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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Cold Water For Me, Hot Cum And Sweat For You

Kandy has been super busy since transforming her gardener into her sissy slut. None the less, she needs cardio and always wants to insure her ass looks super hot so today we find her working up a sweat on her elliptical. Mean while sissy Nikki is always close at hand and while Kandy works out she is busy dusting and tidying things. Kandy reminds her programmed possession that she has to take care of all menial tasks in the house, “There is more to life than just sucking cock” she tells her cum burping bimbo. Nikki was once a hairy man but now on hormones with a soft smooth body and she looks rather sweet in her maids outfit. Kandy tells Nikki to get her water and kneel beside her as her bottle holder. “I love seeing my slave kneeling obediently and waiting patiently” Kandy says. After a time Kandy has Nikki hand her the water and as the camera moves in on Kandy’s back you can see the sweat is really starting to bead on her body. Kandy reminds nikki that soon enough she will again be gagging on cocks. Kandy enjoys the cold water and says it’s cold for her and hot for Nikki… hot cum that is.

Finally Kandy is done working out and she has Nikki come over and pull down her panties. She directs the slut to her feet for a tongue bath and tells her to work her way up her legs and to her ass crack. Nikki licks Kandy’s ass cheeks clean before gliding her tongue into the crack. You get some wonderful upwards views of Kandy’s ass as nikki eagerly licks her hole. Kandy tells the sissy that this also good practice for the men she will be not sucking later but rimming as well. Nikki has been brain washed to crave the taste of man ass but she clearly loves Kandy’s more than anything else. She is a complete whore and has never been happier. Her macho man life was such a burden and she loves being completely owned and used as a sissy slut. “My ass is like liquid honey” Kandy reminds Nikki who eagerly sucks and licks without hesitation. Kandy tells nikki how lucky she is, denied contact with her family, sucking cocks everyday and of course licking Kandy’s sweaty body and dirty ass. Kandy wonders what nikki’s family would think if they say her now but then adds, “They probably knew early on she was a nasty little bitch.”
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby – Blowjob Bib For Loser

Kandy and Ruby are busy again at FemCorp, talking about the just completed contest they had in which the loser of the contest between the two once powerful men in the company, the CEO and Accountant, has to suck the others dick. The camera pulls back and we see the accountant is wearing the blowjob bib. Kandy mocks him, slave #1, by flipping her finger over his lips and reminding him how much cock he has sucked since the office coup a few months back. They then turn their attention to the CEO, slave #2, and comment how he used to be powerful and had hot girls coming to visit him in his office, now look what’s become of him. Both so pathetic. Now slave 2 is told to stand up and without hesitation slave 1 crawls over and takes his cock in his mouth. Kandy takes him by the hair, and pushes his head up and down on the cock. Ruby tells the CEO that if he closes his eyes maybe he can imagine it’s one of the secretaries in his former life doing the sucking. “I don’t know to many secretaries that look as sad as this.”, Kandy comments which makes the girls break out in laughter while likely bursting the CEO’s fantasy to smithereens.

None the less, slave number 2 is desperate for sexual pleasure and soon is rock hard. Kandy reminds #2 about the hot red headed security he used to have and tells him to imagine that it’s her sucking him off. The CEO soon is ready to blow but not just yet, #1 needs a sore jaw before he gets his cum cocktail. “Maybe we’ll put him on all fours and you can fuck his ass and pretend it’s her pussy.”, Ruby suggests and the ladies roar with laughter again. #1 doesn’t miss a beat through it all and sucks that cock like the expert he has become. Kandy is pleased with his sucking abilities and says it comes in handy now that his wife has started fucking other men and hubby is useful in fluffing them. Slave 2 is really moaning with pleasure now, while 1 is starting to sweat, he never worked this hard in his previous life. The CEO can’t contain himself, he has to blow and he begs for release. The ladies of course grant permission and soon a hot steamy load is shooting down the accountants throat. The CEO thrusts and shakes, the accountant gulps and gags, what a splendid site. Kandy has #1 open his mouth and sees a bit of cum remnants. She takes the nasty slime and rubs it into his face. This staff break is over!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Her Fat Sissy Ass Will Be Dripping Cum

