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Crystal Knight: Convincing You To Spend 1k On Countess

You need my guidance to take the risks you want to in life. Without me, your just a pussy; but, when I come around and give you the teasing of a lifetime, you will do whatever I want. You need me to succeed in your fantasies. You worship my curves and there is no saying no. You want to be that big spender I notice and pet more than others in my Army. Let me help you, let me give you the convincing you need to spend some BIG money on me.
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Astro Domina – NEVER ENOUGH feat AstroDomina

Goddess Sydney has allowed her lowly sub to spend some time with her today. He kneels in front of her while she sits on her throne. Tribute in hand, Sydney counts the money and is furious that he only brought $500 in cash. She had explicitly told him to bring enough to impress her. And this isn’t cutting it. So obviously, if he’s trying to insult the Goddess, there will be hell to pay. Sydney starts with a big slap to his face. After that she spits in his face and makes him lick it all. It’s obvious she’s disappointed in his lack of devotion. What a failure. Sydney gives her sub two choices. Either get her a much bigger tribute or get shut out of her world forever. It’s going to take a way bigger tribute than $500 to get back in her good graces. After a good yelling to and another slap in the face, Sydney’s sub now miraculously has a way bigger tribute for the Goddess. She takes his money and allows him to kiss her feet for a bit. Satisfied with his improved level of devotion, Sydney drops the empty wallet on the floor and dismisses her sub.
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Humiliatrix – This Little Piggy: You Are Princess Heather’s Dirty Little Piglet

Humiliatrix - This Little Piggy: You Are Princess Heather's Dirty Little Piglet

“I love the all new fuck-me shoes you bought for me, piggy. You don’t get to fuck me in them, silly oinky. But I will let you put on your pig nose and crawl to me on your hands and knees so we can play a fun game of ‘This Little Piggy.’ Fun for me. Totally humiliating for you, piggy…”

Princess Heather, bratty princess, money slave, foot worship, piggy degradation…
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You Are Princess Tessa’s Helpless, Dangling Puppet

Humiliatrix You Are Princess Tessa's Helpless, Dangling Puppet

“I dangle a shoe from my pretty foot to make you aroused. I dangle your chastity key from my wrist to give you false hope. If I could, I’d shrink you down to the size of a trinket and dangle you from my ankle bracelet. You’re nothing but a pathetic little puppet to me. It’s time for Princess to pull on your strings…”

Princess Tessa, shoe dangling, body worship, tease and denial, money slave…
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