Kates Palace – Extremely Tubed 2

But the fun has only just begun. Now that he’s had a proper spring cleaning, SHE might as well get him really spiffed up and hose down his “temple” from a few more neglected slots. LADY KATE is by no means short of the necessary equipment, and SHE knows all the proper techniques: an elongated catheter here, a bit of expert fisting there and before he knows it he’ll be ready to welcome a seemingly endless pharyngeal tube all the way to the pit of his stomach. Now we’re talking! (But not him.) As always, THE GENEROUS HOSTESS can offer ample quantities of HER finest champagne to help slither this gourmet delight in to where it can do the most good. It’s time to give full rein to HER deepest desires and do the job like never before. Spring cleaning will never be the same again.

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