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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Take It In Your Slutty Mouth And Ass

Miss Jasmine has you on your knees in front of her. “You know how you love seeing me get fucked by big juicy cocks, well I have a surprise for you” she says as the camera scrolls down to her 12” strapon cock. She strokes it and tells you how she is going to fuck you for the first time. She tells you to open your mouth because you are going to have to take it all the way down your throat first. “It’s not going to be easy but I want you to take it all the way down your throat because when I fuck you, you are going to want as much lube on this as you can get” she laughs.

She now orders you to show her your man-gina and says she has seen enough hints from you to know you want it and she refuses to take no for an answer. She explains how the penetration also stimulates her as the end of the dildo presses into her pussy and gets her hot with lust, your discomfort of little concern to her at that point. Jasmine looks amazing as she taunts you with her body, turning and twisting, standing then sitting on the couch and raising her legs in the air, to insure you see all of her. Now she again forces the cock down your slutty mouth until it’s nice and wet. “Spread your man pussy for me” she tells you. She starts by pressing just the tip into you, fucking you slowly and then a bit faster. She tells you to make her proud, she wants you to be her personal porn star and then she rams it in all the way. Miss Jasmine will be seeing you get fucked daily from now on.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – He’s Our Sweat Pet

Famous female wrestler Mutiny and Miss Jasmine are working out and taking turns on the elliptical. The one not working keeps their slave busy by making him lick the sweat of their bodies with special attention paid to their asses… because it feels so good. The scene opens with the slave licking the clearly visible sweat off of Mutiny’s ass while Jasmine is back on the elliptical building up more sweat for him. Mutiny then has the slave lick her cleavage before sending him down to her legs and then each foot. We now see that Jasmine is starting to get rather wet and once Mutiny feels her entire body has been licked clean, the ladies change places. Some wonderful angles of both ladies luscious sweaty bodies.

Mutiny regrets having to get back on the equipment she is having so much fun but Jasmine needs her time too. “I purposely kept this one thirsty all day” she says as the slave eagerly licks her clean happy to focus on her ass cheeks and crack until Jasmine decides he’s being selfish and orders him to work down her legs to her feet. One leg and then the other. Mutiny has only met Jasmine’s slave today and Jasmine mentions that he is obviously working hard to impress her. The slave now licks Jasmine’s stomach and up to her breasts as she demands that every bead of sweat be licked up. Now Mutiny comes back down for a final licking and this time they both press their asses into his face. “When we lock him up and leave, he’ll always have his memories” Jasmine says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – Pathetic Boot Worm Gets To Smell Sweaty Ass

Lady Bellatrix is on her love seat and she calls her bitch over. After a day of harsh discipline she is not done with him yet. “The struggle is the reward” she reminds him and then makes him beg to worship her boots. He snivels and begs until she orders him to suck the heel like it’s a cock. The slave takes it all the way down his throat. She then makes him lick the grooves on her soles and in the special nooks and crannies these boots provide. She then swings each leg up and down asking the slave how the view is as he now gets a perfect look at her ass. She then directs him back to her boots and has him lick up and down the length of both boots. She wants them squeaky clean from his tongue. She slaps him when his tongue touches her skin. He’s not good enough for that.

Back and forth he licks as she admonishes him for being so pathetic. She tells him to contemplate his future as her slave, how she will make him suffer and work for her. Again she raises her legs in the air teasing her slave with her ass. The gusset all but covers her anus and pussy and when she talks about how hot and sweaty she is down there the poor slave is beside himself. She then lifts her arms up exposing her sweaty armpits as well. She then touches herself and directs the slave to bring his nose to her asshole. She tells him to sniff it. She then gets up on the couch into a kneeling position and pulls the slaves head into her ass. “When you are back in the stable with the other slaves they will smell ass on your face and be very jealous” she tells him. She slams and grinds her ass into his face and says she is marking her property. Now she has had enough of him and pushes him away, “Go get me a cold drink” she demands.
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Clubstiletto – I Don’t Shave Office Boy, Now Eat My Pussy And Ass

