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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Wank And Pay, Addicted To Financial Fuckery

Princess Kara

Hey there little pay pig. You’re fucked now, because now you’re addicted. Every time you jerk your orgasm just isn’t satisfying unless you send a large amount of cash. All you want to do is wank and pay and wank and pay. It’s addicting. You keep trying to stop but whenever you do it feels as if something is missing. It doesn’t feel as good. It’s not as satisfying and that’s because you’re addicted to sending your money to hot brats like me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: My Ass And Cute Giggles Make You A Horny Cock Craving Mess (September 17th 2017)

Princess Kara

Don’t I look so cute in my little outfit? My perfect body in this perfect little outfit makes you so weak. And when you’re weak I can get you to do whatever I want. And today I’m going to get you to do something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s so pathetic when you try to deny it. So just accept it. I’ll help ease you into it. I want you to suck a cock for me. LOL. It’s ok, I know you want to and I’m going to give you some encouragement.

You want to look at a hot brat while you suck cock. You want to see and hear me giggle at you. I know it’s all you think about. So get a nice big dildo that you can suck for me and I’m going to teach you how. I know you wanna be a good boy for your Princess. And I wanna see you suck it. I wanna see how deep you can take it down your throat. I think you’ll be really good at it. And I’ll give you plenty of encouragement by teasing you with my hot young body that I know you can’t resist.

I want you to look at my perky young ass as you suck that I cock. I want to condition you so your brain doesn’t know what to think about. So it doesn’t know what turns you on more, me or my cock. I want your head spinning. You’re just a horny mess, sucking cock and staring at me. You poor confused bi fuck! You need a beautiful princess to tell you it’s ok and tease you with her sexy body to get you nice and turned on so that you will crave to suck that cock.

Deep throat that cock as you stare at me and listen to my cute voice. You’re such a good cocksucker for me. I can’t stop laughing and giggling at you. It’s so much fun for me to watch you degrade yourself for me. I love the power my hot young body has over your mind. You’re so willing to do anything I ask, just so I’ll pay attention to you. All you can think about is my ass and big cock. You need my ass to get you to that place where you become so willing to suck cock for me. You need to be so excited that you just want to shove it so deep down your throat. And I’m the only thing that gets you that hot.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Condition Your Brain To Edge Only To The Brats Of HumiliationPOV

Princess Kara

Hey loser, I’m going to do some training with you. From now on, you’re only allowed to edge. No cumming ever again, lol. And you’re only allowed to edge to HumiliationPOV. You’re gonna stay here forever. And I’m gonna do that by training you that you don’t need any other site or any other brats. You just need us here at HumiliationPOV. Remember no cumming, you’re only allowed to edge. You can get so close but you can never feel that sweet release.

Don’t you love my sexy outfit? I picked it just for this occasion, because I know how hot I look and I know you’re not allowed do cum! LOL! I fucking love teasing you. Just look at my hot young ass, edge to it loser. Get yourself right on the edge and just feel how good that feels. And right when you feel like you can’t take it anymore and you’re about to explode, take your hand off. And then we’re going to start edging all over again. Just so I can see how dedicated you are to following my instructions. Good boy. I know you’re getting so weak for me, and my hot young body, and my sweet, bratty voice. I know how to get inside your head, especially when you edge and I deny you, lol.

I know you want to make me happy, and the way to make me happy is to obey me. And you only ever edge to the brats of HumiliationPOV. Keep edging loser, I want you to get so close again to where you think you’re going to lose it, and then because you’re such a dedicated little loser, I know you’re going to stop yourself. I know you’re not going to cum because obeying me feels so good. And you’re only allowed to edge. This is so much fun, I love fucking with you like this.

But the truth is you love it to, you know that losers should never be allowed to cum. You just need to edge and be brainfucked by the brats of HumiliationPOV. Nothing else in your life feels as good as coming home every night and logging in and edging yourself for hours. You fucking live for that. Edge for me and every other brat on this website. Show me how fucking addicted you are. I know you want to cum so badly by now, but don’t. Be a good little obedient loser. You see this is what you need, hot brats telling you exactly what to do. You’re too stupid to think for yourself. And you’re a chronic masturbator who needs control. Remember loser, condition yourself, you’re only allowed to edge to the brats of HumiliationPOV. The more you do it, the more your mind will become conditioned to edge only to this website. We want you so hooked and addicted. I want you edging until your mind breaks.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Hump And Pay Loser, Stupid Mindless Pillow Humping Piggy

Princess Kara

You’re going to pay me for the privilege of being able to hump your pillow. The same pillow that you sleep on every night. Get naked loser. I know that just looking at me in this skin tight dress is making you rock hard. Now I want you to open up my tribute page (given in the clip). And you’re going to tribute me so that I will allow you to hump your horny cock against your pillow. Then I’m gong to show you how to hump your pillow over and over and over again, lol! And I know your horny cock will make you so stupid the more you hump. And the dumber you get, the more you’ll want to pay me.

You fucking idiot, LOL! What a sad loser you are! No one wants you to hump them so you just get to spend all your time, alone in your room with your pillow. I’m going to turn you into a mindless pillow humper for me. And you’re going to fucking love it! And the best part, is that you’re paying me to do it. And you’re so fucked up that paying me while you hump your pillow turns you on even more. Hump it as I laugh in your face. Hump and pay loser. You know I deserve it. Look how hot I am, and I want money while I laugh at you while you hump your pillow like a bitch.

