Subbyhubby: Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold: Cuck’s New Life (September 4st 2017)

Rikki Rumor is masturbating in her room while her boyfriend is in the shower. He catches her and he gets upset that she is masturbating with her vibrator and she isn’t having sex with him. She tells him it’s because he lasts 20 seconds. They attempt sex anyway and he can’t get his tiny pecker hard for her. She sarcastically tells him how satisfied she was. Before he leaves for work, he tells her that a man named Jack he knows is coming over to fix the A/C. She goes back to masturbating. A few hours later, Jack comes by and Rikki seems to take a liking to him. He is a very sexy black man with a very large cock. Rikki has him in her bedroom within minutes and she is sucking him off. She decides to make a video of it to send it to her husband while he is at work. She decides to show her husband what is satisfying her. Toby gets the video of her blowing Jack and is very angry and decides to head right home. When Toby gets home, Rikki decides to stand up to her pathetic husband and tells him she wants a divorce. He begs her to please not get a divorce, and she decides to take advantage of this and turns him into a cuckold. She shows him the maid outfit she wants to put on him, with the high heels and everything. This is what he is going to have to go through if he wants to be with her. He cries like a bitch and she doesn’t care and makes him go and clean the house. The most important part, is that Rikki will now be allowed to fuck whoever she wants. Toby is now cleaning and sobbing while Rikki threatens him. The house is to be spotless as they have guests coming over

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