Kates Palace – Let’s Fist 1

LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA are crowing over the size of THEIR MONSTER MAGIC WANDS. “Mine’s bigger,” CARMEN chuckles wickedly. SHE has brought along a slave to try them out on, but his pathetic little pin-prick and balls don’t inspire much admiration. Not to worry! A pair of infusion needles soon have his little raisins swelling with newfound pride. “My, my grandpa, what nice juicy melons you have!” Once he’s properly prepared, THE COCKY LADIES waste no time fastening him to the hot seat. This would take most men far past the limits of their endurance, but THE TWO ASS-DISTENDRIXES are just getting started. How fitting that the chair comes with a proper Filling Station because the greedy slave is soooo thirsty, and BOTH OBLIGING MISTRESSES are filled to the brim with kegs of precious nectar. “Enough for two October fests!” chuckles CARMEN as SHE fills a beer glass to the brim. “MY turn,” tag teams KATE and fills the glass again. “So nice to give him a pre-fuck cocktail,” taunts CARMEN, as SHE refills the empty beaker to the top. “Everything he gets from us is good,” agrees KATE as SHE reopens the stopcock. “Not that he deserves it.”
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Kates Palace – Extremely Tubed 2

But the fun has only just begun. Now that he’s had a proper spring cleaning, SHE might as well get him really spiffed up and hose down his “temple” from a few more neglected slots. LADY KATE is by no means short of the necessary equipment, and SHE knows all the proper techniques: an elongated catheter here, a bit of expert fisting there and before he knows it he’ll be ready to welcome a seemingly endless pharyngeal tube all the way to the pit of his stomach. Now we’re talking! (But not him.) As always, THE GENEROUS HOSTESS can offer ample quantities of HER finest champagne to help slither this gourmet delight in to where it can do the most good. It’s time to give full rein to HER deepest desires and do the job like never before. Spring cleaning will never be the same again.
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Kates Palace – Lady Kate – Under Control 1

Good morning class. Welcome to DOMINA APPRECIATION 101. It’s mandatory, so sit down, shut up and pay close attention to INSTRUCTRIX KATE. The theme of today’s lesson is FUN. SHE has already shown HER love-struck slave how much fun he’ll be having by hanging him up to dry for a couple of hours like a big rubber slab of meat. Yes, the fun is there for the having in the playful world of DOMINA KATE. Think SHE’S only in it for the money? Bet you didn’t know DOMMES just wanna have fun. Hey, fun makes the world go round.…that and the German Dominatrix industry. That too. Those two things, class. And what could be more fun than sadistically wrapping HER devoted, submissive turkey all nice and airtight in rubber and foil. By the time THE TENDER-HEARTED MISTRESS gets through with him, he looks like one of those extremely fragile packages you mail in umpteen layers of bubble-wrap. Naturally POSTMISTRIX KATE handles him with HER customary lack of care. Why should SHE care? Unless, of course, it’s fun. THEY JUST WANNA, THEY JUST JUST WANNA.….
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Kates Palace – Lady Kate – Under Control 2

A few words about DOMINA DRESSING. Dressing is fun. Just ask DOMINA KATE. Talk about Fashionistas! Look at the way that tasteful strap snakes up from HER BODICE like a regal black cobra round the neck of THE QUEEN OF THE NILE. NICEY NICE! Now where were we? Ah yes, CONTROL! When we last saw DOMINA KATE, HER rubber ducky looked like he’d been having a veritable meat packer’s ball! Still, in order to be firmly in control, you need a reliable set of control knobs, and you’ll notice, class, that DOMINA KATE knows precisely where those control knobs are. A benevolent spiky bra marks the spot – the very latest in DOMINA DISCOMFORT. Smiling smugly at HER CONQUEST, THE CLEOPATRA OF DOMINAS courteously rewards him with HER trademark TLC. Talk about Service with a Smile! Just for FUN, THE STERN CLEOPATRIX takes him to his limits with a strong dose of urethra stretching, breath reduction and nectar sniffing. Then, the uncommonly generous PHARAOHATRIX treats him to a private tasting of HER latest vintage, DOM. KATE 2009. They say it was a VERY HOT year. So you can see what I’m trying to tell you, class. Come to Berlin, and have FUN IN THE SIN!
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The New Slave Harness 1

LADY KATE - The New Slave Harness 1

Ever notice how SEXY WOMEN look even sexier when THEY’RE bored? Maybe that’s because THEY’D like to be gratifying the urges that make THEM look so sexy in the first place. When a DOMINATRIX looks bored, it makes HER seem all the more nonchalant about doing things that will make you feel anything but bored. Checkmate! LADY KATE is good and bored. HER expected visitor has kept HER waiting and waiting, so SHE decides to pass the time with one of HER stable of slaves – any REAL DOMINATRIX always keeps a stable – and as chance would have it, the new slave harness is just begging for a try-out. Too bad for him because LADY KATE is never more creatively cruel than when SHE’S in a bored bad mood! After devoting an extensive greeting to THE MISTRESS OF SIN in HER thigh-high, red leather boots and sexy fishnet outfit, the slave finds himself free-floating over the operating table, totally bound and helpless in the heavy leather harness, and that apparently is just the way he wants it. Don’t try to tell me, you wouldn’t like to be there in his place, flying like a birdy and wondering what wonderful possibilities are about to open up before your astonished eyes.
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