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AssumethePositionStudios – Arielle Lane -Begging for a Spanking

Arielle Lane lays Seductively she bends over, showing you her incredible beautiful bottom. Her hands caress her round cheeks as Her pretty brown eyes implore. She confesses her need for a spanking, begging you. Pulling her yoga pants down to show off her gorgeous bare bottom she slaps her pretty cheeks repeatedly. Your hand reaches out to oblige her pretty peachy mounds and she moans with each slap. Don’t you want to spank this beautiful naughty girl?
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Chrissy Marie Made for Spanking – Topless OTK spandex yoga shorts

Chrissy Marie often dresses to provoke around the house, well aware of the attention she will receive on her delectable little bottom. Cleaning the house in yoga pants, she is promptly pulled over his lap for a spanking, exactly the diversion she wanted from her chores. Every time he buys her cute yoga outfits, she know exactly what he has in mind. Trying on each new pair of skin tight spandex pants and shorts, she is spanked in each to her delight
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Cheeky Shorts- Bare Blistered Bottom for Maddy Marks

Yanking down her panties to deliver a heavy Mill Strap to teach her a lesson. Her pretty upturned bottom is solid red and purple bruising. Maddy sobs through her discipline, begging with a tearful apology as the paddle bruises her swollen bottom. Special attention is paid to her sit spots, a solid blistering she will remember for weeks to come. After Daddy rubs and inspects her punished flesh, she is finally allowed to rub her poor bottom as she reflects on her behavior.
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Ashley Lane -Topless Gym Class Paddling – Strict Coach

Pretty Little Ashley Lane is constantly late for gym class. Her cruel coach is well aware of her slutty reputation, deciding to teach her a embarrassing lesson. Making good on his threat, she has positioned with her hands against the wall for a paddling on the seat of her skin tight pants. Her lovely breasts are visible through her sheer white top, which is soon removed. Humiliated at being exposed in front the coach she takes the agonizing paddle swats bravely on the verge of tears.
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AssumethePositionStudios – Varsity Buns- Dani Spanked OTK

Varsity volleyball player Dani is forever skipping practice. After sending notes home, the coach finally makes the call that will land Dani and her naughty bottom in hot water at home. Arriving home to an angry daddy, she is pulled immediately pulled over his knee. Her juicy round bottom bounces under ever swat. Skin tight volleyball shorts offer little protection from the spanking and paddling to come.
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Bare Bottom School Swats – Ashley Lane

Repeat offenders get the big school paddle across their bare bottoms till they cant sit down. Ashley Lane is in for the paddling of her life at the hands of her exasperated Principal. Forced to remove her top and panties, she bends over to accept her fate. Fully exposed for the brutal paddling to come. The first swat takes her breath away as she buckles forward in pain.
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Sobbing Topless Schoolgirl Paddling- Christy Cutie

Fresh tears linger in her eyes from the humiliating topless Tawsing, Christy is ordered to bend over the Headmaster’s desk. Her full nubile breasts exposed as she leans forward on her elbows. Her pleated skirt is flipped up to expose her lacy non regulation panties for the awful drilled Headmaster’s Paddle. Harsh deliberate swats scorch her bottom, forcing fresh tears as she trembles. As each swat collides with her ample bottom, the punishing blistering holes of the paddle deliver effective discipline.
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Caned and Plugged- School Regulation – Christy Cutie

After her school paddling, Christy is sentenced to 12 of the best with the Senior School Cane. The swish of the cane cuts through the air, punishing with an intolerable burn across her exposed flesh. Counting the strokes through gritted teeth, she begins to sob as the cane becomes too painful to take. Crying uncontrollably as all 12 strokes are delivered, leaving a livid reminder to obey school regulation. A final humiliation, a thick plug is inserted in her naughty bottom. She sobs as she obediently spreads her cheeks to accept the invasive discipline. Her panties are pulled back up and she is sent back to class with the plug in place.
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Cheeky Shorts Lesson in Modesty- Maddy Marks

Maddy is already moaning in pain as the heavy leather paddle is used hard on her exposed cheeks. Alternating swats have her kicking and crying from the center of her cheeks to the crease of her sit spots. A lesson in modesty is delivered as her shorts and panties are pulled down. Sniffling through her tears as the strap and paddle punish her bare bottom relentlessly.
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Chrissy Marie- Made for Spanking – Yoga Pants OTK

Chrissy Marie is well aware of the affect her ass has on him in yoga pants. Doing her chores in a skimpy tank top and skin tight yoga pants she is soon interrupted and pulled across his knee. She loves the warmth of his hand spanking in the close intimate contact as she submits over his lap. Her pretty bottom bounces under his hand, luxuriating under his touch. Soon her top is removed so you can enjoy her bare breasts as he spanks her. She is ordered to strip naked and try on a very skimpy pair of shorts before going back over his knee.
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Casey Calvert Taught a Lesson in Skin Tight Jeans

