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Feminized: TS Mistress Sissy Training

TS Mistress Marissa is training a new sissy. She plans on teaching the sissy how to be a proper woman, and that starts with looking the part. She has told sissy repeatedly "NO BOY CLOTHES IN HER HOUSE!". Mistress strips off sissies offensive boy clothing and gives her a good spanking for disobeying strict orders.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Sister and Friend Turn Brother into Sissy with Help from Mother (1080 HD)

Natalya cinches her brother into a tight corset. She and her friend, Chloe, are turning him into a sissy. Danni, Natalya’s brother, complains about what the girls are doing to him. The girls laugh at him and do it anyway. Danni is almost fully transformed. The girls have made her wear a long wig, and pink garters with a matching collar, in addition to her usual chastity device. But Danni really does not want to be humiliated any longer by being dressed up this way. She puts up a stink, and Natalya responds by calling their Mother into the bedroom. Brianna enters to find her daughters quarreling. Brianna must reinforce to Danni that there are no males allowed in the household. She must go along with Mother’s rules and be a good girl. Brianna makes her son put on the satin panties that started the argument between the siblings in the first place. The females finish dressing Danni to fully-transform the awkward young man into a pretty girl. They complete the transformation with a lesson in poise, and taunt Danni with hints at what will come next for her…
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Goddess Harley – Taped Up and Pimped Out

When I saw you at the bar I know I could get you back here and Duct Tape you to that chair. You’ll notice that your wearing sexy lingerie, LOL! I have a little agreement with the guys that live here. I provide real life faggot sex dolls for them to abuse. I think it hilarious that guys at that bar think they can get with me. Just make sure you open up your asshole real wide for then cuz I get paid more if you satisfy more guys.
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Subbyhubby: Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 6: Ass Licking Cuck (September 11th 2017)

Rikki Rumor has her husband worship her gorgeous ass. She shoves his head right up into it. She has never done that before and she feels totally in control of her marriage now. She loves the way his tongue feels deep in her asshole. If he ever expects to get near her perfect pussy ever again, he must lick her ass properly like a good bitch.
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Subbyhubby: Saving Our Marriage – MiniMovie

Leena wants to save her marriage with Cameron, but his small penis is totally incapable of satisfying her. After going to the store to buy marital aids she hopes will save their marriage, Leena has Cameron worship and clean her ass before the next addition to the marriage, James, comes over. James is a big dicked stud who knows how to fuck women.

Cameron has one of the new marital aids, a chastity device, locked on as he has to lick the feet of Leena and James while they fuck. After cleaning up the stud’s cum off his dick and Leena’s pussy, Leena challenges Cameron to a cock sucking competition to see who can make James cum. Not only does Cameron lose, but Leena uses James’s cum as lube when she fucks Cameron in the ass with a double sided dildo, yet another new marital aid! Leena then fucks the other end of the dildo, bending Cameron in half while she greedily pleases herself. Leena then has Cameron suck off James’s cock again while also having to clean his ass juices from the dildo that had been in his ass.

As Leena and James cuddle and kiss, Cameron is reduced to a chastised foot cleaner for them both. Leena has Cameron thank James for fucking her before he leaves, then allows Cameron a reward – he gets to fuck her! Well, actually, just the space next to her big toe; it is more than enough for his tiny cock! Whatever pleasure Cameron might have gotten from his orgasm is ruined by the small dick humiliation he must endure and from eating up his little cum load.
Leena then uses more of the marital aids she bought – a wig, a dress, and a duster – to make Cameron her little sissy. Leena puts Cameron through sissy training, from walking in heels to cleaning her toilet with his tongue to cleaning her kitchen, then rewards him with some appropriate nourishment. Leena just laughs as she tells her totally degraded and used husband that this will be his daily life from now on if he wants to save their marriage.
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress India – Worship my Ass and my Pussy