Faster and faster loser. Hump it. It feels so good. It’s so hard to resist me when I look this hot. I know I turn you on. It’s so funny to see little losers on their hands and knees humping their pillows. You’re so obsessed with me that you’d do anything to make me happy. You live to amuse me loser. I’ll bet you’re humping like crazy by now. How pathetic! I can’t stop giggly and laughing in my cute bratty way that you can’t resist. My giggles alone could bring your orgasm.

And you should thank me for teaching you how to be such a good pillow humper because now you’ll have something to do when you’re all alone. Soon it will be the only way you can cum. You won’t want to hump anything else. And your pillow is the only thing that would allow you to hump it anyway, LOL! Because no girl wants a pillow humping loser. Especially one who pays hot bratty girls for the privilege of humping your own pillow. If that doesn’t make you a loser, I don’t know what does.

You must be so close to cumming. I want you to hump and hump until you blow your hot sticky load all over it. And then I want you to sleep on it so your disgusting load gets all over your face, you fucking creepy internet perv!
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Findom Addict Mindfuck, I Know You’re Scared But You Can’t Stop

Princess Kara

I know you’re a findom addict. I know you’ve been spending a lot of money on me. And you say you need to stop, that you can’t keep spending, but you can’t stop. You keep sending me money and gifts even when you try to run away. You just can’t stop yourself from coming back and spending. You need to accept that you’re a little findom addict. Nothing else makes you cum the way that paying me does. When you send a tribute your cock just throbs and nothing else does it for you like that. And you know that with each tribute, if it doesn’t get bigger, you don’t feel it as much, it doesn’t feel as good. You need to keep raising the stakes every time. It’s like it’s never enough, like a junkie to catch that next fix that will feel as good as the first one.

You’ll just keep spending and spending and you’re so fucked in the head, you know it’s true. You can’t stop. You look at me, at how hot and young I am, and you feel it, you feel that you have to give it all to me. And that scares you, doesn’t it? You’re truly worried you’re going to go broke for me. Because the truth is, you want to. That thought makes you so hard. And the truth is, I’m going to drain you for all you have. I’m going to take every last penny and you’re going to love every second of it. And not only that, you’re going to beg me to do it. It’s hard wired into your brain. It’s all you can think about. It’s the only way you can cum.

Your wallet belongs to me, you know I deserve your money, you feel it. You come to me loser, you find me and beg me to take it. It’s not like I need you or seek you out. I don’t have to, you idiots come begging me to take it all. My hot body drives you crazy and turns you into such a little addict for me. I know you want me loser, and you know the only thing I want from you is your money. I know you want to pay more and more, and I know you’re scared, but that won’t stop you. You have no self control.

But when you see how happy you’re making me, all your fears will go away. You need to spoil me loser, I deserve it. Nothing else will make you feel as good as when I drain you, ever again. I know I’m all you think about. I know that me just talking about how much you’re going to spend has you jerking your cock so hard and fast. I Know loser, I know how hard and throbbing you are right now. And I know how dumb it makes you. But you won’t be able to cum until you spend more than you did the last time. That’s how it works, that’s why you’re so fucked, you little addict.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kara: Controlling Brainless Edging Pervs With My Hot Young Ass

Princess Kara

Hey loser look how nice my body looks. Look at my hot young ass, it’s fucking perfect. I bet you want to stroke your cock to my ass. And that’s ok, go ahead, but I don’t just want you stroking, I want you edging, edging to my ass. I want you to get so close to cumming, then just edge it right there, as you stare at my perfect young ass. I’m going to turn your brain to mush, lol.

Stroke it loser, get lost as you stare and edge. It’s so firm, completely flawless, I’m aware. I know men stare at it all the time. And lucky for you loser, I’m not only letting you stare like the perv you are, but I’m allowing you to edge your cock to my fucking perfect ass. I hope you know how fucking lucky you are to be able to stare and jerk to a hot young ass like mine.

I love teasing you and edging you. Do you know why loser? Because it makes you stupid! The more I edge you, the more I tease and deny you, the dumber and dumber you get, until you’re a brainless pile of mush. And not only is my ass perfect, but I’ll bet it’s half your age, LOL! You’re such a perv!

Get right to the edge loser, and just hold it there, my little loser. You love this don’t you? You love when I get inside your brain by controlling your cock with my hot young perfect ass. My ass is going to consume your thoughts and your life. That’s what happens to edging idiots. Soon you’ll be so stupid you’ll be begging me to pay my ass.

I’ll bet your so close by now, so desperate to cum for my ass. But I don’t know if pathetic loser pervs deserve to cum to my ass. I think it’s enough that I let you see it, let alone edge to it. I mean you’re pretty lucky I do that for you, aren’t you loser? You’re just an insignificant nothing to me, a loser to control with my ass. And if I let you cum, all of your scrambled up brains might come out, lol.

I’m just going to keep you in this mindless jerking zombie trance and take everything I want from you loser. And you’re going to thank me for it. I’m going to have you watch this clip on repeat for hours while you edge for me all night long. Keep jerking loser, jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk. Just get as close as you can with out cumming. I know all you can think about is my young supple ass. And that’s exactly what I want. I want you obsessed while I don’t give a fuck about you.
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