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Goddess Madam Violet: Made to LOVE Your ‘Good Boy Juice’

It’s not cum, it’s GOOD BOY juice! I promise you when you CUM as a result of your mental SURRENDER your CUM tastes incredible. Sweet, delicious and satisfying. It’s the literal manifestation of your obedience, of your submission, liquid surrender, good boy juice.
I will place you into a hipn0tic trance first then I reframe the idea of eating cum. How gross was beer when you first drank it, or wine? But now, not only does it TASTE good, it FEELS good to taste it – that’s CONDITIONING slave, it’s powerful even when its .
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Disciplinary Arts – Princess Kyle – Selfie Troubles Pt 2


In Part 2, Stevie is sent pouting to grab an implement for Kyle, before being taken back across his knee and having her bottom spanked near tears with the implement. He isnt done yet though, as after her tanning, he tells her he needs to make sure it doesnt happen again by making her take a post-spanking selfie of her bare bottom and sending it to three of her friends and coworkers. VERY EMBARRISSING AND REAL CONCLUSION TO A HARD DISCIPLINE SPANKING FOR A NAUGHTY SELFIE-TAKING BRAT!
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Princess Leia: CEI Eat It Encouragement (.mp4)

I know your dirty little secret and love to tempt you it. I love to tease you and tell you to stroke your cock while you think about taking other men’s cum. I know you want to taste it. Are you going to do it this time, with your own right now? I’m going to moan one instruction after another, encouraging you to taste your own cum while you fantasize about swallowing those hot loads. You love stroking your cock as I say these dirty things, and I love watching you finish the job.

Video Includes: HD cum eating instruction, CEI, jerk off instruction, JOI, lingerie, dirty talk, topless, red, tight ass, cute, sexy, sensual voice, stockings, garter belt, light teasing, male cum swallowers, princess leia, porn
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Goddess Madam Violet: Mindfuck Body Worship

Mastering the art of body worship is crucial if you wish to serve Me. I LOVE to have My delicious body worshipped and desired. Lucky for you, you serve a TRUE Goddess, sheer PERFECTION from head to toe. Whatever your fetish, whatever gets you HARD I have the MOST delicious version of it, face, eyes, lips, breasts, fingers, legs, ass, feet. The ultimate in Sexual Female power begins and ends with Me, I am PURE Goddess incarnate.Assume the correct position, naked and kneeling, and STROKE your dick. Worship Me from head to toe, lose yourself in My body as My seductive words breakdown your mind; you are so addicted to Me, and the way My body makes you feel, you will accept on a deep level everything I tell you. No question. Every inch of Me is a component in your destruction, and My mind-fucking words slide in so easily when youre hard and LOST in My perfect body. Lose yourself. My Agent Provocateur lingerie, elegant, expensive, deliciously arousing. Stroke, worship, lust, desire, but you will NOT cum. This is all about Me, snd the sacred ritual of body worship. I want you to edge into oblivion as I tease, torment, seductively taunt, My words twisting into your heart, leaving a deep dark scar on your mindContains: NLP, trance language, embedded commands and mind manipulation. Edging, tease and denial, Body worship, Feet, heels, naked breasts, lingerie, legs, ass.
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s Clips!: Love Thy Neighbor

Hi! I’m your new neighbor, Rene. Looks like I just missed your wife – oh well, I’m gonna have to meet her next time! So, anyway, I really wanted to come over here because I overheard you talking in your yard the other day. You were saying how you find it funny that so many males are so easily manipulated by hot girls and that you could never succumb to feminine flirtations. Well, I’d like to make you a wager! I’ll tease you for 5 minutes and if you can control yourself and NOT stroke and cum, you win! Point proven! However, if you cave and jerk and cum for me, you’ll pay my mortgage for me. Should be easy, right?! I mean, you’re not one of those weak males, right?

[Includes cock tease, tit worship, JOI, femdom pov, blackmail fantasy, goddess worship, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, upskirt fetish, breast tease. Shot in HD.]
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Princess Rene: The 12 Days Of Humiliation Day 12

On the 12th day of Christmas your Princess gives to you… 12 very lovely gifts! Are you excited to find out what our culminating clip will be today? This one is my favorite clip in the whole countdown to our humiliating holiday season! You’ve been used, abused, degraded, denied, and humiliated and today is the icing on the cake. Happy holidays, boys! You will definitely need this linkwhile watching!
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Ball Busting Chicks: Shay: Hard Ballbusting in Pantyhose

Very sexy pantyhose and transparent top. But impossible for a man to get a hard on when being kicked in the balls relentless. The cruel Lady has no mercy at all and kicks him in the entire video. His stinging pain in the nut sack is just an amusement for her!
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Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling!: Muscle Goddess Kelly REALLY Knocks Out Mike!

