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Subbyhubby: Lexi Stretches the Boss P4

Lexi Luna has her sissy bitch slave kneeling before her again, giving the poor bitch her list of demands. She reminds him that he lives to please her, and his every reason for living is for her and her happiness. She is armed with her sharp wit and a big black strap on, verbally raping him, words of degradation freely flowing from her mouth. She forces him to suck on her strap on, deep throating the back black cock like the whore that he is. She violently rapes his pathetic mouth, forcing her big black cock in his mouth, pushing his head down deeper and deeper on it. After becoming bored with that, she beats his ass with her leather strap, preparing his ass for her big black cock. He knows what’s coming next, big black cock in his ass. She pounds his ass, from multiple positions, raping Gaping Gabriella. She goes long and hard, pounding away at him, tormenting him further. When she is done, she makes him clean the dildo, with his pathetic bitch mouth, tasting his own anal fluids.

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Resolution: 1920×1080

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