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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Annihilating Losers Hole Part 2

Things now start getting a lot more serious in the second and final clip in this series. Bellatrix starts banging him like there is no tomorrow and at the very least this slave probably won’t be walking to well tomorrow after the brutal assault his ass is taking. She is convinced he can take something larger than her big black cock, so she pulls out her strapon and finds a massive ass-ripping dildo to shove up his hole, but before she does that she makes him lick his own juices off Her strapon, straight from ass to mouth. This larger insertable dildo slides into his mangina with just a bit of resistance, he does get fucked repeatedly every day by Bellatrix and Her friends and it is paying off, so she starts literally annihilating his hole until he begs for… MORE. Yes, this bitch has been well trained and literally can not get enough cock. Pulling it out to show him, he immediately begs to lick his ass juices and who is Bellatrix to deny him.
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Kinky Mistresses – Used by the girl from the street

KMS in Madrid,… 3 years ago!!! i talk to a young beautiful girl who was working on the street,… i ask her ” you like kinky stuff?” filming? check out what she do with the slave!
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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Susi Puts Her Whip Up Your Ass

Mistress Susi has a big black cock that is ready to go up your ass. Hands bound behind your back, the curvy Mistress Susi guides that big cock up your waiting ass hole.
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Kates Palace – Extremely Tubed 2

But the fun has only just begun. Now that he’s had a proper spring cleaning, SHE might as well get him really spiffed up and hose down his “temple” from a few more neglected slots. LADY KATE is by no means short of the necessary equipment, and SHE knows all the proper techniques: an elongated catheter here, a bit of expert fisting there and before he knows it he’ll be ready to welcome a seemingly endless pharyngeal tube all the way to the pit of his stomach. Now we’re talking! (But not him.) As always, THE GENEROUS HOSTESS can offer ample quantities of HER finest champagne to help slither this gourmet delight in to where it can do the most good. It’s time to give full rein to HER deepest desires and do the job like never before. Spring cleaning will never be the same again.
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Kinky Mistresses – Fetish Nelja – Anal Stretching

White latex Blouse, white latex Stockings and a black Miniskirt. The Asian Mistress,Fetish Nelja is stretching her slaves ass with her fist and hands. Watch how much he is enjoying this!!
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Kinky Mistresses – Lady Luciana – Ride The Huge Strap On

When your Girlcock is that big, your sluts must find creative ways to make it go up your ass. Lady Luciana demands that your tight ass find a way to pleasure her girl cock. Now get to work slut.
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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel – Our little secret

The take down. Kade is a cop who is required to be completely feminized as an undercover prostitute so he may infiltrate the underworld and bring down the kingpin that runs there streets. His cover is almost blown by his partner Lexi showing up during a transaction that evening. She doesn’t understand what could be taking him so long to complete this assignment. Things get heated when Kade starts blaming officer Sindel for almost destroying everything he has worked for, the countless nights walking the streets as a whore to bring down his target. Lexi doesn’t stand for taking any of her pathetic whore of a partners bullshit, she does what she has to do to gain the upper hand and take control of their partnership. The two break out in a catfight where Lexi over powers him revealing he has no panties under the street walker dress he is wearing. She fondles his cock and balls, “I think you are taking so long on this job because you like being a WHORE!” Lexi pulls out a leather strap, if he wants to be a whore she will happily treat him like one. Lexi straps his ass bright red, perfect for fucking. Lexi then strap-on fucks her partner, “This is what you wanted isn’t it? You want to get fucked like a whore??” Her partner is extremely embarrassed, but excited at the same time. Lexi notices her partner getting aroused while being abused and cross dressed. Lexi starts to stroke his cock while verbally berating him for being such a cheap hooker. “I bet you fucked some of the John’s on the street didn’t you whore?” She strokes his cock until he squirts cum all over the floor, then rubs his face in it. What a disgusting filthy slut.
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Radical Anal – Lady Kacy Kisha – Fisting Cunt burst open

My latex anal cunt trollop needed it once more crude in the arse. I wanted it in such a way. For it I specially slipped over to myself my long latex gloves. Since today the trip should go really deeply to the arse. Cool in the change with both hands the arse fanny sprinkle and mend the latex slaves hard the fuck hole. So that he could also not run away missed I to him in addition handcuffs and pole fixed him in the giving a shower. Horny and crude ones I fucked the sow and fell in love immediately with the hot sight of the being open arse fanny. Want you to experience this also sometimes?
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Mistress T – Nurse AssRams Pervert

HUGE STRAP-ON ASS FUCKING with MEAN VERBALS. This pervert comes into the medical office every couple of months for a PROSTATE exam. He’s always jerking his horny dick & being a creep around the nurse’s. He’s only had 1 finger in his ass so the nurse decides to teach him a lesson he won’t forget and throws a HUGE DILDO in his ass with NO WARM-UP at all. She pounds his ass mercilessly, stretching & punishing it…all the while lashing out verbally to ensure he never comes back to bother the nurse’s again.
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