Lady Katy is sitting at her desk as you crawl in. You are her new office slave and she tells you to kiss her feet. She tells you she is different than the other ladies in the office in that she is the dirtiest of them all. “You’ve probably been in other offices just worshiping feet, but here worshiping feet is just a start” She warns you. She tells you that you will be worshiping every inch of her. Prepare yourself as she directs you from her shoes, up her legs, up to her panties for a sniff and then the reveal of her massive hairy pussy. “I don’t shave”, She informs you, and explains the hair insures all of her sex clings to her making for a delightful fragrant smell that will be in your nostrils all day.

She tells you to kiss her pussy and says you will hate going to other offices once you have experienced her. “By the way, in this office you are also my toilet”, she adds. “When I have to piss you will open your mouth wide and when I have to take a dump you will open your mouth wide for that too.” She tells you she expects everything to be consumed then turns around and removes her panties, spreads her ass cheeks and you see her dirty hairy ass. She gets into some graphic talk here so you better be one of those subs who enjoys being completely used and debased. If that arouses you, then this is the clip for you. Katy sticks her finger up her ass to give you a taste and them laughs saying she knows when you crawl out of the office all the other girls will know exactly what you have been subjected to.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 5

Miss XI continues to have the creep back every week for more abuse. She caught him peeking through her window blinds some time ago, and has blackmailed him into showing up at her place weekly to use as she desires… or be exposed to his wife, church, friends, and employer. She has all the info she needs, which she craftily took from his phone, and she can easily ruin him. Today she has him lying on the floor with his head back on the couch so she can facesit him. Since it’s cold outside, XI wants to feel a warm mouth on her ass while she watches TV. The creep no longer has a sex life since his wife started fucking real men, and is probably happy just to have his mouth this close to a pussy, but XI is not here to make this fun for him. She drapes her legs over his body, places her stilettos on his little cock, and gives him a full weight sit, tightly sealing his face with her ass. She makes him kick before allowing a short breath. He seems to be really uncomfortable in this position and she tells him she couldn’t care less about his comfort. You get some particularly hot angles of her ass when she uses him as a seat cushion.

She tells the creep she might duct tape one of her lovers’ condoms into his mouth next time before she uses his face as a cushion. She asks whether he has questioned his wife about the lovers she has now taken and she wonders how it makes him feel. The creep cannot let his wife know that he knows she’s fucking other men for fear XI will reveal all to her and he’ll end up divorced and penniless. XI tells him that if his wife knew everything, maybe she’d show compassion and keep him around as her own seat cushion and fluffer. The creep is conservative, however, and although the thought makes his boil, there’s nothing he can do. XI says that the next time she makes him suck cock, she’ll have him watch a video of his wife getting gang banged. Through it all, she continues to deny him air until he kicks, desperate for air. Now, just for fun XI decides to scissor him with her legs while she pulls his hair. She threatens to have ‘loser’ tattooed on his forehead. She squeezes his neck with all her strength because she just loves to see his discomfort. Finally she makes him slap his own balls and says if he doesn’t do it hard enough she will stick her heel down his cock. Disgusted with his poor effort, she gives him a hard slap on the nuts and tells him he’s pathetic.
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Clubstiletto – Lick My Ass And I’ll Sit On Your Face and Make You My Toilet

This scene opens with gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels laying on her stomach on the bed. “One of my favorite things is having my ass licked” she tells you. “My slaves go crazy for it, kissing it, sticking their tongue between my ass crack and then inside me, and they love it when I sit on their faces.” She mentions that some slaves are even toilets and wonders if you would like to be her toilet too? She then calls you in to her ass and tells you to kiss it before ordering you to get your tongue between her cheeks and into her crack. “Do you like a clean ass or a dirty ass?” she asks, adding that you do seem pretty dirty. She teases you with her pussy but tells you that it’s not for you, your purpose is to service her ass.

