Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Kandy Gives Sissy Cocksucking 101 Training

Kandy has transformed her gardener ‘stud wannabe’ into a sissy cocksucker and is training ‘her’ to service men for a fee. The sissy now lives in makeup and pretty pink dresses 24/7. Today, Kandy stresses that the sissy has more to do around the dungeon than just suck cock; she will also be attending to any need Kandy may have, and right now, that includes licking her stilettos clean. While the slut licks one of Kandy’s stilettos, she tells sissy that it’s unfortunate a man isn’t behind her right at this moment, fucking her ass while she licks. Meanwhile, Kandy wears a huge black strapon because the sissy’s training will also include some harsh ass fucking. Kandy wants the bitch able to take the biggest cock around and to ensure the man fucking her is satisfied and will come back for more. She also wants sissy conditioned to take one man after another.

She makes the sissy pull down her panties and pokes the slut’s ass with a double headed dildo, which she gives the sissy to suck clean. “I’ve run ads in all the gay websites to ensure there’s a constant lineup of men here every day to fuck you” she tells her new property. Kandy mentions that she has friends in a gay biker gang who have already booked the sissy for an upcoming weekend. Sissy will serve in any manner required – cleaning and such, but of course, mainly sucking cock and taking it up the ass. All the sucking soon has the sissy’s lipstick spread all over her face. She’s a total tramp! Kandy recalls how the slave initially worked in the garden for her and actually tried to pick her up. However, she used her magic powers to manipulate him into his current sissy persona to the point that it’s now all he/she longs to be. This sissy will be used and abused by Kandy; she’ll lick her everywhere, be her toilet, but mainly will serve as holes for men’s cocks at a rate of about 10 or 20 a day, 365 days a year. Now Kandy has the slut lick her strapon and the whore takes it all the way down her throat. Her little ass cunt is fully exposed for the next man… who is due to arrive any second.

Download file – 494.7 MB

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