Kandy has transformed her horny gardener into a total sissy cocksucker simply through the power of her mind. Part of her methods include the regular use of discipline. Today’s scene opens with Kandy sporting her massive black strapon while her sissy kneels over the couch, fat sissy ass exposed for Kandy to use as she sees fit. As Kandy rubs the dildo over the slut’s ass-cunt, she mentions that her sissy has made good progress sucking cock, but while doing so, ‘her little treasure’ has been inadvertently hidden away. She explains that as a proper slut, nikki must do more than simply suck cock; she must take raw cum loads up her ass as well! Kandy receives more money when there are no condoms involved, so this sissy will take all her cocks raw. “Man after man after man, dick after dick after dick, right in this tight little hole” Kandy says. She asks if you wish it were you there as her sissy, totally feminized and taking cock after cock like a real pro, and swats nikki’s ass with the double headed dildo. She eases the head between the slut’s ass cheeks and says “Soon this little cunt will be dripping cum all over the place.” She pushes the cock-head gently into nikki’s whore-hole, and while she doesn’t actually penetrate her at this point, she certainly makes the slut moan. Kandy hand-slaps the bitch next before quickly switching to her spank paddle.

As she begins to inflict pain, Kandy tells the sissy she will be sucking cocks and getting fucked all day. The well-trained sissy replies “Yes, Mistress” because there’s nothing she wants more than to please her Goddess. Kandy says that only huge cocks will be fucking her bitch, unless some under-endowed guy is prepared to pay extra, and then he’ll be fucking nikki, too – a cock is a cock, after all! Kandy swings her leather-laced flogger across the sissy’s blushing ass cheeks and says “Tell me you want more.” She describes how the sissy will get fucked by a man before she’s whipped, then fucked, then whipped, then fucked, and so on… all day long! At the end of every day, the sissy’s ass and asshole will be destroyed but she will have to sleep it off because the treatment will just resume the next day and every day after that. Sluts like this don’t get breaks! Kandy really increases the discipline now, switching from the crop to the wooden paddle. “Every time I strike you I want to hear you say “I’m a cocksucker” she says to poor Nikki. Kandy goes as hard as she can on the sissy’s ass until it’s blistered red. “You try to come into my house and pretend you’re a stud? This is what is going to happen!” she says harshly, and positions herself behind the sissy to give her the hardest fuck of her life. There’s just no mercy in Kandy’s world…
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Kandy Gives Sissy Cocksucking 101 Training

Kandy has transformed her gardener ‘stud wannabe’ into a sissy cocksucker and is training ‘her’ to service men for a fee. The sissy now lives in makeup and pretty pink dresses 24/7. Today, Kandy stresses that the sissy has more to do around the dungeon than just suck cock; she will also be attending to any need Kandy may have, and right now, that includes licking her stilettos clean. While the slut licks one of Kandy’s stilettos, she tells sissy that it’s unfortunate a man isn’t behind her right at this moment, fucking her ass while she licks. Meanwhile, Kandy wears a huge black strapon because the sissy’s training will also include some harsh ass fucking. Kandy wants the bitch able to take the biggest cock around and to ensure the man fucking her is satisfied and will come back for more. She also wants sissy conditioned to take one man after another.