After letting you gaze at her amazingly huge ass she tells you that once she has had enough of your tongue she will get you on your back and sit on your face. She wants to see you kicking for air. “Do you want me to fart in your face?” she asks. Now she surprises you by sending you off to the corner as she calls her other slave in. She wants you to see how eager this slave is and how well trained he is to tongue fuck her ass. She says her ass is like his morning cup of coffee. Goddess likes seeing you jealous, she wants you desperate to be in the place of her other slave. When she gives you an order you will do it because you do not want to lose your place under her ass. Now she tells her slave to get on his back, she is going to crush him under her ass. She sits on his face and the dumb slave is fighting for air within seconds. She laughs but is disgusted with his effort and it might just be time for your chance after all. Are you ready?
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Clubstiletto – Dirty Feet And Sweaty Pits For Horse Face

Russian Queen M has named her slave horse face after having him in a horse mask earlier in the day and deciding the name suited him, mask or not. She is hot and sweaty after a hard day of slave discipline and she tells horse face she wants him to crawl to her and lick all the sweat off of her. As he gets on the bed she grabs his face as if he’s a mutt and makes him show his tongue, she even uses the crop on his face. “Do you think that tongue is good enough to be used?” she asks and then tells him not to answer because his answer means nothing. She orders him to her toes and makes him beg to suck them. She reminds him she can find any guy to take his place and then says, “Say thank you, horse face.” After verbally demonstrating he is desperate for her toes she has him lick her toes, between her toes and all over her feet. Lots of verbal humiliation in this scene as Queen M clearly has disdain for this worthless but eager slut. In the end she allows him to cum and makes him eat his cum!
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Clubstiletto – Office Slave So Desperate To Lick My Asshole

Skylar has her office bitch on his knees, sniffing her ass. She makes him beg to lick it – and he does – he wants to lick it desperately. A well-trained slave knows that licking a woman’s ass is a great honor and a gateway to become a full toilet. Skylar gives you some back story on her slave. She explains that he’s not permitted to have traditional sex, that pussy is strictly forbidden, and as a result, he’s always desperate for ass. “He is the dirtiest slave we have at FemCorp” Skylar says. She tells the slave to remove her panties, and like a dummy, he reaches for them with his hands. She slaps him and tells him to use his teeth. When he finally gets them removed, she has him step back so you can admire her ass. She instructs him to crawl forward to spread her cheeks so he can deep tongue fuck her ass.

After a while, she tells him to stop, seats herself in her chair, and raises her legs so the slave – and you – get a magnificent view of her pussy. The slave dreams of pussy, but his pussy licking days are over. He only gets ass so is ordered back between her legs to give her a hard rimming. She torments him by saying she knows he wants to lick her pussy, but that it’s saved for real men, not pathetic worms like him. She asks if he can smell it but reminds him to not slack off from his ass eating duties. “I didn’t wipe it for you” she tells him and then admonishes him for not saying thank you. Skylar says her panties are soiled and that when the slave is finished with his rim job, she’s going to stuff them into his mouth and he’ll need to keep them in there all day. She gets up and kneels on the chair so the slave can come in behind to administer some long licks of her ass crack and hole. She makes him snort like a p1g and laughs at how pathetic he is. He continues to eagerly lick her ass. “When you go out to the office, when done here, I want you to make those same snorting sounds so the other ladies know you’re ready to serve.” S
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Clubstiletto – My Ass Smells Like Sex Now Cum Thinking About Him Fucking Me

Miss XI works her slave over with her feet while her girlfriend, Queen M, relaxes on the bed. She threatens to put him back into chastity and he begs her not to. She spits on his cock, tells him to start stroking, then sits on his face and mocks him for having such a small dick. She says her lover’s cock is bigger than her foot and displays one of her feet beside his little worm to make him feel even more inferior. The slave is so nervous he can’t even get wood. So sad! XI suggests that some air deprivation might help. She continues to verbally humiliate him, focusing on the easiest target – his limp unit. She stands up and gives him some spit to use as lube before she sticks a foot all the way down his throat. In the background, Queen M just giggles at what she sees and hears.