You are a worthless sissy. However, the most delicious Mistress you will ever serve, India Amazonas is ready to give you a treat. Tonight you are allowed to oil her precious ass and rub her delicious body. But only at her instructions. Make sure those hands do not stray.
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Subbyhubby: Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather MiniMovie

Cameron is a super hot woman with a problem – her stepfather is totally perving out on her, watching her all the time, especially when she is with her boyfriend. When she actually catches him jacking off to her, Cameron confronts him and tells him that if he doesn’t do exactly what she wants, she is going to tell her mother, who will kick the perverted stepdad to the curb. Cameron knows she has the upper hand, so she slaps her new bitch in the face again and again, then puts him in a scissor just to hurt him. But what Cameron really wants to do is have fun with his perversions. Little does stepdad know that Cameron is actually a Dominatrix and that her “boyfriend” is actually a sissy bitch in training, and now stepdad will be too! Cameron puts her stepdad to work cleaning her ass with his tongue while the lowly sissy boyfriend has to worship her feet. Cameron then puts the bitches to work cleaning the house until she gets back from partying. Unable to find the stud cock she wanted, Cameron decides to fuck her stepdad instead – all while making her “boyfriend” watch and clean up after them. Cameron just laughs as her sissy bitch boyfriend has to clean up the huge cum load off her pussy and the stepdad’s cock. Since he seems so revolted by cleaning the stepdad’s cock, Cameron orders her sissy boyfriend to make love to it with his tongue, sucking the cock and licking the balls until stepdad blows another load of cum, this time all over the boyfriend’s face! Cameron realizes the boyfriend needs more sissy training, so it is back to walking in heels and learning to show off his body like a proper sissy slut. Cameron plans on whoring both of these bitches out and wants to make sure they can really take cock in their ass, so she orders both of them to fuck themselves in the ass with a dildo while she watches, masturbating to their humiliation. But these bitches can’t even fuck themselves right, so Cameron has to take over and fuck each of them herself. She truly enjoys turning the men in her life into pathetic little bitches. Now she won’t have to worry about her stepdad perving out on her anymore. Cameron has her stepfather and her boyfriend both kneel before her, naked and in chastity, so she can gloat about her power over them. Cameron orders her stepdad to lick her ass while her boyfriend worships her feet. As her slaves do her bidding, Cameron humiliates and degrades them both, laughing at how pathetic they are. She leaves them to do her housework while she goes off to find a real man to fuck. Cameron returns from partying and is upset to see that her stepfather has performed his housework duties poorly. She wonders why her mother even keeps him around; maybe he is a good fuck? Cameron decides to find out for herself, telling her stepdad to fuck her – and her boyfriend to lick his feet! The cuck boyfriend is disgusted, but obeys Cameron’s orders. Cameron really gets into fucking her stepdad, making him perform from several different positions, all while making her bitch of a boyfriend first clean their feet, then lick his cock and balls and her pussy while they fuck. After her stepdad blows a huge load all over her pussy, Cameron orders her cuck boyfriend to lick the cum off of the stepdad’s dick, then off of her pussy. Cameron asks her cuck bitch boyfriend if he would like to taste her pussy; of course he says yes. But Cameron has a surprise for him; he has to taste it off of her stepfather’s dick! She just loves humiliating the bitch, ramming his face down on the cock again and again. Cameron grabs her bitch of a stepfather and orders him to blow a big load all over her boyfriend’s face. Cameron laughs hysterically at all the cum on his face, then orders him to eat it just for her amusement. Cameron tells her boyfriend that, since she has trained him to suck cock, he is now nothing but a sissy bitch and needs to learn how to look and act like one. Cameron applies some makeup to her sissy, then orders him to show her how sexy he can walk. After a few tries, he does it to her satisfaction, then has to demonstrate his humping skills. Cameron just laughs at what a bitch she has turned her boyfriend into. Cameron plans to whore both of her bitches out and wants to make sure they can take cock properly so she orders them to fuck themselves in their own asses with a dildo while she supervises. As her bitches shove dildos in and out of their asses, Cameron masturbates her pussy, excited to see what levels of humiliation her men are willing to take for her. Cameron decides that the bitches are not fucking themselves well enough so she decides to take over, bending her bitches over and ramming the dildos up their asses. But their training is not over, as Cameron orders each of them to clean up their ass juices off their dildos – after all, a whore should never leave a customer’s cock dirty.
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Subbyhubby: Pizza Boy Gets Cuckold (June 19th 2017)

Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati are talking about how much they just love owning men and are waiting for the pizza boy to arrive, though they have no hunger for pizza but plan to have some fun with the delivery boy, Toby walks up to the house and knocks on the door and says Hello ladies I have your pizza with extra EXTRA SAUSAGE!!! Daisy yells back to Raven that the pizza boy is kind of cute, She replies invite him in, She grabs him and yanks him in the door, Then the ladies ask him if he has some sausage for them, Cocky Toby who thinks he is the coolest says yes i got just what you need, They tell him to do a striptease for them, and he stands up and starts wiggling his little ass like he is a Chip in Dales dancer, The woman encourage him to take it off, when he finally takes his pants down the girls bust out laughing, That he has to have the smallest dick they have ever seen, Raven asks if it is a micro penis, Toby says it’s just cold in their house and that it’s a grower not a shower, Daisy pulls out a ruler and measures only less than 2″ The ladies bust out laughing again, and Toby says he wants to leave, Awww the girls persuade him to stay telling him that they like things kinky, then Daisy puts a gold diamond studded collar on Toby and shoves his face down to their feet and tells him that new tiny dick boys start at the bottom and work their way up, The pizza boy begins to lick the woman’s feet like a pathetic little cucky, and Raven tells him that his day is only beginning. Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now tell the pizza boy that they need to get off, but that he could never please either one of them with his micro penis and that he gets to be the lube for their dildos, They both masturbate right in front of his face even letting him suck their pussy juice off the dildos they laugh at the fact that the only way this pathetic loser gets to taste pussy is off of a dick Goddess Raven Bay tells the pizza boy they have more fun in store for him as she holds his head between her thighs so tight that he is gasping for air, and Daisy Ducati comes back and puts her hand over his mouth to cut off his air even more, and tells him that he will be getting a face full of goddess ass. That’s right they are going to make the slut eat their asses and worship them, They completely face fuck him and smother him with their beautiful Ass, The woman are cruel and use him as their fuck toy. Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now have the pizza boy completely cross dressed in a red sexy glitter dress and add some final touches of lipstick he is now there sissy slut they make him strut his stuff and even dance for them now he will go out and seduce men and bring the studs back to the girls, after they have had their fun with their new cuckold sissy pizza boy the ladies decide they want to fuck, so they bend him over and get ready to strap up and fuck his man pussy. Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now are strapped up and ready to fuck some boy pussy. they bend the pizza boys slutty ass over and ram their cocks up his pretty little cuckold ass, making him beg for every inch, Then sucking his filthy ass off their strap ons
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Subbyhubby: Avoiding Detention By Fucking (June 16th 2017)