She makes the sissy pull down her panties and pokes the slut’s ass with a double headed dildo, which she gives the sissy to suck clean. “I’ve run ads in all the gay websites to ensure there’s a constant lineup of men here every day to fuck you” she tells her new property. Kandy mentions that she has friends in a gay biker gang who have already booked the sissy for an upcoming weekend. Sissy will serve in any manner required – cleaning and such, but of course, mainly sucking cock and taking it up the ass. All the sucking soon has the sissy’s lipstick spread all over her face. She’s a total tramp! Kandy recalls how the slave initially worked in the garden for her and actually tried to pick her up. However, she used her magic powers to manipulate him into his current sissy persona to the point that it’s now all he/she longs to be. This sissy will be used and abused by Kandy; she’ll lick her everywhere, be her toilet, but mainly will serve as holes for men’s cocks at a rate of about 10 or 20 a day, 365 days a year. Now Kandy has the slut lick her strapon and the whore takes it all the way down her throat. Her little ass cunt is fully exposed for the next man… who is due to arrive any second.
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Clubstiletto – Payback’s A Bitch

Domina Ruby and Mistress Kandy of FemDom Corp have the former accountant, who is now their slave, tied up in knots and acting as their table, to hold their crops, whips, etc. Meanwhile, the disgraced former CEO is in the stockade as he awaits his fate. Ruby flogs him with her whip while Kandy adds to his discomfort, with a little help from her crop. In no time, the poor bitch yelps and cries out in pain. Kandy tells the table to look up and see what’s happening because he’s next. She trades her crop for a paddle and lays some solid blows on the ex-CEO. When he was in charge before the Women overthrew the men, he was such an asshole, and the ladies feel no sympathy for him now.

The women criticize both slaves while they continue to work over their main target. They start by flogging him in unison; one strike from Kandy, one from Ruby, until Kandy decides they need to hit more than just his ass. While Ruby targets his butt, Kandy flogs his legs, from the top all the way down to his ankles. The women are ruthless in this scene and the slave wants to run and hide but he isn’t going anywhere! Kandy sticks her flogger between his ass cheeks and warns him not to drop it. She returns with the paddle and both ladies go at him again. To his credit, he keeps his butt cheeks tight and doesn’t drop the crop. The accountant is now ordered to crawl over and lick the sweat from the other slaves legs and ass as the beating has really got him dripping wet. “Look what we have done to these losers” Ruby says, with a grin.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Tease And Deny Yourself To My Ass

This hot scene focuses on Kandy’s big, plump ass. While her slave oils her sexy ass, jiggles it around, and rubs his fingers into her butthole, she wants you to imagine that you are the slave attending to her. Do it while you stroke your cock because she wants you addicted to her ass. Look how amazing it looks, all shiny and wet. Bring your hard cock up between her ass cheeks now and glide it up and down. Naturally, you aren’t good enough to fuck her ass – that’s for real men – but she wants to drive you crazy being so close but yet so far away. “Slide my panties to the side and stick it through the fabric” she says, to encourage you. For a moment you might think you’re a real man and that you could take her, but your submissive, docile character shines through and you know you could never even try!

You know she needs an alpha male, not a wimp like you who would lick the dirt beneath her feet if she told you to do it. So, you do only as told because there can be no other way. Kandy orders you to keep fucking her in this special way; she even lets you grab her ass and spank it in order to get you all excited. A real man would rip her panties off and take her right then and there, and she probably wouldn’t be able to resist, but surely you realize it’s not a remote possibility for you, even as close as you are to her divine ass right now. The slave removes his cock and strokes himself while the camera focuses solely on Kandy’s delicious body and ass. She speaks directly to you as she gyrates and moves her ass around. She fills your entire screen as she tells you to shoot a big hot load all over it. Her ass is the only thing that will ever arouse you again. Ever.
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Clubstiletto – Loser Eats The Others Cum

Things are always kinky at FemmeCorp, where Women rule completely. Today, Kandy and Ruby have the ex-CEO and ex-Accountant in the staff room to dispense some more ‘guidance’. The two sluts lie naked on their backs, with the Ladies’ feet in their mouths. The two lovely Ladies have decided to amuse themselves by holding a cock-stroking contest. One slave will cum and the other will eat the cum of the ‘winner’. The loser must also wear the ‘cocksucker bib’, which is a sign to alert other male employees to the fact that they can use this slave for a blowjob at any time. While the slaves stroke their tiny dicklettes, the Ladies ram their toes into the the poor boys’ mouths, smother them with their feet, and make them lick their filthy soles. The CEO is soon on the edge and begs for permission to cum, but is denied and told to hold off.