XI sits on the poor boy’s face again, and this time, she says she might let him cum if he gets hard… but he’ll have to eat it. And just like that his cock gets stiff! She asks him if her ass smells good and adds that it smells like sex because she was just fucked. She pulls up her dress to reveal the tiniest of G-strings underneath. Her ass looks amazing, which causes the slave to become really hard, and he’s close to coming. She sits her sweaty ass back down onto his face, pulls out a condom, and makes him put it on. She doesn’t want him to feel the pleasure of his own hand on his cock. She sits back down on his face as he continues to stroke. She drapes her legs across his body and you get some views of her sexy legs and perfect size four feet. She pulls on his nipples, and when he begs to cum, she allows him to explode in the condom. But she isn’t finished with him yet; she slaps his legs, yanks on his nipples, and tells him to keep stroking even though he’s already drained. Queen M decides to come over for a closer view so XI makes him remove the condom and drop it into his mouth. Both ladies laugh and laugh as they listen to him gag!
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Clubstiletto – Domina Ruby – Wake Up It’s Time To Put You To Sleep

Ruby enters the room after a wonderful night’s slumber to find her slave still asleep on the discipline bench where he spends his nights. She removes the towel from his face and as the camera pans over, you see he’s secured to the bench, wearing a leather hood. It’s brutal for sleeping but over time he has learned to catch small naps throughout the night. Ruby tells him he’s been getting way too much air and that she’s there to change this. Her gorgeous plump ass forms a perfect seal and she loves to center on his face while she watches him kick. She sits down and asks if he’s ready for the crush. Soon you hear a muffled scream from the slave so Ruby gives him a quick breath, but gets back down again before he can fully inhale. “A little of this and then he will be ready to prepare my breakfast” she says.

Ruby settles right in and stretches the slave to the limit, totally ignoring his screaming and thrashing. You can see that the slave is rock hard in his chastity device. Ruby says it’s time for less oxygen and makes each sit longer than the one before. She mocks him by saying that all the sitting has probably damaged his brain and she’s not even sure what he understands anymore. She turns around to face his feet and begins to slap his cage and balls while completely cutting off his ability to breathe. Ruby looks amazing as she settles in for good this time. The slave kicks a bit in the beginning before he starts to thrash and soon he becomes completely frantic. Ruby eventually gives him a chance to catch his breath fully before saying “It’s time for round two.”
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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Lick My Skanky OTK Boots

Lounging around in Her latex dress at Her dungeon, Miss Bellatrix beckons you to come closer and inspect Her boots in this POV. But before you even think of worshipping Her gorgeous thigh high PVC boots, you’ll have to work for it. Running Her long manicured finger nails up the full length of Her boots she entices you to beg for it. Once satisfied that you are pathetic enough to worship Her she lets you start licking at the heels of the nine inch stiletto heel. You should be aware of what a privilege it is to be in Her presence so you’d better do your best licking the scum off Her skanky PVC boots or someone else will take your place.
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Clubstiletto – It’s Good To Pee After Being Gangbanged, Drink It Cucky

Miss Jasmine has just gotten herself together after a gangbang. She mentions how unbelievable it was and how shocked she was by the number of guys who showed up. She goes into specific detail about the ways she enjoyed herself and says she’s very pleased that you, her husband, did such a good job fluffing everyone and bringing them to her in an orderly fashion, that she’s going to reward you. “Remember earlier how I said I might let you lick my pussy if you did a good job?” she asks you. Of course you do! “Unfortunately, when I started to think about your mouth on my pussy I started to gag so I’ve changed my mind.”