REAL KNOCKOUT!!!! Gorgeous Physique Competitor Muscle Goddess Kelly comes to Utopia for her first ever starring role in a mixed wrestling video. At the same time, Mike (a wrestling session veteran) also joined Utopia for the first time. In Muscle Goddess Kelly REALLY Knocks Out Mike Kelly puts the squeeze on Mike in a standard head scissor and figure 4 and within the first 5 minutes she knocks him out cold! Kelly has Mike whimpering almost immediately in her first straight leg scissor. In her first figure 4, she gets his first tap. When she goes straight leg again, she gets his first frantic taps, but because he didn’t ask nicely to be released, she places him in the session ender! Kelly knocks Mike out with her second brutal figure 4 in about 11 seconds. It’s so fast and decisive we weren’t even sure it was real … until he wakes up that is. Let’s just say the lights are on but nobody’s home. Kip kept the camera rolling and got an interview with Mike immediately following. If you’re a fan of REAL knockouts by sexy bodybuilders in devastating scissorholds, than Muscle Goddess Kelly is the woman for you! Muscle Goddess REALLY Kelly Knocks Out Mike is a must see! Enjoy!
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AJ-Jupiter: Gives her sleeping boyfriend a blowjob

*1080p HD* You’re at a bachelor’s party in my city, and you’ve had wayyy too much to drink tonight, so you call and see if you can crash at my place. I love to see my cousin! Sure, you can crash on my couch, I tell you. The key is under the mat, and I’ll be home in an hour and a half. I was at a party too, and when I see you there, sleeping on my couch, it’s too hard to resist undoing your pants. You’re fast asleep, but I’ve always been curious about my cousin’s cock, and now it’s finally mine to play with. I fold the blanket down, unbutton your pants, and see that bulge for myself. I NEED it in my mouth, I need to make you cum. Shhh.
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Sasha is a very flexible girl!

This girl is really awesome – she is so unbelievable flexible! Sasha sits at her couch which is covered with a red blanket. She walked the whole day and her feet are very exhausted now, so she wants to make herself a little bit more comfortable! She starts to take off her shoes and few moments later her knee-high socks too. With her hands she strokes her feet and slowly starts to relax. Then she decides that she want to taste her toes – and stretches her feet til she can lick her big toe with her tongue! Realizing that you are watching her, she suddenly starts to also stretch them towards you! Don’t you want to help her feeling more comfortable again and massage and kiss her feet…?
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Humiliation Princess Rene’s: Dicks Galore

Humiliation Princess Rene's: Dicks Galore

You guys always ask why I make so many forced bi clips. Why? Because you guys fucking love them! I can’t tell you why you love dick so much, you just do! Today I won’t hold back, intricately describing my (and your) fantasy of keeping you as a sexual party favor to service all my hot male friends, all the while inundating you with picture after picture of HOT juicy cock in your FAG face! Yummmm, right?
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Whitney Morgan in Tickle Me Bobby

Sexy blonde bombshell Whitney Morgan has been waiting for this day to happen for a very long time, that is to have some sweet tickle revenge on the one and only super villain Bobby Tickles! When she finally tricked him into getting tied down to the bed he thought he was going to have some freaking fun with her but oh no that was far from anything he was going to get with her. What Whitney decided to do was torture him from head to toe with those long nails of hers. She started with some upper body tickling that had her laughing her ass off with the way Bobby was screaming. But once she went down to his big feet and took turns on them it was game over, the screams of laughter finished Bobby off really bad, the poor dude won’t be forgetting about this for a long long time!
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Orgasmus-Kontrolle – He will go crazy! (Er dreht fast durch)

Are you strong enough? Would you hold this extreme Tease and Denail?Tighten his balls pumped his cock – but without my permission may notsingle drop come from the slaves cock. How I love to torment him!The White it comes almost out of sight. My beauty and my Teasing himinsane are. Will I be good? Will I help him, his slave juiceout to milk? 🙂 Find it out yourself!
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Kinky Mistresses – Punished With A Cigarette Mistress Ava Black

Kinky Mistresses - Punished With A Cigarette Mistress Ava Black
Mistress Ava Black

Featuring Mistress Ava Black

Mistress Ava Black keeps a slave tied up in an abandonedbuilding just for her amusement. Whenthe click of her heels echoes through the chamber he knows that his punishmentis due. Mistress Ava lights up acigarette and permits him to breath in her smoke, sprinkling the ashes on hisnipples.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 8 minutes 22 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: ava, bdsm, cigarette, ebony, femdom, fetish, mistress, outdoor, sex, sexy, smoking
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Mistress Ezada -Fucked With The XL Cock On The Swing

Kinky Mistresses - Mistress Ezada -Fucked With The XL Cock On The Swing
Mistress Ezada Sinn

Featuring Mistress Ezada Sinn

The slave is suspended from the swing with his arse ondisplay and Mistress Ezada Sinn has a really long strapon. She stretches his arseout with her hugestrapon, making him her bitch.

Parts: 1
Total Duration: 6 minutes 55 seconds
Photos: 15
Tags: anal, dildo, erotik, extreme, ezada, fuck, fucking, mistress, sex, sexy, strap-on, strapon, toy
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Jul 31, 2013 – Dylan Ryan + 221 Pic

Format: WMV
Duration: 53 Minutes
Size: 686 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Dylan Ryan introduces herself – her magical pussy gives the gift of squirt with every single orgasm she has from the pounding machines. Her final explosion while tied up and getting fucked by the ShockSpot is truly epic.
Dylan long, lean body and multi-orgasm pussy are a sight of pure horny greatness.
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