Ruby starts a countdown at ‘ten’ and announces that the slaves may cum on the count of ‘one’. Both slaves flail away at themselves, the accountant trying to bring himself close, while the desperate CEO tries very hard not to cum too early. Finally, when he hears the count of ‘one’ the CEO lets his load go and cums all over his own stomach. The Ladies mock both slaves and order the Accountant to lick up all the cum. The Accountant doesn’t resist; he’s been well trained and doesn’t want to be beaten, so he crawls over and eats his meal.
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Clubstiletto – You’ll Be Licking Asses All Night

The scene opens with Kandy getting her ass licked deeply by her depraved slave. As she is getting rimmed Jasmine enters the room and Kandy tells her that her ass is so dirty, that she has had the stomach flu and it’s been like liquid soup coming out of her ass. The slave is not deterred and keeps eating her out. Jasmine hops on the bed between the slave legs and starts to flog his balls lightly. “I’m surprised this bitch is not rock hard thinking about that taste in his mouth all night”, Kandy says as she starts to stroke the slaves cock.

There’s a lot of nasty toilet talk in this scene so not for the weak of heart. Kandy leans forward and gives you a nice view of her bung hole but not for long as the slave eagerly gets his tongue deep inside her. Kandy is very bitchy and bossy with her real time slave and it’s evident she has him well trained to do anything she demands of him. Her ass looks amazing and you’ll want to give up a nut to be the lucky guy that replaces this slave when her time comes to do so. A big plump fleshy ass, always dirty for you, a real dream cum true… but it gets better for this lucky boy. Kandy spreads her ass cheeks wide to see that it has been cleaned properly by the slave and it is in deed glistening clean. Now Kandy lets Jasmine take a ride on the slaves face. He has to lick her ass through the tiny string of her thong but he’s used to using his tongue and finds away to reach under the fabric. This slave has been trained to literally live for assholes. Now you get some views of Jasmine’s ass… so hot. Now Jasmine starts to ass smother him while Kandy starts to pull and twist his cock and balls. The slave starts to leak precum, the poor bitch is generally in chastity and never allowed to cum. The ladies again trade places because Kandy needs more licking of her ass. “If a slave can’t lick my ass for three or four hours at a time, he is of no use to me”, she states. Kandy rides his face and Jasmine strokes his cock. They decide they are going to take the slave to a party, so he can drive them, serve them and watch them flirt and make out with alpha males and some of the other ladies there will probably have dirty asses that need licked too.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – You Like Your Kandy

This hot scene opens with Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine touching each other intimately. The only thing that breaks the silence is the moaning below them, which we soon see is coming from their slave, who is being rammed with their super nasty heels. The Ladies are discussing the party they’ll attend that night and how much fun it will be. Before they leave, however, they’re going to have the slave suck and worship their feet, and if he does a good job, they might bring him along to attend to all the Women … and it’s going to be a big party. The Ladies aggressively move their heels all over his chest and shoulders and the slave is clearly in pain. Now, however, they decide they want their feet licked and massaged because they’re going to be on their feet a lot tonight and they want to be comfortable when they arrive.

Jasmine removes her boot and lays her musky foot down on the slave’s face, who obediently licks the sole. Jasmine suggests that while she’s getting her feet cleaned, Kandy might like to go down below to abuse the poor slave’s cock and balls. As Kandy moves to sit between his legs, she lets out a nice fart – it’s unexpected, but Kandy is famous for her farts and is not one to try to hold them in. As she rams her stiletto into the slave’s thigh, Jasmine removes her other boot and orders the slave to massage her foot with his hands. Once the boot is off she uses her toes to tug on his nipples while Kandy continues to make him suffer down below by crushing his nuts between her shoes. She switches to ramming the stilettos into his balls, which really causes the slave to moan and yelp. Jasmine sits on his face to shut him up, then slides down his body to switch places with Kandy. She uses the slave’s mouth as a foot holder, and while he massages her foot, she crushes his nuts in her hands. She slips on one of Kandy’s shoes so she can scratch a K and a J into his torso. As she draws the K, the slave cries out in pain and Jasmine says “Don’t tell me you don’t like Kandy; I know you like Kandy.” Jasmine decides she wants to stick her foot into the slave’s mouth alongside Kandy’s and the two Ladies really stretch out the bitch’s mouth. The slave finally gets a break from the abuse… but not for long! “Let’s step it up a bit” Kandy says, causing both Ladies to laugh out loud. They just can’t help themselves – they adore seeing slaves suffer.
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Mistress Kandy – Sweaty little slut flogged and ordered to eat ass

