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Club Stiletto Mistress Kandy: You know I don’t like to clean My own Ass (Release date: Apr 20, 2021) – ass worship

Gorgeous Milf Mistress Kandy has her slave on the bed now that he has finished cleaning the house. “Speaking of cleaning, you should be cleaning my ass” she tells the slave as she moves off the bed and onto his face. She waves her beautiful fleshy ass cheeks in the desperate slaves face and tells him to smell her, as she brings her butt hole right down on his nose. Can you smell it, doesn’t it smell amazing?” she asks him. Now she sits full weight on his face as she wants to see him kicking for air. “Eventually I will let you lick my dirty ass” she tells him. Kandy isn’t going to let her slave cum today so she strokes his cock to make sure he is properly frustrated.

“My ass is really dirty” Kandy says so she leans forward and slides her panties to the side to reveal her beautiful pleated love hole. The hungry slave instantly gets his tongue out and starts licking and tonguing her hole. Kandy sits on slave faces for hours everyday because she loves feeling a tongue in her ass and you can see how much she enjoys it as she moans and groans. Some really hot angles here as the camera moves around to catch the full glory of Kandy’s ass while the slave tongue fucks her. Kandy says she wants accuracy, her asshole should be like the bullseye on a target. “A deep rimming always stimulates me to take a dump” she tells her slave who would love a meal to end the day. “I love doing that to my slaves, but not as much as they love receiving it” she says looking and smiling at you. She knows you want it too. Finally you get some nice up close action of the slave worshiping Kandy’s hole before she shifts to again sit full weight on his face. The slave kicks frantically to breath, his tongue still likely deep inside Kandy’s ass.

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