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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Bratty Loser Brainfucking, Complete Ego Destruction

Princess Kendi Olsen

You love being teased by a hot young brat, it’s why you come back again and again, you just can’t get enough. It’s kinda weird and sick but I enjoy indulging you, some kind of morbid curiosity I suppose. I do wonder though why come back. You keep jerking and jerking for someone you’re never going to have. I’m never going to want to be with you, it makes me sick just thinking about it. So what’s the point? Why do you crave the humiliation and verbal abuse that I dole out?
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: You Can’t Stop Jerking While I Ruin Your Marriage

Princess Kendi Olsen

You’re so good to me, Daddy. You give me a very generous allowance. You leave work early to serve me. You take time away from your wife just to be with me. You’re the best sugar daddy I’ve ever had. You’ve spent entire paychecks on me, dipped into your savings. And you enjoy doing it because I let you jerk it to my perfect young body. It turns you on so much knowing you have a hot little school girl to play with. Do you wanna jerk it now for me?

Go ahead, take it out, and start stroking it for me. I want you to feel good. And I have a surprise for you today. And I want you horny and jerking and staring at my body before I tell you. I know what a sucker you are for my hot young body. Stroke your cock for me. That’s a good little sugar daddy. You’re so eager to jerk today, are you ready for your surprise?

Well you know how I told you that we’re so good for each other and I would do anything for you? Keep stroking while I tell you, I want you horny while you hear the news. Well since we both know how happy we are together, I’ve secured our future together so that we can spend even more time together. We’ve been doing this for awhile and I’m starting to feel like I don’t get enough time with you. I don’t get enough attention. And your wife takes away a lot of our time even though you don’t even like her. So this morning I sent her an email, I detailed everything we’ve been up to. All the shopping trips, those late night you told her you were working, and how hard you’ve been trying to get in my pants.

I also sent her some pictures of myself. She can’t compare to a hot young brat like me. I also gave her my phone number in case she had any questions. I told her everything we’ve been up to and I told her it’s time for her to go. I want you all to myself. Oh I didn’t ruin your marriage, it was doomed the moment you met me. You don’t need that stupid wife. So take off your wedding ring and look at the bright side, you’re going to have so much more money to spend on me now. Jerk for me, don’t worry, the divorce will be over before you know it. I promise baby. And then you’ll have so much more time to spend with me when she’s gone, no more sneaking around.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen:With Every Load You Swallow, My Bank Account Will Grow

Princess Kendi Olsen

I’m tired of hearing that you can’t afford to serve me. THat’s fucking stupid. I know you work hard for me, you’ve cut back on spending for me, and you’ve even stopped dating. You’ve really worked hard to make more money but it’s still not enough to serve me. And I know that’s all you want. You need to serve me. So since what you’re making isn’t cutting it and it’s taking too much time and effort, I’ve come up with a solution, a way you can serve me without working as much yet still making more money.

I’m going to turn you into my hooker cum dumpster slut. Now you can actually have a sex life instead of jerking all day like a loser. Not only are you going to have a sex life, but you’re going to have a high paying sex life. You can put ads up on craigslist as my loser cum dumpster and you can give blow jobs for twenty dollars. And since it’s so cheap you’ll have so many guys. Then you can come to me on your hands and knees like the sissy bitch that you are and offer me all the money. I will make you tell me about all the cocks you sucked to get it, LOL!

And it doesn’t have to stop there. You can be an anal whore for me and make even more money. You can even make videos of you humiliating yourself or fucking and sucking other guys as a sissy cum whore and sell them online. Tons of faggots will eat them up and the proceeds can go to me. You’ll be a real life And an internet whore. You just wanna make more money for me. You’re going to be slurping down so much cum for me. I know you want to be a faggot just for me. You want to make me happy.

Being a sissy faggot and making money for me will make you so fucking horny. And since this will take up less of your time than working all the time, you’ll have more time for me. So you can be a little cock slut for me, can’t you? You want to be my cum guzzling whore. You want to make me so very happy. This will be so exciting. I’m going to get rich off of you as you choke on cock, as you get gang banged like the sissy whore that you are. You’re my gay for pay faggot. You can drink cum to make me richer. With every load you swallow my bank account will grow.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Jerking Off To Me On Your Screen Is Your Entire Social And Sex Life

Princess Kendi Olsen

Oh you’re back again to jerk off, what a surprise. You didn’t have social plans tonight? Oh yea, you don’t have friends, I forgot about how awkward and socially inept you are. Your entire social life, your entire existence revolves around jerking off. Isn’t that what you do all day and all night? Admit it, you’re a chronic masturbator. Jerking is your favorite and only hobby. You love finding some young hot brat to jerk it to every day. Are you staring at my hot body? Are you jerking it already? Of course you are, you little pervert, you’ve been jerking since before you pressed play. You’ve probably been jerking it raw all day. Maybe this isn’t even your first time watching this video today! You just love to jerk it for me. You’re a little Kendall addict, aren’t you?

Are you stroking it hard for me? Staring at my perfect figure? Jerking it to me is your entire life. I’ll bet you’re one of those obsessed freaks with lots of my videos, watching and jerking over and over again. I’ll bet you’re in the middle of a marathon stroke-fest, loser. It’s not like you have anything better to do, you don’t have any friends. Your whole entire life is stroking it to my gorgeous body. And it feels good to stroke it to me. It feels good not to have a social life, you’re able to spend more time with me, jerking and jerking and jerking. Who needs a social life when you have me, right? You can spend your entire day with me, just stroking and stroking.