Mistress Kandy has her slave secured by the wrists to the ceiling. She tells you that her sissy has done a good job today, sucking cocks and making her a lot of money, she cleaned the house and licked her ass after a workout. “There is always room for improvement though” she adds as she slides the panties to the side to reveal the slaves already marked ass. She gives her slut some solid slaps with her hand across her ass and then explains that during this beating she wants the slave to focus on the need to show the most enthusiasm possible when sucking cock. The man should see that the slave is happy to be between his legs, sucking him deep and hungering for the taste of his hot cum.
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Clubstiletto – Sweaty Little Slut Flogged And Ordered To Eat Ass

Mistress Kandy has her slave secured by the wrists to the ceiling. She tells you that her sissy has done a good job today, sucking cocks and making her a lot of money, she cleaned the house and licked her ass after a workout. “There is always room for improvement though” she adds as she slides the panties to the side to reveal the slaves already marked ass. She gives her slut some solid slaps with her hand across her ass and then explains that during this beating she wants the slave to focus on the need to show the most enthusiasm possible when sucking cock. The man should see that the slave is happy to be between his legs, sucking him deep and hungering for the taste of his hot cum.

Kandy wants to see if she can get the sissy’s upper back as battered as her ass. “I won’t strike here” she says rubbing the slaves lower back, “That’s where the kidneys are and I want to keep them healthy in case I ever have to sell one.” The sissy struggles on her stilettos as she is flogged and Kandy pulls her panties down by her crotch and comments how the slut is getting all sweaty in her crack. “I love my sweaty little sluts”, she says. The sissy has a nice plump ass and it is a nice target for Kandy’s crop. Once the slave is fairly bruised Kandy decides that she has worked up a sweat too and that her ass crack is probably also rather moist. She lets the slave down and relaxes on her sex bench, panties off. “I’m going to have a nap before the next big black stud gets her for his blow job” she says while blowing a fart into the slaves mouth. “Hopefully he won’t smell that fart on your face while you’re sucking him” she giggles before closing her eyes and relaxing while she gets a nice deep ass rimming. Licking ass, sucking cock, being beaten, such is the life for today’s modern sissy.
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Clubstiletto – Gimp Spit Roasted In Forest

Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy have their gimp blindfolded in a full hood which also limits his hearing, as they take him up the mountain to spit roast him on a back trail. As they climb, you see a huge bulge in Jasmine’s pants and she stops to reveal a giant black cock. They tell the gimp to get on his knees and Jasmine rams her big cock down his throat. After a little face fucking they continue to walk but no longer guide the slave. Instead, they make him find his own way, aided only by the sound of their laugher and name calling. The gimp staggers along until Jasmine eventually takes him by the arm. If they’re ever going to violate this bitch they have to get up the mountain and onto the trail.

