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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Wrapped and Ruined

I have my slave bound tightly in PVC wrap so that he cannot move an inch, held upright with his arms outstretched. This gives me complete access to his cock, which I begin to torment mercilessly. I want it to ache for me, of course. I torment him slowly, cutting out a hole in the wrap and exposing his cock, then using electrical tape to intensify the CBT. I wrap the electrical tape so tightly around his balls that I know he won’t be able to enjoy the orgasm because it will be stuck in his testicles! Then I begin to stroke, edging him with every few strokes. As soon as he gets close, I stop, cock twitching in midair. Each time I get him to the edge, I can see his balls bulging as the semen gathers. Ha! When I finally do let him cum, it barely dribbles out.. completely ruined and totally destroyed.
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