On their way to detention, Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are hit on by two losers who end up behind them in detention. They both want to get at Evelin and Kenzie, but are too pathetic for the hot girls to even think about being seen with. While at detention, the girls decide to have some fun with them, and let them fuck their shaved pussies with a chindo. The girls sit up on their desks and pull their panties to the side to all the losers to stuff their pussies with the chindo dicks. The losers clearly don’t know how to fuck as they don’t know the right movements to get the girls off. Still in detention, Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves decide to take control of the classroom. They stand up on the teacher’s desk and start stripping and making out. The girls tease all the guys in the room with their hot bodies. Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves take their panties off and start sliding dildos over their shaved wet pussies. They spread their legs so all the guys can see them pleasure themselves. The girls slide their dildos into their wet pussies just inches from the guys faces, teasing them while denying them and gratification. Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves have taken over control of the school detention classroom. Evelin has her eyes set on Mr. Cummings’ huge cock and lets him fuck her tight pussy on his desk. Kenzie Reeves thinks the other guys in the room are losers, so she just teases one of them by fucking herself with a pink dildo in front of his face. Evelin wants to ride Mr. Cummings’ hard cock, so she mounts him on his desk, and Kenzie rides his face, while the loser guys in detention sit and watch wearing skirts. Principal D caught Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves fucking Mr. Cummings in detention and the guys wearing skirts and was pissed. Kenzie and Evelin quickly hatch a plan and take control of Principal D, offering him the same thing that Mr. Cummings was getting. The bratty girls get him stripped quickly and show him their hot bodies, demanding that they both get passing grades and no more detentions for the rest of the year. After that is settled, the girls lay on the desk and let their pussies get fucked. The girls then ride the school officials until one of them ruins the fun and cums without permission
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Subbyhubby: Evaluating New House Bitches (June 9th 2017)

Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain are looking to have their position of house bitch filled and are expecting a couple of prospect subby sluts to interview. The Goddesses see if they can handle all of their demands and give them new uniforms. Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain make the guys dance around in their dresses to see how well they act like sissy sluts. After the guys show of their moves, Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain force them to their knees to start worshipping their feet. The guys kiss and lick their shoes before taking them off and smelling the inside. The Goddesses then use their slave’s tongues to lick and suck on their toes and feet. Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain have the next test for their job applicants. Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain want to see how well their pathetic bitches do sucking on their stockings. The Goddesses force their stocking covered feet into their bitches mouths, making them gag all over their toes. The Goddesses make their sissy subby sluts lay on their back and force feed them their feet to suck and gag on. Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain are still evaluating the applicants to become their house bitch. The Goddesses order the pathetic bitch boys to their knees and to start giving each other hand jobs. They yell at the loser guys to jerk each other’s cocks harder. When one of the applicants backs out because he can’t handle sucking a little cock, the other applicant gets a big reward. Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain put on strap ons and have him suck their big black cocks before they slide them into his sissy fuck hole. The Goddesses take turns pegging his pathetic pale ass and spit roasting their subby bitch.
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Subbyhubby: Poker Face – 3 Chicks 1 Cuck – Mini Movie

Esmi, Tristen, and Melanie are having fun partying, but with parents coming home soon, they need somewhere else to go. They remember that the local nerd boy, Eugene, is home alone for the weekend. The cruel girls decide to have some fun at his expense; they are going to make him into a chastised sissy bitch for their amusement while they use his house as a place to party! Eugene is so happy that hot girls are actually coming to his house that he quickly agrees to everything they ask – especially when they start flashing their tits, asses, and pussies at him! He agrees to get naked for them, causing them to burst out in laughter at how small his dick is, especially when compared to a real cock! Because his cock is so small, they let Eugene know that the only way he can be around them is to have his sissy dick locked in a cage – while he is dressed like a sissy as well. Of course, the pathetic geek is all too eager to agree to anything for these hot girls. So happy to be around hot girls, Eugene quickly agrees to be dressed in a sissy maid’s outfit and locked in chastity, cleaning house as the girls play poker and drink. The girls have an interesting twist on playing poker; as Eugene soon finds out. After getting the strapon locked on his head, Eugene is told to face fuck the pussy of the winner of the hand. If that girl actually show in any way that she enjoys it, she has to drink! How pathetic it makes Eugene feel, that the girls don’t even want to admit accepting pleasure from a dildo he is wearing on his face! The girls decide to play another game with Eugene: having him smell and lick their dirty asses clean, then guess which girl’s ass he was licking! The girls laugh as they order Eugene to breath in their ass odor, then rub their asses all over his face. Of course, the nerd guesses wrong several times before finally identifying the correct girl. Eugene is all excited, wondering what his prize is for finally winning the game. Knowing what they have planned next for him, the girls just burst out in laughter. The girls decide to order some pizza, ordering Eugene to answer the door in his sissy maids outfit. The girls tell the pizza man they have no money for a tip, but would he like a blowjob instead? He quickly agrees, but then gets told it will be Eugene giving it! Eugene does not want to do it, but the girls tell him it is the only way they will let him out of chastity, so he reluctantly agrees. The girls just laugh as Eugene sucks the pizza man’s cock, giving him directions and even forcing his mouth wider to get more of the cock in. When the pizza man blows a huge load all over Eugene’s face, they laugh at his humiliation, then order him to clean up so that they can use him some more. They leave him alone and sobbing, cum dripping down his face.
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Subbyhubby: Training A Slave Bitch