After a bit more walking, the gimp gets face fucked again. You get some great visuals of Jasmine and Kandy as they stroll on a nice summer’s day, which should not go unappreciated, as their magnificent asses and bouncy breasts are sure to make you weak. Eventually, they find a fallen tree in the forest, and it’s perfect for fucking a slave! He’s ordered to pull down his pants and lie across the log. Kandy straps on a cock that’s a perfect size match to Jasmine’s. These two big boys are really going to fill this slave! Jasmine glides her cock up the slave’s ass and soon she’s giving it to him for all she’s worth. The slave sucks Kandy’s cock in the meantime but she criticizes him for not taking it all the way down his throat. Jasmine sticks a tree branch up the slave’s ass before inserting her monster back into his hole. Together, the two ladies show this gimp who’s in control!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – A Juicy Fart and Piss for you

Now that Kandy has dealt with all the important people in her life for Christmas she now has time for you and she couldn’t think of anything better than her piss and farts. Best of the Season!
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Clubstiletto – Passion and Love for My Asshole

Kandy has her slave on the floor with his nose in her ass. She moves him in closer with her feet as she’s just farted. Raising her legs into the air, she remarks on how she loves having her ass licked for hours each day, and tells her slave to get busy. “The truth is, I have my ass licked several times a day” she says with a chuckle. “This is just the beginning.” She explains in detail precisely how she likes to have her ass licked, so if you’re an asslicker-wanna-be, you’ll find this clip both educational and arousing. She gets into specifics like what the tongue should do, but stresses the importance of having passion and a genuine love for the female asshole. “Nothing else matters but complete devotion to my asshole” she explains. Her ass cheeks are spread wide and you get a perfect view of her full ass and puckered anus.

Kandy says that everything this slave eats and drinks is at her discretion. Sometimes he gets more than nectar and nuggets, but if she’s in a crappy mood, she makes him wait and feeds him only from her body. She does, however, have other bodily treats for her slaves. She shaves her armpits, places the trimmed hair into a cup of water, and has the slave drink it. “Nail clippings, snot, spit, skin; he gets it all.” Meanwhile, the slave continues to lick. Kandy points out how close he is to her pussy, but says it’s reserved for real men and she would never allow a dirty slave tongue anywhere near her love-hole. For fun, sometimes Kandy sends her slave out to find a girl to kiss. But he must leave the scent of Kandy’s ass on his breath – no brushing his teeth! She wants the word to get around about how nasty his breath is, so all women will find him disgusting. “It turns me on to think he and some young vain hotty are locking tongues and sharing the taste of my ass” she laughs. She has the slave do some long licks from the bottom of her ass right up to her pussy. “But don’t you dare touch it” she warns him. All the anal probing has finally loosened Kandy up and she wants to hear some passion as the slave licks her, so she’ll know he’s ready for his breakfast. “Wrap your lips around my asshole” she demands. “It’s time for a big nasty treat”. The slave does as he’s told.
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Macho Dreams Crushed and Turned into Sissy Cocksucker Part 2

Kandy has used her magic to get back at her young gardener for attempting to come on to her. One minute he’s trying to score with her, and the next minute his body is fully waxed, and he’s had makeup professionally applied. He has become Nikki, a proper little sissy bitch with a burning desire to suck cocks all day. As the scene opens, Nikki is already busy sucking a stud’s cock as she rubs his balls. The sissy is eager for a hot load of cum after being programmed to love jizz. Kandy tells Nikki what she expects from her and what her future will involve; mainly servicing a lot of men. A lot. Kandy realizes Nikki is still learning so only demands $5 per blow job, but she still expects at least $100 in total earnings each day, which means at least 20 men a day, seven days a week. “When men ask if you like sucking cock, you just respond, “Yes, I do” she instructs Nikki, who is directed to stroke the stud’s cock while licking his cum sacks.

