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Club Stiletto Miss Madison: Between My Thighs (Release date: Apr 21, 2021)

It’s a warm sunny day and Miss Madison is back in the pool. Naturally any man would like to get between her legs, especially a slave. “I know you’ve always wanted to get between my legs” she tells him as he kisses her feet. She calls him up but no pussy for him, she’s going to scissor him. She squeezes as hard as she can and when he goes 1imp she takes her foot and pushes him under the water.

“It looks like I might need a new slave” she says just as the slave snaps out of it and pops out of the water sputtering and coughing. She repeats the process again and as he goes under the water again she comments that he’s a lot of fun. LOL. When he comes up for air she has him worship her feet. “Who knows one day it might all end for him” she says looking at you and adding, “Then it will be your turn.”

Keywords: miss madison , scissorhold , feet , foot worship , outdoors

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