Princess Veronica Snow rules her kingdom with a hardcore smile and a firm hand. She always gets what she wants. Her bitch boy sissy maid has been eating her ass for quite a while and he will be eating it longer still. He doesn’t deserve her beautiful pussy, only her sweaty ass. He does as she instructs. When she is tired of him, she slaps his face and orders him to get back to cleaning like the little bitch boy he is. Veronica Snow has her sissy bitch continuously cleaning while she is out fucking better men. She comes home and feeds him the cum from the condom that was worn by her bull. Down the big load goes down her bitch’s pathetic throat. She decides that she wants him to pleasure her hot young pussy with a dildo gag while she thinks about her hugely hung stud. Her sissy slave pleasures her with the dildo gag while she moans and verbally taunts him. Princess Veronica enters the room, smirking at her sissy bitch. “We’re going to see how much COCK CONTROL you have!” she laughs at her pathetic man. Veronica bends her slave over so he is only inches away from her beautiful pussy. She pleasures herself with her vibrator while making him watch. He isn’t allowed to taste or touch her but is so close he can smell her wetness but is helpless to do anything about it. He feels so humiliated in that sissy maid dress. Veronica then puts a wig and lipstick on her bitch and makes him curtsy for her. Princess Veronica grows tired of her sissy’s terrible walk. “How are you going to be my little blowjob whore if you cannot even act cute?” says a very bratty Veronica. Veronica suddenly notices why he was walking so funny. He was trying to hide his boner. She laughs at his pathetic hard-on and decides she will let him use it….to fuck her blow-up lamby. She commands him to fuck the inflatable lamby while laughing at him and making him say “baaaa” just like a lamby over and over again. She lets him cum inside of it, but he must now eat it! Princess Veronica knows what time it is. It’s time to show her sissy how to be a proper slut. First she sees how well her sissy can suck her cock. Then she bends him over the couch and lifts up his sissy maid dress. Next she pushes her big cock into his tight, aching pussy. She fucks him hard and deep, laughing and making fun of him while he groans from the size of her cock and humiliation. Veronica doesn’t stop, she only moves him into a better position, so she can see his pathetic cock flop away as she fucks his pussy
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Subbyhubby: Goddess Valora’s Slut Competition (Full Movie)