The stud also tells the slut how he wants to be serviced. Kandy orders Nikki to run an ad online and says there will soon be a long line of men coming to fill her up. The phone starts to ring and Kandy smiles because she knows it’s men calling to be sucked. Nikki looks very pretty in her pink sissy dress and the slutty makeover she just received from Mistress Winter. Kandy says she wants her sissy to suck so many cocks that she’ll actually be able to live off of cum. She suggests it would be a good idea to spit roast Nikki so she’ll be able to collect from two men at once – one from the sissy’s slutty ass-cunt and another from her pussy-mouth. As the stud gets closer to coming, he orders Nikki to place her head on Kandy’s lap and open her mouth. He strokes his cock until a hot load of cum shoots into the hungry sissy slut’s mouth. Nikki is, of course, required to lick it all up. Kandy scoops cum from Nikki’s face with her fingers and feeds it to her, to make sure nothing is wasted. “An hour ago he thought he was a macho gardener” Kandy says with a laugh! The scene changes and we find Kandy sitting on the toilet box while she finishes using her slave as a urinal. The slave is supposed to be stroking without release but accidentally cums. Kandy would usually be upset but sees this as a learning opportunity to continue Nikki’s training as a cum-eater. Kandy orders the sissy to get on all fours and lick the cum from the slave’s tummy and cock, which she does with great enthusiasm. As Nikki continues to clean up, the phone rings yet again. This is going to be one very busy sissy!
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Clubstiletto – Watch Me BallBust Your BBF Junior

Kandy has her son bound while she makes him watch her ballbust his best friend. Junior has standing orders to bring friends home so she can trick them into slavery, and she had this poor slob under her control in no time. Kandy has taken him from fun things like licking her pussy to the reality of real slavery, including harsh discipline. What has Junior done to his poor, innocent friend?! Kandy instructs Junior to turn and watch what she’s going to do next, as her plans also include increasing the slave’s pain threshold. “Yes M0mmy” he says. She promptly tells the slave to remove his shorts; there’s no need for them here. The young pervert reveals a rock hard cock and is clearly enjoying his predicament… so far. Kandy makes the slave spread his legs and catches him off guard with a solid knee to the groin.

As Junior watches, she knees his pal repeatedly and slaps his balls a few times before finishing with a volley of punches. He starts to collapse but Kandy holds him up by the cock. Now it’s time for the main act! She delivers kick after kick to the groin, until discarding her stilettos in favor of bare feet. She has the slave facing away from her so she can kick him from behind, and you clearly see the fear in Junior’s eyes as he watches M0mmy brutalize his pal. Kandy switches from one foot to the other until the slave finally collapses. She kneels behind him and twists his cock and balls until he whines like a little girl. But Kandy isn’t finished; not even close! She loves playing with her new toy. “Would you like M0mmy to do this to you, too?” she asks Junior. Of course he has no choice but to say “yes”. Kandy continues to kick, slap, and punch repeatedly until the slave falls to the ground, broken. She unlocks Junior and makes him crawl over to lick the sweat from his buddy’s battered balls.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Kandy Farts and Anal Treats

Kandy has just finished busting her slave’s balls and decides to give him a treat… her farts. Her red garter highlights her amazing, plump ass and she looks super sexy. As she sits down on the slave, she lets out the first fart just as he’s about to stick his tongue in her ass. A harsh blast right to the face! She encourages him to dig deep with his tongue because it helps loosen her up. The slave eagerly continues licking as Kandy lets out a nasty burp to subject the slave to all her nastiness. She even suggests that he might get a little nugget before she’s finished with him today.

You get some nice long views of Kandy sitting on the slave’s face, some great up-close ass shots, as well as some tongue-on-ass action. Kandy wiggles her ass on the slave’s face and really gets both cheeks bouncing. She sits down with all her weight but the slave soon kicks for air, so she gives him a quick second to take a deep breath, but this time she tells him she expects him to last. Kandy says his tongue feels good inside her, and as it turns out, maybe it feels a little too good. She blasts a juicy fart right into the slave’s mouth which leaves him choking and Kandy howling with laughter. The next thing you know, Kandy is back on his face but she clearly needs to take a dump and says, “Gawd, I think I’m going to relieve myself.” She leans forward so the slave can give some nice long licks up and down her ass crack with his very active tongue. “Tell me how much you love it” she demands, as she sits back down on his face, muffling his reply in the process. Who really wants to hear him talk anyway?
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Clubstiletto – Macho Dreams Crushed and Turned into Sissy Cocksucker

Kandy was in the garden inspecting the efforts of her young new gardener. Typical male, he tries to come on to her not realising who he is dealing with. Now, as this scene opens we find the young fellow sitting on a chair a victim to Kandy’s magical powers as she has manipulated his mind so he now sees himself as a sissy that longs to suck cock, no longer a man trying to get in a girls panties. Kandy has invited her friend Winter over to use her makeup skills to transform him into a pretty girl.

