Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Sweet Small Penis Humiliatrix Turns Into Evil Manipulatrix

Princess Kendi Olsen

We need to have a real heart to heart. I’m not going to be mean to you like I always do. I just want to talk to you like we’re friends. I feel like sometimes you take this fetish thing Way too seriously. And you blame yourself and beat yourself up for being a loser. And I just want you to know that it’s not your fault that you’re a loser. You didn’t ask to be born this way. I mean it’s not your fault. There’s nothing you could have done. It’s just your genetics, there’s no changing who you really are. You’re just a fucking loser, and it’s totally not your fault.

It’s not your fault that you’re ugly. It’s not your fault that you’re boring. You can’t just inject personality into someone. And that’s ok, not all of us can be gorgeous, witty and smart. This is just your role. This is your place in the world. And you also can’t help that you have a small cock, you were just born with it. You just can’t please a woman with that thing and that’s not your fault either. You didn’t ask for a small dick and there’s nothing you could have done to make it grow bigger. Again, it’s just your genes. You were just meant to have a tiny dick. You’re biologically inferior.

There’s a reason you can’t get a girlfriend. You’re boring, you’re not charming at all. You’re just a loser and it comes completely natural to you. Awww are you sad? I was actually trying to be sweet about this by telling you that none of this is your fault. You’re just a beta bitch, it’s who you are and there’s no changing it. I’m not trying to be mean, I just want you to embrace it. I mean who cares that you’re a loser with a little dick and no girl will want to be with you ever. Just own it.

I’m not a huge size queen but yours, well it’s really small. And well you can take measures to improve your situation. You can lock your cock and hide it away from the world. If you never had to jerk that little thing or look at it you might feel better about yourself. So maybe we should lock it away in chastity. See I’m here to help and make you feel better.

(Evil grin…) LOL you idiot. I don’t really care about your feelings. I don’t care how self conscious you are about yourself. I really don’t care about losers feeling better about themselves. I don’t care about you at all. In fact, if you hate yourself more after watching this video and realizing it’s all been lies, that’s actually going to make me happy because I don’t give a fuck about you. And I don’t ever want you losers feeling better about yourselves. You’re a loser and there is no help and you should be ashamed of it. You should be ashamed of that small dick. You should feel stupid for being a boring ugly fuck.


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