I make these videos in ten minutes a day and then go on with my life, but for you, this is your entire life and it only takes me a few minutes to keep you hooked all day long. You cum to me over and over again all day while I’m out having a real sex life because my whole entire existence doesn’t revolve around clips like a fucking loser, you little stroke addict. This is the closest to a real sex life you’ll ever have. My pussy on your computer screen is the closest you’ll ever get to a real pussy. You’ll never have me, you’re always going to be a stupid, pathetic loser, hunched over his computer screen, beating it.

Look at you fucking your fist! LOL! Do you feel stupid? You should! I sit here and humiliate you for being a masturbation addict and you keep going. You love the humiliation. It feels good to stroke it, it feels good to be a lifeless loser, it feels good to be a stroke addict. I know you’re going to make Another worship puddle for me. You can’t help yourself. This is your life, jerking off to me on your screen like a fucking freak is your entire sex life.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Mocking Your Nightly Routine, See How Stupid You Look

Princess Kendi Olsen

Today we’re going to play a game called, ‘See How Stupid You Look’. It’s super easy to play because you’ve done it many, many times. So I’m going to show you how fucking funny you look when you jerkoff to this site because I feel like you don’t truly know how stupid you look. First I’m going to open up HumiliationPOV on my computer, I know you already have it open, lol, and look at all the hot young girls. I know your cock is already hard.

I’ll bet you’ve already started stroking before you even have a video up. It feels so good, doesn’t it? I’ll bet you jerk your cock as you browse the videos, deciding which one is going to get you off today. Then you beat your cock, already lost in your stupid fucking fantasy of one of the brats humiliating you just as you like it. You start fucking your hand a little bit, you’re getting so horny. And when you get horny you get so stupid. You don’t care what you look like, you just start jerking, and making faces, and making noises. I mean you’re alone, why wouldn’t you make a fool of yourself? LOL! You just love jerking to us hot bitches even though we hate you and could care less about you. You jerk to us even though we make fun of how fucking stupid you look. You don’t care, it turns you on so much.

Jerk it faster, idiot. Jerk it to me as I mock you. Make your stupid faces and your disgusting grunting noises. Watch me loser, I want you to see exactly what we see. I want you to truly know how fucking dumb you look. You probably have it all set up in your bedroom, so you can watch the screen and jerk comfortably. It’s your spot, you go there every night. I’ll bet you’ve got all kinds of kinky things you do while you jerk. Some of you stick your fingers up your ass. Some of you choke yourselves while you stroke your stupid cock. You’re so addicted to jerking off to this site loser. It’s so pathetic. You come home every night and head straight for your computer and I’ll bet the first site you log in to is HumiliationPOV.

Jerk it faster. Show me how stupid you look as you build yourself closer to orgasm. You start panting so hard. When a woman cums, it’s like the crescendo to pleasure. When you cum, it sounds so fucking stupid. It’s not sexy at all. It sounds like some just punched you or something, lol! Listen to me and watch me as I show you Exactly how you look and sound. And the most pathetic part is that you do this every night, all alone in your bedroom. And as soon as you’re done, you probably start looking for the next video you want to cum to. Pathetic!
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: Sweet Small Penis Humiliatrix Turns Into Evil Manipulatrix

Princess Kendi Olsen

We need to have a real heart to heart. I’m not going to be mean to you like I always do. I just want to talk to you like we’re friends. I feel like sometimes you take this fetish thing Way too seriously. And you blame yourself and beat yourself up for being a loser. And I just want you to know that it’s not your fault that you’re a loser. You didn’t ask to be born this way. I mean it’s not your fault. There’s nothing you could have done. It’s just your genetics, there’s no changing who you really are. You’re just a fucking loser, and it’s totally not your fault.

It’s not your fault that you’re ugly. It’s not your fault that you’re boring. You can’t just inject personality into someone. And that’s ok, not all of us can be gorgeous, witty and smart. This is just your role. This is your place in the world. And you also can’t help that you have a small cock, you were just born with it. You just can’t please a woman with that thing and that’s not your fault either. You didn’t ask for a small dick and there’s nothing you could have done to make it grow bigger. Again, it’s just your genes. You were just meant to have a tiny dick. You’re biologically inferior.

There’s a reason you can’t get a girlfriend. You’re boring, you’re not charming at all. You’re just a loser and it comes completely natural to you. Awww are you sad? I was actually trying to be sweet about this by telling you that none of this is your fault. You’re just a beta bitch, it’s who you are and there’s no changing it. I’m not trying to be mean, I just want you to embrace it. I mean who cares that you’re a loser with a little dick and no girl will want to be with you ever. Just own it.

I’m not a huge size queen but yours, well it’s really small. And well you can take measures to improve your situation. You can lock your cock and hide it away from the world. If you never had to jerk that little thing or look at it you might feel better about yourself. So maybe we should lock it away in chastity. See I’m here to help and make you feel better.

(Evil grin…) LOL you idiot. I don’t really care about your feelings. I don’t care how self conscious you are about yourself. I really don’t care about losers feeling better about themselves. I don’t care about you at all. In fact, if you hate yourself more after watching this video and realizing it’s all been lies, that’s actually going to make me happy because I don’t give a fuck about you. And I don’t ever want you losers feeling better about yourselves. You’re a loser and there is no help and you should be ashamed of it. You should be ashamed of that small dick. You should feel stupid for being a boring ugly fuck.
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