In this clip you see the full transformation of the sissy. A fully waxed body, locked in chastity, small breast development, and then makeup applied, wig added and topped off by a pretty sissy dress until we eventually see the sissy on her knees taking a studs cock into her mouth. Along the way Kandy and Winter talk about plans for the sissy, how many cocks she will be expected to service daily, and so on. The stud and Kandy then direct the sissy on how to best suck cock to insure Kandy can keep a steady line of men coming to blow load after load of cum down this sluts hungry mouth. What would her family and friends think if they could see her now!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – My Ass Owns You

This hot POV scene opens with sexy Mistress Kandy on all fours waving her ass in front of your face. She has silky nylons on and you can see her pussy clearly through the garment opening. She tells you to stroke your cock and orders you to get really close to her ass because she needs to fart. She adjusts the nylons to give you a close up view of her asshole and lets out a series of super juicy farts. You can see her anus expand and contract as she blows each fart right into your face.

“My hole is going to keep you in a [email protected] day in and day out” she tells you, as she rocks back and forth. She delivers another super nasty fart and giggles because she can see how hard you are. How pathetic that you need a hot woman farting in your face to get you aroused! But no coming yet; you can do that when she gives her final command at the end of the scene. She continues to gyrate her ass in your face and tells you to stare at her asshole. “It’s the only thing that matters to you; you live to have my ass in your face.” The camera pans around to give you great close up close views of Kandy’s ass from behind and overhead, to ensure that your eyes remain on her ass the entire time and that you can see it in all its glory. Finally, she tells you to bring your mouth up close and to wrap it around her anus because she knows you need more than farts. Cum for her, cum hard and accept your place as a dirty fart sniffer!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Boys

Mistress Kandy lives the fetish lifestyle and has raised her son to be her slave. She has recently turned Junior’s BFF into her second slave and is considering adopting him so the two boys can learn to be competitors to fight for her affections and the honor of licking her ass. In this scene, Kandy has her beloved Junior lying on his stomach as he endures the humiliation of knowing his ass is acting as a pillow for his friend, who will have the pleasure of licking M0mmy’s asshole. She does tell the slave he should consider himself lucky she doesn’t have him turned the other way, with his nose in Junior’s ass.

Kandy removes her bathing suit bottoms and sits on the slave’s chest. She instructs him to sniff her ass, and asks if he can taste Junior’s breath on it, given that he was rimming her earlier. Kandy has also just used the toilet and intentionally left herself dirty. She tells him to tickle her bum with his tongue and he licks deeply. Kandy informs the boys that they’re both to call her M0mmy from now on, and she tells the ass licker to contact his real M0m, to tell her that Kandy will be his M0m now because he gets to lick her pussy and ass. “You want a new M0mmy” she tells him. “You two step-brothers will share a single bed” she giggles, as she rubs her ass licker’s cock through his shorts. Kandy tells them they will compete for chores such as being her toilet and that someone will be sniffing all her farts. And there will be the usual fluffing duties for her boyfriends, of course.

“Remember boys, we don’t tell daddy that M0mmy has boyfriends now, do we?” Both boys assure her they would never tell. Kandy pulls down the slave’s shorts and starts to stroke his hard cock. She asks Junior if he can hear her and whether he’s jealous, and he naturally tells her that he is. This is just what Kandy wants – the two boys competing and ratting each other out. Meanwhile, the new son continues to rim Kandy. She wants to get them so horny that they look forward to stroking each other’s cocks. They will love each other and hate each other all at the same time. Kandy sits full weight on the slave’s face until he’s eventually desperate to breathe. As he kicks, she suggests that she can always find someone else to replace him if necessary; maybe one of Junior’s other friends.
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