Goddess Valora called over two of her guy friends to have a little chat with them. She knows that they both have a little crush on her, and she doesn’t think they can keep up with her as she likes things kinky and freaky. The boys swear they can hang, and agree to a test to prove they can. Goddess Valora takes the first subby boy, has him dress up in a pale blue dress and sissy strut in front of her. Goddess Valora then forces him to worship her high heels. She presents her dirty shoes for him to lick and suck on. Goddess Valora wants her subby sissy slut to taste the floor with her tongue before she lets him cum over her high heels. Goddess Valora has her new sissy slut back to suck on her toes. She wants to feel his wet tongue between each of her toes. Goddess Valora’s subby sucks her toes until he gags on her foot, while she laughs at what a whore he is being. Goddess Valora has her sissy lay on the floor with his tongue out while she rubs the bottom of her foot all over his tongue, until he complains like a little bitch that it hurts too much. Goddess Valora wants her subby sissy to stroke his small penis until he cums. Since he spilled his filth on her nice shoes earlier, she needs to train him how to eat his own man gravy. The subby sissy slut is on his knees still in a blue dress and wig using two fingers to jerk off his little itty bitty clitty dick. Goddess Valora is waiting with a spoon to catch his pathetically small fith load, then feeds him like a baby who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. After he chokes down his small load, Goddess Valora pulls out a bottle of her other “friends” cum that she force feeds him with. Goddess Valora is ready to fuck her sissy subby slut’s ass, when she discovers that he has never had anything in his tight boy-pussy. Goddess Valora tells him to stretch out his virgin fuck hole with a purple butt plug so she can really fuck him later. The sissy slut is bent over the couch with his ass spread, shoving a butt plug up his boy pussy, when his friend comes in wearing a red dress claiming that he is a kinkier slut. Wanting to impress Goddess Valora, they both get on the couch and start filling their slutty man pussies. Goddess Valora is excited to have to subby sissy sluts eager to please her on their knees sucking her huge cock. Goddess Valora grabs their heads and forces them to gag and choke on her long thick dick. She then bends one of her subby sissy sluts over to start peggig him while the other still stretches out his tight man pussy. Goddess Valora then switches up and slides her hard strap on cock into the other sissy slut’s ass. Goddess Valora fucks his man pussy hard.
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Subbyhubby: Dava’s Cuckold Sissy Slut

Goddess Dava Foxx has a new sissy slut who serves her. Today, slut boy Toby is cleaning the bedroom while cross-dressing and wearing high heel shoes. Goddess Dava comes in and sees he has forgotten one thing. She applies bright pink lipstick to his mouth and then instructs him to get down on his knees and worship her perfectly manicured feet. He licks and sucks on Goddess’s toes. Goddess Dava gets rough with him by shoving her foot in his mouth and sitting on him making sure he does his job properly. She tells him that this is the start of his new life in servitude. After Goddess Dava Foxx’s sissy slut Toby finishes worshiping his Goddess’s feet he has a chindo strapped to his face and he better get to work fucking her to orgasm. Toby freeze’s still, intimidated by such a dominating Goddess. Goddess Dava Foxx grabs his head and starts to grind on the chindo yelling fuck me harder bitch boy. He tries his best to please his Goddess, but fails like the miseralbe sissy slut he is. Goddess Dava instructs him to fetch her red vibrator so she can show him how to properly please a woman. Goddess Dava Foxx shows her sissy slut Toby, his chastity key and reminds him why he is locked up. Toby’s tiny cock is useless! She shows him the finer points on how to please a real woman and tells him that this is what has replaced him, A red shiny 8″ inch vibrator. She holds it on her wet pink pussy then turns it up and starts to moan louder as poor Toby’s little dicklette strains inside it’s tiny cock cage. Goddess Dava Foxx starts to have multiple orgasms, as Toby drips pre-cum all inside of his chastity device. After she has cum many times, she shoves her red dildo in his slutty little mouth, just to give him have a little teasing taste of a pussy he will never deserve to have. Goddess Alexis Fawx has brought home a date and introduces him to Toby, the cuckold sissy slut. She shows Toby the chastity key hanging around her neck and reminds him of his place, then instructs him to get her date hard so she can be fucked by a real man. Toby is made to jerk of Alexis’s date while she rubs her pussy and tells him to lick her date’s balls and to stroke his cock faster. Alexis loves the power she has over men. Finally her date is pounding her pussy hard giving her multiple orgasms as she makes her sissy slut watch and lick her feet. She starts smacking him in the face as she cums one final time, then instructs him to clean up all of her date’s filth from her pussy. Toby slurps it up like a good cucky happy to be included in Goddess Alexis’s sex life. Goddess Dava Foxx loves humiliating her cuckboy Toby. She makes him lay down with her new boyfriend standing over him as she strokes his big hard cock and compares it to Toby’s small dicklette. Goddess Dava Foxx tells Toby he needs to beg for the cum as she keeps stroking her new dude’s dick right over Toby’s pathetic face. Finally the boyfriend dumps a huge thick white gooey load all over Cuckold boy Toby. Dava puts Toby on his knees in front of her new man and makes him say thank you for the load of filth. Goddess Dava Foxx’s sissy bitch Toby is cleaning the room when she strolls in wearing a 12″ inch pink Strap-On cock. She orders him to drop to his knees, takes out some dark red lipstick and tells the little bitch boy to pucker up. Goddess Dava puts the lipstick on his slutty little mouth. Then Goddess Dava writes Cum Whore on his chest and then tells him to suck her cock, better yet gag on it. Toby swallows the whole dick and then begs her to fuck his cuck pussy. Dava loves the control she has over men and grabs the cucky boys pantyhose and rips a hole right in the back, so she can shove her hard cock up his slut hole. She fucks him hard and flips him over for more, Tobey bites down on a pillow as his goddess Fucks his cuckold slut hole even harder.
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Goddess Vivian Leigh Catches Peeping Perverts (ENTIRE MOVIE)

