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AstroDomina starring in video ‘YOUR WIFE’S FUCK BUDDY’

Listing Description:You are nothing but a pathetic little cuck. You’ll be lucky if you get to prep your wife’s ass for her lover.

This is a custom clip.Sydney is a sexy wife talking to her date for the night on the phone. Adam is a coworker whom she has been having some late night encounters with at the office. When you arrive home she tells you she has a surprise for you.

She tells Adam her husband Marc is home and she’s going to tell him the plans for tonight.

Hubby walks in and Sydney starts posing in the outfit and shoes that arrived in the mail today. She thanks you and asks how you think it looks on her. You want to take her out and celebrate but she says say thanks but no thanks. She already has a hot date planned with her coworker Adam. He is young and hung and Sydney wants to introduce Adam to you after you treat them both to dinner.

She admits that she’s been having sex with him at work for about a month and can’t resist that hard cock of his. She tells you how she’s been working late hours lately but that isn’t necessarily true. In fact she’s been working while on her knees sucking Adam’s big cock to completion. Sydney wants to make it up to you and bring Adam home tonight so you can video tape them together. If you’re good she will let you fluff him and get her ready for some hot fucking. Maybe you can wet her asshole with your tongue and guide Adam’s hard cock into Sydney’s teardrop ass.

When you say yes she gets excited and wants to call Adam back to tell him. Sydney tells you to jack off to your hot wife while she talks to Adam.

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Length: 00:12:06
Size: 444 MB
Resolution: 1920×1080



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