can’t do anything except lay there, suffocating and listening as his owner/ex-girlfriend talks about her new, active dating life. Of course, if her date tomorrow goes as well as she hopes Edyn is going to need to hide her slave somehow. “Its not that I’m weird, you’re weird,” she says, ordering the slave to roll himself under her bed while she’s on the date! Miss Edyn Blair, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Jeans Facesitting Bound Slave

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