Goddess Vivian Leigh is chilling at home when she hears a couple of burglars trying to steal her underwear. She catches them and threatens to call the police unless they do as she says. Goddess Vivian has them dance in front of her to prove who is the bigger fuck slut. Goddess Vivian Leigh has the winner of the dance off worship her feet. She forces him to lick the bottom of her goddess feet and lick them all over like a good little fuck slut subby. Goddess Vivian Leigh pulls out her strap on out and has her little subby bitch start to suck on it. She tells him not to be scared of her cock, to enjoy it. Goddess Vivian has him put the whole thing in his mouth and get it nice and wet with his spit. Goddess Vivian Leigh has her subby bitch bent over when she lines up her big wet strap on cock with his tight ass. She slides her big black cock deep into his subby ass.
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Subbyhubby: Vanessa Cage’s House Boy (Full Movie)

Toby is desperate, about to lose his apartment his car is going to be repossessed he really needs a job and fast, he sees a strange ad that says houseboy needed must be willing to do everything I say, he figures what do I have to lose and goes on to the job interview, upon arriving he sees a beautiful hot blonde laying out by her pool topless on the phone he knocks on the screen she waves him in , he extends his hand and says I’m here for the job interview with an annoyed look on her face the goddess puts her hand up telling him to wait, then she stands up pushes him down to his knees and explains he must be willing to do everything she says, Toby agrees and she hands him a pink diamond studded collar and tells him put this on bitch and worship my feet, Toby looks confused, she smacks him and says do you want the job or not, he replies yes Goddess and starts to lick and suck her toes, Worships Goddess Vanessa’s feet like a good little slut puppy, after Vanessa is through she instructs the bitch to clean her pool and then meet her in the garage but to stop and put on the rest of his uniform, Goddess Vanessa walks into the garage and makes him spin to show off his new cucky boy outfit, She feels it needs one more thing, and puts lipstick on the bitch. Then instructs him to empty everything out of the garage and move it to the barn and after he is through to move everything back into the garage, Toby asks why? She says because I told you Too Bitch now get to worthwhile enjoying a masturbation session with her favorite vibrator, Goddess Vanessa Cage is interrupted by her new houseboy Toby, who informs Goddess that he has finished her chore of moving the contents of the garage to the barn. Unimpressed with Tobys work and annoyed at the interruption, Goddess Vanessa demands Toby move everything from the barn BACK to the garage! Frustrated and humiliated to be wearing a dress, lipstick, and heels, Toby trots off to lug all the equipment he had carried to the barn back to the garage. With this futile exercise complete, Goddess Vanessa notices the frustrated attitude of her houseboy and decides to see just how badly she can frustrate him. With her perfect pink pussy glistening under the pulsations of her vibrator, the divine Goddess rests her perfect ass on her bitchboys chest, his cries of frustration turning her on more and more. Amused by his longing, Goddess Vanessa toys with her pet, allowing him to get within inches, but not able to make contact with her womanhood. As tears of frustration stream down the useless cucky boys face, Goddess Vanessa is overcome with passion and convulses in orgasm on top of her helpless slave. Removing the vibrator from her tight pink pussy, Goddess Vanessa shoves her toy into Tobys slutty, lipsticked mouth and orders him to complete his chores WITHOUT dropping it. Bursting with frustration, Toby gets to work folding the laundry, obediently holding the Goddesses vibrator in his gullet as