She tells you she does have to pee though and the good news is that you’re going to get her pee as well as the cum that comes out of her. She squats over a dawg bowl and starts to piss. Some hits the bowl, some goes on the floor. “You will have to lick the floor clean as well as everything in the dish” she tells you, and remarks that her pee is cloudy and smells like cum. She proceeds to let out a massive stream of it, and then lets out a fart for good measure, as some of the guys did fuck her up the ass. When she’s finished she gets you on all fours and has you start licking up the mess. She explains that the fucking really tired her out and that she’s going to lie down and have a nap, but not before going online to find more men for next week. “Lick everything up and then do the laundry” she demands. She expects everything to be spotless when she returns.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Sometimes I Just Like To Kick Him

This scene opens with Princess Skylar talking about how she likes to kick her slave. It may be because he has been bad, or maybe because he has been good, or maybe because she can and just wants to. We see her slave standing with his legs spread, eyes covered, and waiting for her, knowing what is to come. She tells him to go to his knees and put his hands behind his back. She wastes no time landing a solid blow to his already battered cock and balls. Skylar has powerful legs and each blow is solid. She lands a few, then starts with a series of kicks until he goes to the ground. She pets him and tells him that he knows it’s good for him and to get back up.

She makes him take off his shorts and the poor bitch is rock hard, betrayed by his own cock. She gets behind him and with the camera in front of the slave you see each kick come up and hit him directly on his sack. After about 20 kicks Skylar sits down on her slave turning him into her human furniture. She threatens to put nipple clamps on him and when he begs her not to she says she will refrain from doing so but only if she hears no complaining from the pending kicks to his nuts. She them jumps up and starts her attack on his battered berries yet again. Next she has him turn to face her with his hands on his head and again starts to kick him. She kicks him super hard and he has the nerve to swear. Shame, this means more sever punishment. “I love busting his balls”, she smiles at the camera.
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Clubstiletto – Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24/7 – Milk For Mommy’s Big Boy

This is the second clip in the series as gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels puts you through your paces learning to become her 24/7 slave. Today you find yourself in her bedroom. She is dressed in a slinky pink nighty and tells you she is happy with your progress to date and is starting to think you really do want to be her full time possession. She reminisces about how she made you do the housework yesterday with her panties taped in your mouth so you could taste her the entire time you worked. “Remember how I stuck the panties right up my crack first”, she reminds you. Today she has a real treat for you, you are going to be her big baybee boy. Yes you actually are allowed in her bed which is usually reserved for real men. You wouldn’t be fucking her though, like they do, but rather you will be sucking on her breasts just like a new born would. She grabs her own breasts and tells how you will be sucking on them, how you will get lost in them, feeling so safe, spending the whole night there, and when hungry you will feed from them. She exposes her big nipples as you anticipate latching on with your mouth.

She tells you to come up and start sucking. They are so full of milk she tells you and you will be well fed. You will suck on one breast and then the other and if you prove to be a good boy she might even buy you your own crib. Naturally if you start crying for milk she will have you back in her bed even when her boyfriend is there because she has told him that you are her big baybee. She talks about diapers and custom made little boy clothes she plans to have made for you. Little ones don’t talk though so you will only express yourself with baybee talk and babble, laughing and crying. “If my boyfriend wants to fuck me, no looking at mommy’s pussy” she tells you, “That’s not something little ones need to know anything about.” Now she smiles seeing your little cock get hard and she encourages you to touch yourself. She wants to see you shot your little load. She tells you to suck her tits while you rub yourself. She asks if you know how to count to 5 then decides she should probably do the countdown. She starts at 5 and says when she gets to one you will cum and then eat it all up just like you’re eating baybee food. She slowly gets to one and then tells you to cum. “Now remember what mommy told you, that’s an important part of your diet so eat it all up. Maybe if you can’t get enough from your own cock, my boyfriend can give you some of his.” Finally she tells you to snuggle into her titties as it is time for your nap.
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Clubstiletto – Sniff What You’re About To Eat

