Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Annihilating Losers Hole Part 2

Things now start getting a lot more serious in the second and final clip in this series. Bellatrix starts banging him like there is no tomorrow and at the very least this slave probably won’t be walking to well tomorrow after the brutal assault his ass is taking. She is convinced he can take something larger than her big black cock, so she pulls out her strapon and finds a massive ass-ripping dildo to shove up his hole, but before she does that she makes him lick his own juices off Her strapon, straight from ass to mouth. This larger insertable dildo slides into his mangina with just a bit of resistance, he does get fucked repeatedly every day by Bellatrix and Her friends and it is paying off, so she starts literally annihilating his hole until he begs for… MORE. Yes, this bitch has been well trained and literally can not get enough cock. Pulling it out to show him, he immediately begs to lick his ass juices and who is Bellatrix to deny him.

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