instructed.As Toby is dusting Goddess Vanessa Cages room trying to be the perfect houseboy still locked away in a chastity. She decides to have a little fun with him. Goddess Vanessa makes her new bitchboy stop dusting and asks him Do you want to fuck my tight pink pussy? Toby gets all excited and starts to get a big grin on his face till she pulls out a chindo and makes him strap it over his red lipsticked mouth and get on his knees. As this cucky boy gets to work pleasing his Goddess she moans in ecstasy. Goddess Vanessa makes Toby go faster and faster informing him this will be the closest he will ever get to my tight pussy. Once Goddess Vanessa has reached her climax she shoves Toby off and instructs him to get back to work cleaning her restroom. As her new houseboy is cleaning the toilet Goddess walks in and tells him he is doing it wrong. My houseboys dont clean like that, now open your fuck hole, as she puts in a toilet brush right in Tobys mouth. Now get back to work!!!Mistress Vanessa Cage has her new house boy sweeping the floors when she decides to give him a nice surprise or should we say a nice big surprise. Mistress Vanessa calls Toby and informs him that she is horny and wants to fuck, but wants him on his knees, eyes closed and waiting for her. Toby is so happy he doesn’t even hesitate. When Mistress Vanessa makes her bitch boy open his eyes he looks like a dear in headlights when Mistress shoves her 12 purple cock right in his pretty lipsticked fuckhole. After this cucky boy has lubed up Mistress Vanessa’s cock with his own saliva, she bends him over and begins to stretch his tight little man pussy. As Toby begins to cry and whimper like a little bitch, Mistress Vanessa reads out her list of chores that her new house boy still has to do as she fucks him with her 12 cock.Mistress Vanessa Cage has gotten her cucky boy a present, well its more like a present to help him do more chores. After giving toby his new ironing board and instructing him to clean all her clothes. Mistress Vanessa then wants him to cut the grass with a pair of scissors. As Toby is cleaning the living room again since last time he was interrupted by Mistresses 12 strap-on, Mistress Vanessa decides to reward her sissy house boy. First she teases him as he is locked away in a chastity device by dangling the key to his freedom and blowing on his locked up 2 dick. As his 2 dicklet starts to grow he is in pain from his chastity. Then Mistress Vanessa finally unlocks him and plays with his dicklet for her own amusement. Just before Toby is about to release his filth, Mistress stops and laughs and informs him that she is done playing with him and that he can jerk his own dick, but he better release his filth in his own hand and not a drop on her rug. After her cucky boy has done as told, Mistress Vanessa hands this sissy a blow-up duck to fuck and to use his own filth as lube and walks away. Oh no, it looks like this house boy forgot a chore. Mistress Vanessa returns with the trash Toby was supposed to dump and says since you didnt dump the trash, maybe I should and throws the trash all over the floor for this houseboy to clean up.
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Subbyhubby: Bella Reese And The Help (Full Movie)

Bella works the help a little too hard! After hours of hard slave labor in the sun, Miguel hasn’t eaten or drank anything. Now he is dizzy and weak and has to beg mistress for food. With the scent of a fresh meal lingering in the air and a table full of hot food, Miguel is offered a choice. “You can eat or you can lick my ass” Bella says. Miguel is released from chastity and eats Bella’s ass before she ties him up and rides his cock. But mistress doesn’t want his cum in her so she empties the condom on Miguel’s face! “Here’s your protein for today Miguel..” That’s all he gets for dinner. … Now get back to fucking work.
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