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So I get these requests for a "cashpoint meet". And yeah, of course I would be more than happy to meet your loser-ass at an ATM and take a nice big withdrawal out while I laugh in your face! But you know what? Most of you don’t have the guts to do it. Or you won’t follow my simple steps to meet me. (You think I’m really going to waste my time and go out of my way to meet some stranger that isn’t a member of American Mean Girls and has never sent me a gift or even a dime in tribute?? Um…NO.)

So I decided to make this little clip with one of my REAL SLAVES as a sort of "demo" for you losers to see what you need to do to meet me for a cashpoint meet- as well as showing you how it is likely to go down!

Oh, and yes, the "cash withdrawal" part is REAL. I REALLY took $400 from this loser’s account at a REAL ATM and kicked him right in the balls as people are driving by and laughing at what a pathetic fuck he looks like on his knees before me..

– Goddess Platinum

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Duration: 7 Min
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