Even the prettiest of porn stars need a good spanking every now and again. Casey Calvert’s tight round little bottom looks amazing in skin tight jeans. Pulled across my knee, Casey is soon moaning under my efforts. Hard fast hand spanking, her pretty bottom jiggles enthusiastically under each swat. Ordered to push her bottom up the for the strap, Casey takes 50 stinging licks of the big leather strap. Her pretty face shows her love/hate of the strap as she obediently takes her licks.
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Painful Vacation Brutal Strapping for Trixie

Bare bottom laid over the edge of the bed for his worst, Trixie will shed many a tear under his straps. Hard brutal strokes, leaving her with a tear soaked pillow and blistered bottom. This was exactly the souvenir she wanted to return home with, a very sore bottom and memories of an epic play session. Each stroke of the heavy strap (which she chose for a finale) forces tears and cries from her.
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Topless Schoolgirl Strapping – Ashley Lan

The principal is determined to teach Ashley Lane a lesson once and for all. Demanding that she remover her top, she grudgingly obeys, humiliated and exposed. Bending back over, her pert breast swing freely as the strap collides with her throbbing bottom. Whimpering under punishing strokes of the heavy leather, she bravely takes her beating. Her stoic defiance earns her harder and harder licks of the strap.
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AssumethePositionStudios – Ashley Lane – Topless Schoolgirl Caning

Moving around behind her, the Principal selects the senior cane from the cabinet. Measuring the whippy rattan across her scorched bottom, Ashley Lane clenches involuntarily. The cane cuts through the air, whistling before impact. Cutting a painful welt as the strokes fall methodically across her bottom and thighs. Building intensity, Ashley Lane finally breaks down. Clenching, dancing and howling in pain as she tries to steel herself for the next strokes.
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Chrissy Marie Bare Bottom OTK – Very Personal Training 5

Stripped nude save her tiny thong which will soon be pulled down around her thighs, Chrissy Marie lays obediently over her trainers lap. His big hand and specs and prices for breeze her his big hand inspects and caresses her bruised cheeks before removing her panties. Smacking down harshly, and pretty swollen bottom bounced and flattens under his heavy hand. Again reduced to whimpering cries as she promises to be a good girl. He soothes her scorched skin, applying oil and massaging her punished flesh.
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Chrissy Marie – Hairbrush at Bedtime

Chrissy luxuriated in the heat his hand creates across her pretty little bottom. A long luxurious spanking makes her warm and tingly in all the right places before bedtime. He retrieves the hairbrush from the nightstand and continues to swat her cheeks. Stinging swats trail down her thighs, moaning and content under his attention. Soon her panties are removed, exposing her fully to punishing swats of the hairbrush. She has hidden the paddle in hope of escaping the terrible sting, but he won’t give up easily.
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First Fifty (50) Frat Paddle Blistering for Christy – Punished for Cheating on a Test

The Frat Paddle with Holes is reserved for severe punishment spankings when Christy has broken serious rules. 22 inches of heavy wood, drilled with blistering holes will teach her the consequence of her behavior. Her wrists and ankles are bound to hold her in position. Ordered to bend over the bedrail on her tiptoes and count the first 50 swats of her punishment. Her green plain pleated schoolgirl skirt is flipped up and out of the way. The force of the first swat takes her breath away, gasping as she counts. After 20 swats, jiggling and bouncing, her skirt is removed leaving her in a tight white thong panty. Her bottom is swollen and livid as she obediently counts her swats. Scolding and ordering her back onto her tip toes, her swats are delivered at a harsh methodical pace. Gasping as she absorbs the painful discipline, fighting hard to choke back the tears. Halfway through, her composure is broken and the tears begin to fall freely. Sniffling through her sobs, cruel swats continue to blister her poor backside as she obediently counts the first 50 swats of her punishment.
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Chrissy Marie Sleeps best with a freshly Spanked Bottom

Chrissy Marie seductively shows of her pretty curves in matching red bra and panties. Waiting for him to enter and put her to bed her favorite way- with a nice warm spanked bottom. Over the edge of the bed, his big hand smacks her pretty bouncing bottom bright red. Her face displays her enjoyments at having her bottom warmed at bedtime. She is instructed to remove her bra and she cant wait for him to pull her panties down.
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Casey Plugged and Paddled – 2 Broken Curfew

Naughty girls get their ass plugged and paddled Casey! With the giant plug deep in her naughtiest hole, he continues to paddle and strap her. She whimpers pathetically, humiliated and punished. See the shame on her pretty face and each swat on her stuffed bottom from both camera angles.
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Soaking Wet Discipline – Ashley Lane

Forced to wait on her hands and knees doggy style, Ashley Lane can’t hold it any longer and pisses her self through her thin white thong. Finding her in a puddle of her own mess, he begins to scold and spank her. Spanking the soaked crotch of her panties and her swollen cheeks. She clenches humiliated as he pulls her panties down to expose her soaked cunt. Spreading her, he continues to punish and humiliate her. She knows she will be punished further for the mess she made.
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