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AssumethePositionStudios – Sybil’s Wet Panty Spanking

Naughty Sybil is confronted as she comes home from her friends house, sent home for getting in trouble drinking. She knows that daddy will be waiting for her and that her bottom is in for a terrible beating. She is confronted as soon as she walks in the door, trembling with guilt and shame as daddy scolds her and informs her that her worst fears were correct. Ordered to the couch to lay over daddy’s lap, Sybil protests and cries as her skirt is raised and his big strong hands beat a steady rhythm on her cotton panty covered bottom and exposed thighs. She cries and tells daddy that she has to go to the bathroom, panicked and dismayed at his response that she will hold it until her discipline is done ! Hard swats turn her alabaster skin bright red as she squirms in pain and discomfort. He slows to let her regain her composure, she frantically tries to hold it, a small wet spot forms in her panties as she begins to lose control. After a thorough OTK spanking she is sent to the corner, still denied the relief she is begging for. Fantastic OTK Domestic Discipline Spanking
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