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Society SM – Pushing Sybil – Sybil Hawthorne

As i’ve said before, Sybill is a fine wine…a ripe young woman…an experienced bottom…someone who is always willing to exercise her submission and her endurance…she is just a finely seasoned submissive…which allows me to exercise some of my more devious plots, knowing that Sybil will give it her all where other models will not…she begins bound and naked…I enter to collar and gag her…even seasoned subs get nervous when they know the inevitability of thier drama…seasoned or not, everyone has limits and Sybil knows that I’ll be pushing hers…Once I get her gagged, I lay my hands all over her bountiful body…I work her ass and tits with my floggers…an anal hook tied off to her collar and pegs around each beast are all the remain before I use my tails on her ass…I rig Sybil into a half bent position with her tits smashed…I plug her ass then add clamps and weights to her preasurized nipples…she’s mine for the taking as I begin working her clit with the vibrator…fucking her ass with the plug…I work her practically into a frenzy but deny her an orgasm…I add the goat milkers to her nipples and give it another try…it doesnt take Sybill long before she’ cumming and screaming and under my control…I lay sybil out on a rack and spread her out…her ass rests on a piece of copper plate…I gag her and get to work…first, I electrify the plate, forcing her to raise her ass off the ground…joyous…eventually, each thigh, each breast, her tummy and her cunt are all under intense shock…I turn the dials to get what I want…which is making a spectacle of her bound and helpless body…then I add the vibrator…I give her much time, but apparently I move at the wrong moment…I punish myself by turning up all the TENS gear until she is begging for mercy…I really should know better…In the final predicament of the day, her hands are tied and pulled in front and I raise her rear leg off the floor, arching her back…her other foot remains on an electrified pedestal…Sybil is so worn out, she can barely manage to pull herself off the pedestal as I increase the current through her leg…I bind her tits with twine and say goodbye with my dragon’s tails…an awesome day with an incredible player.
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AssumethePositionStudios – Sybil’s Wet Panty Spanking

Naughty Sybil is confronted as she comes home from her friends house, sent home for getting in trouble drinking. She knows that daddy will be waiting for her and that her bottom is in for a terrible beating. She is confronted as soon as she walks in the door, trembling with guilt and shame as daddy scolds her and informs her that her worst fears were correct. Ordered to the couch to lay over daddy’s lap, Sybil protests and cries as her skirt is raised and his big strong hands beat a steady rhythm on her cotton panty covered bottom and exposed thighs. She cries and tells daddy that she has to go to the bathroom, panicked and dismayed at his response that she will hold it until her discipline is done ! Hard swats turn her alabaster skin bright red as she squirms in pain and discomfort. He slows to let her regain her composure, she frantically tries to hold it, a small wet spot forms in her panties as she begins to lose control. After a thorough OTK spanking she is sent to the corner, still denied the relief she is begging for. Fantastic OTK Domestic Discipline Spanking
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Dripping Wet Corner Time and Hard OTK Paddling for Sybil

NOW your’e really in trouble !!! Sybil is in big trouble and has already taken a hard hand spanking , then sent to the corner where she begs to go to the bathroom. Dismayed and humiliated as she loses control and leaves a big puddle on the floor. Wimpering in shame as Master scolds her, knowing she is really in for it now ! Ordered back over to the couch, over his lap, hard stinging swats on wet white cotton panties until Master pulls her panties down to her ankles. Bare bottom spanking continues with the thick leather Boudoir paddle, her legs spread as she presents her ass over Master’s thigh. Moaning as her bare bottom is paddled cherry red, crying out at the hardest swats, finally changing to a nasty wooden paddling that really lights up her naughty ass.
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Bare Bottom Belt Whipping for Wet Panties – Sybil Hawthorne

Sybil is crying in humiliation after she loses control in corner time and is spanked soundly over Master’s lap. Her wet panties are now lowered and she is order to bend over pillows on the couch , legs spread with her bare ass high in the air for Master’s thick leather belt ! Heavy leather strokes on her bottom and thighs paint of vivid red reminder , purple splotches begin to bruise as her belt whipping goes on and the strokes fall harder. She is made to count the last 20 , her voice trembling defiantly as she holds back the sobs she knows are coming.
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Strict Restraint – Vocal Desperation Pt II – Sybil Hawthorne

As Sybil’s session continues, one must seriously doubt that she had any ideas about what was to come next…Bane however, certainly had a plan up his proverbial sleeve…Deprived of sight, Sybil finds her head in the Globe, her hands shackled high, her legs spread with a vibe purring between them…As her massive tits are clamped, she begs to cum… and cum she does. This however would only be the beginning…The heavier things get for poor Sybil, the more aroused she becomes and this in turn fuels her orgasmic senses into overdrive…Drained, spent and reddened, Sybil’s journey is still not quite over. Strapped into the throne, she once again finds herself at Bane’s mercy as he leads her towards the promised land.
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The Whip Chamber – Sybil Reddened, Part 2 – Sybil Hawthorne

Sybil’s scene with Orpheus Black continues as he wraps up with floggers and moves onto a six foot single tail…This type of play is very intense for top and bottom…Sybil is unrestrained…her will power and adoration for her Top keep her in place as the stinging begins…she holds several positions as Orpheus wraps her arms and legs with the tail…then more flogging…once again, Sybil shows her submission and Orpheus shows his talents.
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Society SM – Powerful Submission – Sybil Hawthorne

Sybil has definitely sexed herself up…or perhaps she has just bloomed again…she has a confidence now that seems more apparent than before…and it is very attractive…I noticed it as soon as I saw her…another model whom I have known for years, but have never personally worked with…I bind her knees and hands, and lead her into the bedroom on a rope leash…I keep her on the bed throughout the entire day…a good queen sized bed with a strong headboard and frame is all the bondage furniture you’ll ever need along with one sturdy rig point…What is much harder to find is a submissive like Sybil…she has been trained well…it is truly effortless Domination…so I spend my efforts on finding all the places that Sybil considers extra sensitive…It really is quite a relaxing day…for me anyway…I do exert myself in the last scene…lots of impact play…After the shoot she made a very interesting remark…the ability to endure has less to do with decreasing one’s sensitivities through increased play than it does with simple submission…in other words, people may think that Sybil feels less, which is why she can endure more…but that is not the case at all…she endures more because she submits more completely…which makes her a very powerful individual…watch out for this one as she learns more to use that power in other realms…but Sybil has truly mastered submission.
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The Whip Chamber – Sybil reddened – Sybil Hawthorne with Orpheus

The Whip Chamber - Sybil reddened - Sybil Hawthorne with Orpheus
Sybil Hawthorne

Orpheus Black is back with Sybil Hawthorne in the WhippingChamber…Sybil is bent over and strapped down with leather belts…Orpheus uses a very heavy hand to warm her up with a spanking…moving onto floggers that wear Sybil down and leave her reddened after a very intense session..
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Tits to be Tied – Sybil Hawthorne

Society SM - Tits to be Tied - Sybil Hawthorne

Sybil is one of the toughest girls I’ve worked with and this encounter was no exception. She has the most amazing large natural breasts any one could ever want to tie up and torment, so I did. As the day goes on, I find that she seems to have gotten tougher since our last meeting, so I turn from an average shoot to a intense shoot. The impact is heavier, the bondage is almost as much torment as the punishment, and the orgasms are perfect. Her skin is so milky white and the marks show so well, that I decided to have a little fun at her expense…tic tac toe, with canes and rubber bands…
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