Domina Ruby has great news for her two slaves – today, one of them will have the honor of being her full toilet slave! Any halfway decent slave longs to derive all of his nourishment from what his Goddess’s body produces. Ruby tells the boys she won’t be administering today’s beating, but rather, her friend Skylar will come over to do it. You hear a knock on the door and Skylar appears. As she leads them into the next room, she asks the bitches if they’re prepared to take what she has to give. “When they get back, one of them will get a nice feeding” Ruby says. She moves to the couch where the scene takes on a POV perspective. Ruby runs her hand across her butt and unzips the fly on her fetish pantyhose to reveal a perfect pussy and asshole. She explains that she’s been saving herself all day, and when she’s finished, one slave will be hungry and the other one full. “Maybe I’ll even fart in his face first” she says “and hopefully the other will smell it from across the room.” She goes into explicit detail about how she enjoys delivering her gift while she has the slave bury his nose in her ass crack. She displays a lovely view of her anus, and by now, you’re wondering how you can get into this slave competition to be her toilet. “I want him to first sniff what he’s about to eat” she says. The process involves more farting, the slave sucking her anus, begging for her chocolate treats, and being forced to ‘oink’. She’s very graphic in her description and asks if you can imagine being her toilet. “Would you eat it up like them?” she asks you. She says she may make the slave take a mouthful and show it to the other slave, or even have the two boys share it. She calls you and her other slaves dirty names, knowing how vile you all are. As the slaves continue to be disciplined, she clearly sees that you’re a human toilet, too, and tells you to crawl in and start licking her ass crack. She mocks you for being rock-hard and tells you to start stroking your cock; she wants you to cum on the count of ten, and while you’re obeying her instructions, she wants you to imagine that you’re eating her sch1t. She counts you down from ten to zero and tells you to cum like the pig you are. “You’re as disgusting as my other slaves” she says to you, and even though you’ve just shot a load, you cannot deny your purpose in life…
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Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – I Left It Nice And Dirty For You

“It’s that special time of day where my slave has to show his devotion by licking my ass” Skylar says. As the camera pulls back you can see that she is actually already sitting on her slaves face. She stands up and the slave gasps for air. Now you get some nice upward angles of Skylar’s ass as she tells her slave she has left it nice and dirty for him. He sounds genuinely honored. As she squats down the slaves tongue comes out to make love to her anus. She tells the slave to use his hands to hold her up and explains that multi-tasking is an important slave requirement. The slaves tongue is very active as he enjoys the feel and taste of his Goddess. Look at how his tongue goes to work. She asks him if he likes it and then says it’s why she hasn’t let him eat for the last few days, she wants him really hungry for what is about to come.

Now Skylar gets up and kneels on the couch and tells the slave to spread her cheeks and lick. “I haven’t wiped in two days” she tells him. She views the slaves task as a pre-wash before her shower and before her boyfriend comes over. Skylar talks about how her boyfriend loves fucking her up the ass and says that maybe she will let her slave clean up the mess next time he does. Anything from the Goddesses ass is a treat after all. The slave licks diligently and Skylar reminds him that he is extra lucky because he is so close to her pussy. So close but so far! Skylar tells the slave she is turned on knowing she has a slave to eat her dirty ass while waiting for a real man to come please her sexually. She pulls his head deep between her cracks making it hard for him to get any air. Now she has the slave lay down again so she can ass-smother him to sleep. The slave kicks but Skylar is lost in thoughts of her boyfriend and how he will be fucking her soon.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Your Afternoon Snack Is My Body Sweat

Princess Lily is on the elliptical and working up quite a sweat. She takes a drink of her water and then tells you to hold the bottle as she resumes working. She tells you to kneel there and hold the bottle and as the camera pulls back you can see she’s working out in a sexy black panties bra set with fishnet stockings. The camera moves down and behind Lily and you get a magnificent view of her plump ass gyrating on the machine. You can see the sweat start to run down her ass cheeks. She asks if you’re thirsty and then says that maybe if you are Lucky some of the sweat will drip off her ass and you can lick it up. The camera holds in this position for sometime so you can just admire her ass in motion and see the sweat continue to form and drip off her body. “I can feel the sweat beading down my skin” she says and then calls you in closer to see for yourself.

