Humiliation POV Princess Kara: You Love How Mean I Am And How Cute I Look While I Verbally Destroy You

Description: Princess Kara

Hey there loser, we’re going to have a serious talk today. I know that you hate yourself, and I hate you too. I mean, that’s what we’re both doing here, right? But we need to talk about why because I think it’s very important that you understand exactly why I hate you.

I mean look at yourself, you’re a freak, you love being humiliated by hot girls on the internet while you jerk your pathetic cock. Think about how pathetic that is. I want you to look in the mirror, I want you to really see how pathetic you are. Now look at me, look at my perfection, look at my hot young body in this sexy dress, I’m everything you wish you could have, yet you know you could never have me. Because you’re a pathetic, disgusting freak. I literally have no interest in getting to know you. You’re just another no name jerkoff who buys my clips.

Format: MP4
Duration: 7 Min
Size: 242 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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