When she is done you will be licking her entire body clean. “And you’ll also be licking up the sweat that falls on the elliptical” she tells you. Now Lily tells you to bring your nose between her ass cheeks and to sniff her asshole. “Because you’ve been such a good bitch it’s going to be your afternoon snack.” Finally Lily brings the elliptical to a standstill. She gets off and lifts her arm and the sweat literally comes pouring down her arm. “Come up here and lick it all off” she tells you, “I don’t want to drip all over myself, I want it to drip into your mouth.” Next she leans forward and now her sweaty ass is right in your face. She orders you to lick that too. She has really worked up an amazing amount of sweat. Just when you think it can’t get better she leans forward again and slides her panties to the side so you get a birds eye view of her beautiful pussy and anus. She fingers herself to torment you, then takes off her panties and stuffs them in your mouth.
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Clubstiletto – See how Much Fun It Is To Whip Him

Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar are back and once again punishing the office slaves, the former CEO and new office boy. Watch as Ruby shows Skylar the art of whipping using the CEO as her target. First she demonstrates her skills and then hands the whip over to Skylar so she can sit down and have the boy attend to her feet. Ultimately the slave being flogged starts to sweat like a mofo, the girls humor themselves by making the new boy go over and lick his back clean. “Aren’t they disgusting?” Skylar says with a smile.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 4

Week after week Miss Xi has the creep back for further training. She initially caught him peaking through her window blinds and has now blackmailed him forcing him to show up at her place weekly and subject himself to her whims… or be exposed to his wife, church, friends and employer. She has all the info she needs, taken from his phone and can ruin him with the push of a button. As he submits further and further she rounds up even more photos and videos that make escape impossible for him. Today she has him kneeling blindfolded in front of a mirror and she tells him she has a surprise for him. He can’t guess what it is so she collars him and pulls him toward the mirror where she has mounted a giant black cock. She makes him open his mouth and she pushes his head forward so the shaft goes down his throat. “To make this worth my time I’m going to train you to suck cock” she tells him. Eventually she will pimp him out. She tells him that as she makes contact on his ass with her flogger he is to bob his head and take the cock all the way down his throat. “You are going to learn how to suck cock” she tells him and then adds that when he sucks it she wants him to think about his wife sucking cock. Xi has secretly set it up so creeps wife now has several manly lovers. Of course the slave knows his wife is cheating on him but can’t let on that he knows or Xi will fill her in on what’s been happening.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – How Do My Sweaty Ass, Feet, and Armpits Smell

This scene opens with sadistic Miss Xi about to sit on her slaves face. As she does she asks him how her ass smells? Clearly the slave is in heaven and responds accordingly. Surely he would love to be in that position for the rest of the day but this is not about him, this is about what Miss Xi wants and this is only a little torment before the main course. She tells him she just came from the gym so the smell should be heavenly. She asks if he likes her sweat and he says he really does. She brings her armpit into his face and gives him a real taste of her sweat before moving back onto his face to sniff her sweaty crotch.

She then does an actual armpit-smother and then decides to give him a smell of everything including her feet which she know lays on his face. After a time she jumps back up and sits on his face. He mumbles under her ass when she asks if he likes it and threatens to sit there until she understands him or he goes out. Then some more armpit and in the process you get an amazing view of Xi’s soles and ass. Whoa, HOT. Now she makes her bitch lick her armpits. She suggests she might give him her panties and again ass-smothers him to get a good taste. Then she moves again and gives him the other armpit. You can tell Xi is high on endorphins as she is really active in this scene, bouncing from the bed to the slaves face, making sure he gets all her body sweat in the process. Now she does the splits on the slaves face and makes him tell her how disgusting he is. Of course it is all muffled from a tight seal and eventually he kicks frantically to breath. “I’m just staying here.” She says with a sadistic laugh.
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